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Cosmic Awareness On Rmn Radio: Nibiru In September And Much More

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Posted 01 April 2012 - 10:20 PM

Hello everyone.

Last month (March 2012) Rayelan twice interviewed ‘Cosmic Awareness' on her Rumourmilles Radio Network show. Being curious as to what CA would say, I downloaded and listened to the mp3's.

Some of what I heard shocked / surprised me far more than I had ever anticipated, as it gave a date for the arrival of Nibiru, talked about Enki / Elil, and much more. Fans of Nancy Leider's Zetatalk might feel that CA could be validating some of what the Zetans are saying.

That Nibiru will be bringing the Annunaki is a surprise to me, as in recent years I've read a few channelled messages which suggested that they had been killed off. Hmm, perhaps until events transpire in our physical realities it would be unwise to assume that anything is or will be so. Even Cosmic Awareness (CA) often suggests that people should do their own research and not blindly follow what it says.

Because I am now working during the day and living in ‘time starvation' mode it needed several evenings (after work) for me to find the time to sit down and make some notes (of what was said) for future reference.

My notes only partially cover what was said - for those who wish to download and listen themselves, the web link is below. Times, where quoted, are approximately where in the radio show I heard that topic being discussed. NB: the radio shows are about 2.5 hours each.




8th March 2012

Rayelan asks a question about solar flares and at that exact moment she is knocked off the air. All her communications (bar mobile / cell phone) go down - partly because her electricity supply failed.

This was seen as a synchronistic event, especially as many people hold the view that solar flares may well knock out our power supplies - or in other words, in a small way that event ensured that people's beliefs and expectations (for solar flares) was fulfilled. There is significance and a message in this - which includes that changing our beliefs could change our future reality. This is often pointed out by CA.

In everybody the heart includes a chamber where one can connect with the God head. (More on this topic later).

The Galactic Federation will be here to assist humanity. The peoples of the GF have already experienced ascension and know that they cannot 'rescue' and do ascension for us... they will guide, teach, explain, etc. Mostly they will be here for after ascension to help us move forward in the new conditions. Help us learn how to live in a community of enlightened beings.

Some humans have come from the other 11 planets which have humanoid life and incarnated into this planet and because of this and previous lives here have earned the right to oppose the Reptillian / Orion faction (whilst on this planet)- this being something which they would not be allowed to do had they come in space ships.

At present we are on planet AB - one of dualistic experience, light, dark and more, all mixed up together (with darkness having greater control) whilst separated (in conscious knowledge) from God. This is an experiment as requested from the Godhead.

We are now going to unitary experience with planets A and B. plus there will be a new duality experiment, but much more blended where dark is not so powerful - for those who want physicality but with only some aspects of spirituality, religion, etc.

Planet A and B separation will be on a vibration level and not physical. Mother Earth will increase vibrations in her planetary body, which some will experience as geophysical upheavals. People in alignment with higher awareness can pass through events unscathed whilst others will experience physical events - in their lives and or that of loved ones. Some will also choose to end their physical lives (ie: ‘die' / return to spirit) because they are not ready to ascend and want to avoid planet B.

There was a caller who sees the crystalline etheric gridwork beyond the trappings of physicality, can see elemental beings, possibly even angelic realm. She said that spider like things come into her room to form a screen which hangs in the middle of the room and gives information. Plus she hears tones.

After the coming shift technologies will start being used to remove pollution. Some will be extra terrestial and others suppressed Tesla technology.

A caller asked about the Bosnian Pyramids and energies coming out of them.

CA said that this info wont make the msm as its too revealing and dangerous for TPTB to release.

CA said that in reality many pyramids are being activated (esp by ET's / Galactic Federation) as they will help Earth in its ascension. Giza, Mayan in Sth American jungle (some still not yet discovered by us), undersea pyramids, and more etc... Reports of beams of light from the Gizan pyramids were also mentioned - the Bosnian pyramids are not the only example of this. These pyramids act as stargates and will help with First Contact, which will be 'soon'.

