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The Timothy Leary Experience

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Posted 10 August 2006 - 01:59 PM


Doctors destroy health

Lawyers destroy justice

Universities destroy Knowledge,

Governments destroy freedom,

Major media destroy Information, and

Religion destroys spirituality.


By 'Sweeps' Fox

There is this strange idea that slavery was a long ago historical thing, with no association with the present era. It is outlawed. But, make no mistake, in modern 'civilized areas of the world' there are plenty of 'paid slaves'. Sadly, with the 'great freedoms' they are educated about being allowed...many don't seem to recognize it. In the 3rd and 4th worlds they know all about it, but are just as helpless to do anything about it. In all world areas 'they' will tell you 'you're lucky to have a job' or 'at least you're working'. The phrase 'you never get rich working for a living' could be expanded to conclude that also 'you can never become all you're capable of becoming...working for a living'. Those even in chosen or successful careers end up with a career but no life. We all need to take a lot of 'mental health' days (sick days off the job) in order to attend to personal and life needs. Getting in touch with oneself and finding out who one really is seems frowned upon. Seeking ones' essence is definitely to be looked at as selfish and self indulgent.

We are all driven (as slaves?) in this culture. Do, do, do, buy, buy, consume consume, work, work, work....keep busy but walk the straight and narrow is the constant push. No matter how good things may be for the moment...people long to get away from it all. A recognition...perhaps a scream that the way we live subjugated by artificial and controlled conditions of life is unsatisfactory....somehow.

*We are all waiting....this next form of 'control'...check out the beginnings..'SPYCHIPS'/ID CARDS/ETC.
What's the next step...to make us all conforming Robots...and live ONLY as part of the 'HIVE'?
*CLICK...the coming 'MIND IMPANTS':
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The main fight in life is maybe not to struggle under drive or even to mate, love, and breed...but to battle ordinariness!

It was from this quagmire of repressed consciousness and people's duped naïveté about reality being set and known... that the 'hippie' culture, the student's movements, and Dr. Timothy Leary sprung their rebellion. It's little wonder he was conceived to be 'the most dangerous man in America'...more likely the world. It was all about increasing consciousness. Succinctly, the 'real' of reality is likened to all the character of the subconscious...unknowable, unpredictable, and embracing of the possibility of all possibilities. 'It will knock your socks off'.

They would nail poor Tim to the Cultural cross for promoting 'Drug' use...formidable forces with the scariest weapons and tactics of the MIB (Men In Black). He was, after surviving a year at the West Point Military Academy in his younger days, a Ph.D. Psychology professor playing champion for the right of people to liberate and elevate their consciousness from the one meta-program world view permitted by culture. He and his colleagues had experimented on the legal fringe for years (academic freedom to research ) with hallucinogenic-psychedelic substances from mescaline to magic mushrooms ( psilocybin) and finally to LSD . Basically, the experiments had shown that the door to mystic and other reality's-cum illumination-could be opened. Man was confined and bound by culture.

Well, we had known that all along. Yoga's, mystics, Lama's, Buddhists, Zen teachers, transcended and exceptional people had been revealing and writing about it for centuries. But, 'drugs' could be a mercurial-quick path....mind expanders. And, it was true. What the 'Tibetan Book Of The Dead' described as visions, sites, and landmarks in the inner and infinite worlds were visited by people taking LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs. Again the East and West had collided.

It wasn't Leary's intention to give unbridled 'drugs' out on the street. He was committed to setting up 'guide stations' where people could safely have support and the proper conditions to promote understanding of what they were going through when given the 'drugs'. To the far right of him was Aldous Huxley who wanted the mind expanders to be given only to the select and bright...no doubt a reflection from his English class system indoctrination. To the left of him were people like Allen Ginsberg, the anarchist and Beatnik poet, who wanted to make them freely available to everyone...without any conditions.

Leary's advocacy of the 'Fifth Freedom', which would have made it a constitutional-part of the Bill Of Right's... granting of the 'right' to internal freedom, would land him in the soup. He had wanted to train and license people to be qualified to administer the 'drugs' and sit as coaches for the 'trips' without endangering the takers or the public. There was a lot more. He was crucified of course.

Though 'into' psychology and mind altering 'drugs', Leary was also an avid reader and follower of Eastern philosophy and the mystical traditions. Years later he would venture to the Himalayan Mountains and be introduced into direct discourses with particular Lama's. A lot of his 'team', during the following years, ended up in those regions to compare approaches to 'seeking' inner and mystic experiences. Richard Alpert (another psychologist), at times referred to as a 'coach' for Tim Leary...and an intimate, had gone to meet the guru of his (Bhagwan) friend. He laced the guru's drink with a pretty hefty dose of LSD in secret and waited to see what would happen to the 'holy' man. He was disappointed if he thought it would result in some kind of transformation or new affect that could be observable. The guru, despite the heavy dose, had no reaction. He was already 'there'...on the 'otherside'. He couldn't get much 'higher'. Alpert decided to stay. He became a 'guru' and changed his name to Ram Dass.

