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‘sweeps’ Hypothesis 2-of Alien/human Hybridization

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Posted 13 September 2006 - 10:50 AM



The ‘Aquatic Ape’ theory ALONE does not at all convincingly explain how Humankind developed differently from other ‘Apes’ and become the 1st CONSCIOUS animal on Earth.
My hypothesis points tantalizingly at an Alien/Human hybrid explanation, and expands on the new DNA/Genome revelations about OUR DNA being configured by ‘outside’ sources. This further asserts that no simple evolutionary direction or mutation could have provided for ‘who’ and ‘what’ WE are.

Why do Humans walk on 2 legs? Why are we without fur and appear hairless? Why do we have an extra layer of fat? And, why do we ‘Speak’? Humans adapted to water, I surmise from all the new Genome facts, because we were subject to an Alien species whose own DNA had evolved and adapted to a water environment. Maybe not so strangely, many of the ‘Grey’ Aliens familiar to modern abduction and UFO lore...seem quite marine/aquatic looking. There ‘skin’ is fatty smooth, they are hairless, and certainly bi-pedal.

We are closer genetically to Chimps than any other species. But from the moment of birth ‘We’, can swim, dive, and hold our breath under water. It’s a ‘reflex’/ability which Chimps simply don’t have.
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Chimps are actually frightened of water, and will drown with hardly a struggle or even thrashing. Humans relish the water, and even require more water to drink than other ‘land’ animals. Humans need to drink more water than any Savannah animal. In fact, humans require HUGE amounts of water. This fact alone suggests an entirely different genetic makeup then ANY other land species. We now know that the ‘Savannah’ theory of Human evolution is in disrepute. Our ancestors did not live in open Savannahs...but probably more in the deep forests and near water.

But when did this dependence on a water environment commence? That’s the big question. Did it develop only recently? Well from fossil records we know that brain size started to increase about 2 and a half million years ago...and simple tools of that period have been found. Brain size continued to grow for another 2 and a half million years. Still, and it’s no big surprise, for those 5 or so million years brain size was still within acceptable body weight proportions & percentages. But, and here’s the interesting fact, a tremendous leap in brain size occurred only around 100,000 years ago. It’s estimated that our brain is 3 times the size it should be by any theorizing...much larger than any prediction based on body weight. In order for this to be accounted for, it’s acknowledged that brain growth DEPENDS or certain fatty acids...mostly found in sea food! Chimps don’t eat FISH...and their brains are 60% smaller than humans. One-third of ‘our’ brains are made up of, and depend on, specific marine based key fatty acids. Another salient fact is that human populations which do not eat fish...show a remarkably higher incidence of DEPRESSION. Fish and marine products STILL seem beneficial and necessary. Why? Simply...eating FISH effects the brain.

Now here’s the rub...which points to genetic manipulation and hybridization from Alien DNA. Feeding the exact water based fatty acids from fish and sea food to rats or mice or even primates, does NOT promote a bigger brain size. In order for the essential and necessary long chain fatty acids (ethyl-eicosapentaenoate), which are ingested from the marine food chain, to work in ANY brain...it’s vital that a special GENE be present. This Critical GENE allows for the metabolizing enzymes of the ‘fatty acids’...and thus provides the absolute requisite mechanism for the UTILIZATION of the fatty acids by the brain. NO OTHER ‘indigenous’ Planet Earth species possesses this genetic mechanism. This singular GENE may have been responsible for many of the aspects of human INTELLIGENCE. The very ODD thing about this one particular gene...is that it is also known to be responsible for SCHIZOPHRENIA. Interesting huh! Scientists now assert that the gene which brought Schizophrenia into the world...is also the one that is KNOWN to MAKE US Human.

Many of the world’s most intelligent and talented people had off spring which were schizophrenic. This is well known in many of their family trees. Aside from this view concerning the human difference from other Earth animals, there are other now well established GENOME Project facts. There are 223 genes in the human DNA code that are not found in any other living organisms. It is a surety; we did not inherit this package of genes from any other form of life on this planet. Again, it’s interesting to note that Zecharia Sitchin estimates, it was approximately 300,000 years ago when the genetic code of our ancestors was increasingly adjusted’ by extraterrestrial visitors to this planet. The proponents of the ‘Aquatic Ape’ Theory are still looking ONLY for a final proof that Humankind’s evolution was due solely to our living in close contact with the Sea and water environments. They have not yet ‘taken on board’ newer disclosures of the Human Genome Project...which more than suggests that ‘WE’ have had modifications to our DNA which is UNIQUE to us among all the Earth species.

Harvard University’s Stone Age Laboratory and their Molecular Anthropology Laboratory, have been engaged from the beginning of the ’human genome project’ with the possibility of the human race being a hybrid of primitive man and an extraterrestrial race.

The scientific world has ’officially’ scorned such notions until a group of scientists from Harvard published their findings in the highly respected ‘NATURE’ Journal., The head of the Molecular Anthropology Lab at Harvard and other highly placed researchers have now ‘officially’ announced what the ‘new monumental understandings’ and findings more than imply. When the Doctor was asked what led to the discovery she replied ‘DNA. Yep, DNA. The Human Genome Project’s discovery of ‘Alien genes’ in ‘us’. Yup!!

There are 223 genes in the human DNA code that are not found in any other living organisms on Earth…really. This raises the question. Where did those 223 unaccounted genes come from? It is more possible that a race of advanced beings visited this planet thousands of years ago and spliced those 233 genes into our ancestor's DNA? You already know, this is not as far-fetched as it might seem. Today's scientists are already doing similar kinds of genetic manipulation experiments (what the chemtrails are trying to do is based on much the same premise).

But…this discovery raises the very intriguing question How did we end up in physical bodies whose DNA contains these 223 unexplained genes and what are we doing with such a body here on planet Earth? The creation stories of Native American/Indian people say 'We come from the stars'. Evidence of Indian contact with ETs has been carved on rocks and hides, choreographed in sacred dances, and beaded on wampum belts over many thousands of years. In Mayan temple rituals, in the tobacco blessing, in crop circle formations and petroglyph inscriptions, the contact continues." It continues also by saying that there is "a unifying 'Sky Elder' theme found in virtually every American Indian culture detailing a Pan-American genesis story of shared communication with