Rayelan asks about a high level government meeting in 1990 which she attended (as the wife of an official delegate) at a military air base and one topic which arose was about the resettlement of 12 million 'non-humans' from Bosnia during the Yugoslav civil war. CA said that they were of the Orion Reptilian faction and not Galactic Federation. At that time there was a hidden battle for control of the area and the Bosnian pyramid stargates and many extra ET's were brought in to bolster their side. Since then the GF gained control.

2 hrs 8 mins CA says that TV progs such as Stargate are accurate portrayal of what is really going on. Some of the info was suppressed to keep people asleep in ignorance, but also because the energies of the Divine had chosen not to bring this info to the mass consciousness.


23rd March 2012

This show has what could be seen as a greater quantity of eye-popping information. If short in time listen between 37 minutes and 2 hours 10 minutes.

CA says that a recent quake near Alice Springs was an underground explosion designed to destroy subterranean railway tubes to stop people using them to access the Pine Gap dumb. (My musing... plus other dumbs in that area???)

CA says that a huge Cascadian earthquake is likely, also affecting the San Andreas, but it will not be 'the big one'. The really big quake (more major consequence) will be in the New Madrid region, although all quakes will occur depending on people's need to experience such upheavals within their timelines. Even if people experience earthquakes their beliefs can give them the power to sidestep the worst realities.

RE: Planet X (Nibiru) and resultant catastrophe, CA says not to focus on such events as they are then drawn to your reality. That said, many people are seeking to experience such events as part of their life plan, (44mins) and with this in mind CA says that Nibiru is scheduled to arrive around 15th September (I assume 2012), and its close proximity *might* incite major geological events. CA also adds that this might be in accordance with the Divine plan to help Mother Earth shift etc. A pole shift is possible, if it happens it will be one of the last things which helps allow the energetic body of Mother Earth to separate from the physical body. But then those who go to Planet A will find themselves in a reality where the events which affect the physical shell that they left behind do not affect them.

Nibiru is coming with the Annanuki who want to reclaim the Earth.

Comments about the Rapture (and rupture) not transcribed here.

For many experiencing these events will fulfill their life plan and therefore they will return to spirit at this time.

54 mins: Enki & Enlil. Brothers who have different mothers... Despite being younger Enlil replaced his father as leader... Enki is also known as Toaf (spelling???) and St Germain. Enki created us humans (as serpent slaves) and introduced changes to our DNA which effectively made us sentient, more autonomous, and allowed us to develop our own spiritual nature so that a soul could enter into us. It always was the Divine plan to create sentient humans, so in a way Enki fulfilled this.

There was conflict between the two brothers. Ancient accounts of space warfare / battles were the armies of the two brothers fighting. In many ways these battles are still underway, as the Anunnaki are also the Orions and their servants (the Reptilians) and they are still fighting the Galactic Federation and those humans who have risen to higher places of conscious awareness and know about the past and are seeking to battle against the Orion Reptilian faction and TPTB. CA says that this is a short version - for more info read Sitchin's books or watch Ancient Aliens on the TV.

Nibiru was created in the Orion system. Sirians helped Enki splice DNA to make us, and they also gave us some of their genetic memories. Star Wars and the burnt out hollow planets come from these memories - and relate to real events from aeons ago.

There is more.. listen to hear.

Sirians believed Earth was for them so that those living in the burnt out star of their tri-star system could complete their lives on a material planet in these bodies, and this helps explain the conflict of interests between them and the Anunnaki Orion / Reptilian faction and the Galactic Federation, which comprises of the 11 planets that hosts human / humanoid life (with Earth being a 12th planet that is seen as a 'child' planet).

Some people here on Earth are actually from the 11 planets and by incarnating here they gained the right to intervene against the Orions... CA suggests that many listening to the radio broadcast fitted this category!