Tim Leary would be arrested (many times)...'All crusader's risk persecution'. He would be incarcerated, put in strict isolation, his own civil rights denied, investigated by government committees, and would come out years later with the same humored smile and never broken. At one point Tim would be 'busted' by G. Gordon Liddy, one of the primary later 'Establishment' figures indicted for the 'Watergate' burglary of the Democratic Party Headquarters for 'Tricky Dick'...Richard Nixon. He would also take the blame for his daughter's drug bust as he and his kids drove from Mexico into Texas. He had cleared the car of the marijuana, but Susan had hid some in her underwear. It was found when they were all 'strip searched'. More notoriety would come from his being busted out of prison by the 'Weather Underground', the militant arm of the then disbanded SDS...'Students For A Democratic Society'. He escaped to Switzerland and Libya for awhile.

The FBI would attempt to enlist his cooperation to name certain people in the drug and underground movements, while under the duress of his many long confinements. Tim didn't want to stay in prison, it was a restriction he looked on as unnecessary and unholy. He tried to work out some measures of 'better relationships with government authorities', but he found this tract similar to all his attempts to deal with the 'uptight' representatives of 'the box'. They couldn't 'hang loose'. None of Tim's talking to the Feds ever resulted in a betrayal of his sources. They would never get any prosecutions going. His 'sticking to his guns' never earned him federal exemption

from prosecution, time off, or amnesty of any kind. Many of the top civil rights leaders, counter cultural heroes, pop stars, and liberal political figures of those times would be constantly stalked and harassed by federal agencies. This hounding would lead to many of them dying, or being murdered...before their time. Even after death, the feds would keep trying to destroy and besmirch their contributions. They were obsessed, as is their authority kind, with suppressing any inroads sought by changing consciousness groups against the status quo.

'The great man is different in all ways from all other men' say the Oriental teachers. These people trust themselves. The big fear in life is mistrust of your own mind. His legacy as 'High Priest' or Cultist is undeserved. He never wanted it that way. He only wanted to open the doors. For many....that's just what he did.

The thing about LSD and certain other now more prolific mind active 'drugs', and what made them dangerous to the organizational man and those with vested interests in keeping the status quo of the culture, is that it 'breaks social and mental conditioning'...people 'drop' out. They're not willing to play the game laid out for them anymore. A 'wait a minute'...'stop the world, I want to get off' loss of binding and bonds occurs.

But, this occurrence has a deep and poorly understood irony to it. The 'expanded' users only break away from the 'silly' and outworn controls and authority within 'the box'. They become the 'creative' ones. To hazard what is really a pretty safe guess about drug use in certain career fields, would firmly upset all the present 'one world view' propaganda efforts against it....if it could only be made known.

It is more than safe to estimate...that about 80 percent or more of those employed in leading front line 'cutting edge' technologies are regular drug indulgers and experimenters. Those who must be...and have been...highly creative in soft-ware design and programing, digital and telephonic systems, computer graphics, micro-wave and electro-magnetism fields, processors, and all the mass media and space age technologies, require and 'seek out' a freeing creativity and imagination.

Believe it...the large companies and their bosses know the 'life style' that their most creative workers are 'into'. They are not going to spoil the advances, profits, and futures, by exposing or clamping down or doing random drug testing. The 'big boys' are probably into it too. The sorry state of government control over the grand potentials of 'drugs', only demonstrates the contempt it has for 'freedom fighters' and those who would open up the frontiers of the mind...beyond permission and control.

Now that all supplies of LSD (and other former independently investigated psychedelic agents) are illegal for even legitimate scientific research groups, 'God' only knows who's (governments) hands 'acid' and other potent psychedelics are in... and to what purposes they will be used.
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*Lysergic Acid Diethylamide-LSD, was called by the CIA…'A potential new agent for unconventional warfare'. They started using it in 1947 when the 'Cold War' heated up. They wanted a 'truth serum' or 'mind controlling drug'. It came under the auspices of the top secret MK Ultra Program. NO other drug received more attention. It was colorless, odourless, & tasteless. Only very small doses were necessary. It could be used to confuse & embarrass enemy political leaders. But, they also found out it was an uncontrollable drug as a truth serum. Users went elsewhere in their minds. That was dangerous. It conveyed 'internal freedom'. It would have to be taken from the public arena*

Attached File  CIA_EMBLEM_PHOTO.jpg   19.19KB   742 downloads

Back on the streets drugs are freely available...all kinds. There are no licensed 'guides' to provide for safety or enlightenment. 'Drugs' are in the hands of organized crime for profit. The drug culture never went out, and will never be put back in the bottle. We moderns tend to forget that in all ages past ,drugs were taken and available to all levels of society and in all cultures. Initiates were given drugs, Native American Tribes used them in ceremonies, and a whole litany of uses by 'primitives' and 'Pagan' societies. Oh, yes Christian Saints are known to have freely indulged in them too. It was natural. And don't forget the 'Opium Wars' of this century. Every era and culture has had it's drugs to escape the oppressive 'one reality'. Past practice which has been universal among human kind, makes our whole current approach to suppressing drugs a kind of irrational protective mania. But, protecting what?

Never mind drugs...as we should know..we have all been 'brainwashed' by our culture. There is nothing really safe and sane about the bounds that culture keeps us enclosed in. In the tight grip of Cultural control and it's protection we have had countless wars, struggle, strive, ongoing poverty, economic collapses, dictatorships, environmental destruction, unimagined cruelty to dissenters, slavery, genocide, nuclear disaster's, nuclear waste that won't go away, and on ad nauseum.

Today doctors, lawyers, and professionals of all breeds are taking 'drugs' (actually they've done so down through history). The more intelligent one is the more the need to play and seek diversity in life. They are all making a statement about the limited world they find themselves in. And society doesn't seem convinced that legalizing drugs would reduce crime by taking the profit motive away from the criminals that control it, or that drugs made pure-standard and available would be in the best interest of people. What percentage of crime is sprung from the criminal underworld's control and fostering of drug taking? We all know the price paid for drug related crime!

Society can endure and allow for the ravaged lives, the increasing crime, and the expense to health systems for treatment and educational programs. It's more frightening to society and vested interests that their control and histories will be lost.

The control remains. But it's a not too well kept secret ,among the educated and those into the new vista's of mass media's 'information universe', that the Histories are already gone. The Histories we are fed have been fabricated, distilled, and presented to us as fixed and understood. Unfortunately, these are the very 'fairy tales' used by all of Culture's institutions as 'gospel' to authenticate their power and control over us. If our references are faulty....everything splinters. Maybe a good shake up would help.

A Universe of 'information' will soon be available and accessible to all. Computers, cyberspace, networking, digital TV, cable and satellite world wide communications, hologram universes and virtual reality are just the beginning of the explosion into our neural circuits.

There are still terrible system problems to be overcome, besides the obvious perverts and psycho's targeting and endangering of us. We are seeing the very early 'wild west'...anything goes Internet-Super Highway scenario at the moment. And, we are not being fully versed on the real dangers that exist from privacy and security standpoints...the 'media' is afraid to tell us some of the real scary things. No joke, your E-Mail addresses can and are being stolen. You could wake up with the police at your door and being taken away for sending an intent to assassinate the President or the Prime Minister. That's right, someone has used your E-Mail to do the job...and you get the blame. They're trying to get confirmation 'digital signatures' or digital certificates agreed to, so you have proof of what has actually been sent by your self.

In the meantime every kind of scam can be pulled using stolen E-Mail addresses. The old 'Data Protection Laws' are just that...outdated and not working. Giving your credit card numbers out over to a Web Site can cause great financial and credit hassle. Phony 'Web Sites' have been set up just to intercept your bank card numbers. And, there is still no real fail-safe encrypting or scrambling program which can not be broken by experts. Some are more difficult to break, but governments and big companies continue to worry about hackers and their successful history...especially when they are determined.

But, these wrinkles are the growing pains of the most instant information accessibility revolution...that will forever change the way we perceive (and are made aware of) new reality views. Our exposure and interaction with this information technology will herald the 'Age of Detachment' from FIXED ideas. Timothy Leary's concept of 'reality tunnels' will have arrived. Our social conditioning will no longer be able to exclude us from entering into our own culturally approved technology trips. We will actually be encouraged to 'participate' (as unusual) in discovering new ways of looking at a variety of alternate realities.
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Posted 28 June 2014 - 11:53 PM

*'Sweeps' NOTE:
...Timothy Leary's interview from Folsom Prison. Should have listened to him then. LOTS of other Tim Leary stuff-off to the RIGHT, if you wish to further 'welcome his interviews'. Thanks, and 'Tune In, Turn On, and Take off'...as we say on 'The Sweeps Fox SHOW'/'S'

He's know as the LSD madman who encouraged people to turn on, tune in and drop out.

What he actually was was a professor at Harvard University who developed unconventional views on American society and human potential.

He attended West Point for a few years, but was bounced out for failing to rat out fellow students. His next attempt at an undergraduate eduction didn't end well either. He was expelled for spending the night in a girl's dorm room (times have changed.)

He wrote many books and ran for Governor of California and he makes a lot of sense in this interview.

SO...CLICK Below on the LINK, and pick up some history on Timothy;