Enlil resides on Nibiru and is returning to stake his claim to being the ultimate owner and leader of this planet. Enki is here on Earth and preparing for Enlil's arrival. Some of the spaceships around here are Enki's, others are of the Galactic Federation.

Nibiru can be steered and one way to 'enforce' Enlil's claim will be by threatening to steer closer to Earth and cause greater geophysical upheaval - even a pole shift (although CA did not say of what type - polar? magnetic? or??).

Enlil / St Germain has been busy creating alternative financial systems and is expected to make an appearance within the next few months, although he may use a different name. CA declined to reveal the name he currently uses.

CA added that these events all affect the physical and to be too focussed on them may mean that a person stays in a physical reality and misses out in the spiritual ascension events.

CA continued by saying that since all humans are reflections of the Godhead they have (at this time) a right to play whatever games of consciousness they choose, and this includes focussing on spiritual levels, physical levels (including a grand game of intergalactic adventure) or even remaining 'asleep'. The possibilities are endless.


The next question was about there being many people who feel that what they have been doing for many years is over (such as trying to awaken others / shining the light in dark places) and its time to start something else - such putting their full attention on creating their own new realities.

(most of this topic not transcribed)

CA says that its more than 'time'. The experiment whereby the dark have the edge over the light is over. For aeons lightworkers / those of higher spiritual energy have been visible to the darkest people and were directly targeted to keep them down.

But now it is time to create inside oneself one's own world of light, which includes seeking and converting to light the darkness inside oneself (because as beings of a dualistic nature we all have some dark within us). In doing this like minded people will come together and be able to co-create a new spiritually aligned world which is a reflection of the light within themselves. This will help birth the new planet A.

Another question to CA related to creating one's own reality - it was by a lady who has been able to project (visualise and energise) such a powerful positive thoughtform that having become aware of a possible earthquake she had been able to change her future timeline in a way which meant that this did not happen. She thought that because the quake did not happen her warnings to her friends and family had been in vain and she had ended up looking stupid / like someone who cries ‘wolf'.

However CA congratulated her, suggesting that she had indeed 'woken up' and been very successful. CA added that this ability to create one's future life conditions is a real human ability which the elite very much fear and partly explains why they are so enthusiastically trying to keep people asleep / in states of fear, etc.

Whilst on the phone, there was a small quake which both CA and Rayelan suggested were synchronistic events validating the significance of the discussion at that moment.


2hrs, 8 mins Nibiru coming from far side of sun, having been around its back and now sling-shotting out to the outer regions. Can be seen to the right of the sun (a small dot) but not easily visible. CA stresses that anyone trying to see it must be careful not to damage their eyesight.


2 hrs 15 mins
To a lady suffering from severe and relentless targeting (of the most vicious nature) from the dark cabal & its minions CA advised her to take her focus away from them and start to make use of her innate powers. This act of self-defence could be aided by making a new connection with the divine light within, and by means of a meditation on the light within her.

CA asked her to visualise approaching her heart chakra and the door which has a golden key in it, using that key to enter the inner sanctum of her own being which leads her to the chamber of God which is to be found in the centre of the heart chakra, to sit upon the golden throne within that chamber and experience & identify herself with the spark / light of God within that chamber and to use strong affirmations such as "I am the light, the light I am" & "I am God's light, God's light I am" & "I am God's love, God's love I am". CA also suggested that she could also add other meditations / phrases, such as ones which affirm her as a strong warrior shielded and empowered by God's light, and that those who attack her do so at their own peril, because to go into the light means that they must become the light.

CA also said that she should also extend this light around her as a zone of protection and that she should feel this light of the divine encircling her.

When complete CA said to see herself leaving that chamber, locking the door as she does, and that this meditation could be done daily, even several times daily, as desired.

These notes do not include everything that CA suggested.

btw, CA suggested that the dark side possibly saw her light as a threat to them and could be trying to crush her and destroy the light that she is, and that she was not doing enough to defend herself.

The final question before CA left asked whether God came in flesh to the earth. CA confirmed that this is so, and can indeed be found in flesh at this time, in 7 billion individuals!

This was not the answer which was expected, but CA wanted to make it quite clear that all individuals have always contained the divine spark - and not just one individual.

Citizen of Planet Earth, living in the British Isles.

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Posted 03 April 2012 - 02:14 PM

*Yo and 'HEY' Simon,
...I do believe there is a BIG STRANGE OBJECT in our Solar System...but not Nibiru or that category of 'Gods Vs Gods'. Very fanciful and Sitchcin was wrong on his Sumer Civilization anyway. Why? Well, there was...as some folks know...a HIGHLY DEVELOPED Civilization almost 250 Thousand Years before...in North West Turkey, which has only recently been discovered, reported, and DIgs GOING ON at this moment. But that site...was the 1st Great Civilization, way before Sumer...and fully in blossom ahead of anything else we know for sure at the present time.

So, the ANNNUNAKI were either Late coming or falsely sensed and devoted too much time to by Sitchcin and his admirerers...which I'm not one of.

YOU, on the other hand, did a remarkable job listening to, digesting, and spending a lot of time reporting your major findings to us here on the Forum...and a big round of applause to you for that great effort and time spent. :)

If folks go to:


...they WILL GET a better idea of what 'all the talk is about'...regarding this huge object in our Solar System, and maybe come back with their own opinions/comments/and 'take' on all this.

Zetatalk...Costmic Awareness, Rayelan, & Rumourmilles Radio Network, are simply 'bent that way' IMO...and offer a version of 'the play' which has been built up on supposition, false trails, and imaginary/highly mythical story lines having no credence with serious research. Lots of people 'fall for'' tall tales repeatingly told in exciting ways.

There is also this almost palpable 'New Age' sensationalism with murmurs of 'I know a secret' and 'the ET's told me so' type of thing. They 'sell' this kind of Bull to Target Audiences...already convinced of the 'age ole wisdom' ( in a Religio sense ) and 'messengers' granted 'channeling' gifts. I mean. Those who REALLY have such 'gifts' don't sell and shout them....or 'go on' for 2-3 hours at a time trying to achieve film/radio fame. No, these web sites are 'flim flam' in the most ancient of traditions but with modern technologies.

But Simon...please fo keep up the 'path' here, and we'll gauge it all 'down the road'...as time and circumstance changes it all. Best regards/'S'

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simple simon

    To me I'm me, but who am I really?

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Posted 03 April 2012 - 07:21 PM


The Nibiru issue is very clouded. 'Quite a few years ago' it was said that this planet (or whatever it is) had been destroyed and the Annunaki had been wiped out.

So I was surprised to see CA say that about Nibiru, the Annunaki and give a calendar date. Especially the giving of dates is very much not normally done by those on the other side of the veil, and I will only believe this info when I see it come to reality (that is, IF it comes in to reality).

I am now listening to Kryon - I can listen when at work, whilst wearing headphones and carrying out my work duties. Kryon's messages are on the theme of the recalibration of all things - now that its 2012 we are midway through a 36 year period of galactic alignment and he is calling all 'old souls' to start planting the seeds of a new society - one which is in integrity. Thats the very short story.

Kryon as also talked about a film being made (I assume by 'alternative' minded people) which will be about the healthcare system in the USA and how it sees profits as being more important than human health; indeed how curing people is the last thing that it wants, as healthy people people don't need expensive and profitable drugs. As ever, I await the event.


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Citizen of Planet Earth, living in the British Isles.

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simple simon

    To me I'm me, but who am I really?

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Posted 30 September 2012 - 10:48 PM

On 29th September Cosmic Awareness said that Nibiru is here but is unlikely to be optically visible (ie: only visible with radio telescopes) because its still too far away and that is a good thing, as if it was to become optically visible then its passing would be so close that it would indeed result in terrible geophysical upheavals.



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Citizen of Planet Earth, living in the British Isles.