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The Ark-myths-floods-past Ages

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Posted 28 August 2006 - 01:10 PM

Thanks to some dedicated and globe trotting (investigative and uncovering) work done by two noted researchers, we also 'know'...the rest of the story. William Ryan, an oceanographer, and Walter Pitman, a geophysicist (both of Columbia University ) have jointly spent years tracing back to the possible origins of Noah's great flood. Their 20 or more years of active deep sea research has thrown some interesting, and revealing light on the 'Biblical' claims and stories of the great deluge. And, we now have a comprehensive trail of archeological events that utterly perforates the 'Genesis' dates and their story telling significance.

The 'Old Testament' telling refers to a 'universal flood', the survival and saving of only Noah's family by the Israelite God , a date of about 2300 B.C., 40 days and nights of rain, the ark and the animals (two of each species) that were likewise part of the story, and the great part it all played in establishing early Jewish religious primacy. Aside from the actuality of it all being a great myth, none of the rest of it is factual. What?

The 'Genesis' myth was written about 600 B.C., and purportedly tells of the catastrophic flood occurring around the year 2300 B.C. Unfortunately for the authors, some disturbing revelations have since come to light. Before 'Genesis' was ever written, the almost same and identical story was found to have been written on clay cuniform tablets in the ancient capital city of the Assyrian's at Nineveh. This city is in the Babylonian and Mesopotamian areas hundreds of miles from the ' Holy Land '. The story and epic of 'Gilgamesh' embodies the entire myth. But the original source of the story goes back even further in time...to 1,000 or so years earlier. This much earlier telling of the story itself refers back to an even more ancient date for the 'Mother of all floods'. Around 586 B.C. certain Israelites had been captured and taken to Nineveh , where they first came into contact with the 'original' story of the flood. So it turns out that the 'flood story' became a borrowed and adapted one by the Israelite people, and incorporated into their own 'exclusivity' myth and religious history. It had nothing to do with them.

The 'Biblical' setting of the flood around the Tigris and Euphrates valley, and its' cause by heavy raining for days and nights is also more than suspect. That valley had witnessed very well warned flooding in its' history, but the waters always receded. People simply evacuated and returned when the drying came. Even so, there was no 'universal'... wiping out of all life nature to such floods. Many contributing researchers to this bedrock of new insight from the 19th and 20th centuries, along with current archeologists, were highlighted in the BBC presentation. Along with Ryan and Pitman, were researchers from London , Wales , Holland , and a woman archeologist from Columbia University .

The 'real' monster of a flood, which was the object of all this ancient writing and story telling, was neatly traced back to about 5500 B.C., and that flood was a 'mother'. The melting of the ice of the last mini 'Ice Age' which had penetrated far south into Europe toward the Mediterranean set the stage for the rising of the waters. These rising waters would threaten the high portals of the Bosporus that existed between the fresh water 'Black Sea' and the salt water sea that was the Mediterranean . Over time, people must have noticed the trickling of sea water over the portal and the rising of Black Sea levels onto previously safe and dry land. Some may have prepared for the eventuality of higher levels and built boats or even 'ark' looking boats to carry their animals, family, and possessions. But, at some sudden point, the portal broke open completely and the Mediterranean waters poured in to swamp the fresh water lake. It was the creation of the Bosporus Strait connection to the sea, the raising of the Black Sea waters to its' present level, and the flood of all floods. The people that survived or got away, over the years recounted the great calamity. Many survivors headed South, through Turkey and onto the plateaus, and descending into the Tigris and Euphrates Valley eventually. And, their tales were told, recorded, and entered into myth. Their treks and the new community's setup along the way are still being excavated and examined. New peoples from the flooded areas around the Black Sea , would intermingle with those established tribes living in settled areas of the Middle-East.

The evidence for the 'Mother' flood from the Black Sea over 7500 years ago is overwhelming. At lower original levels of the sea is found fossil remains of shells that fresh water creatures lived in. At the upper levels are found the remains of shells that were newly introduced, at the time of the flooding from the Mediterranean , from salt water varieties. The original Black Sea fresh water level has been discovered to be 130 meters lower than the present salt water level. The rush of the water, breaking down the Bosporus portal, from the ocean had built up a high level of silt...which was easily discernible by sonar. Ordinarily, the bottom of seas would be flat from the slow filling which goes on over a period of time. The Black Sea is found to have large deposits of silt with many varying features, a sign that the land underneath had been suddenly flooded and drowned. All in all there was much more presented evidence to give a clear picture of the portal collapse which allowed the Mediterranean waters to enter the Black Sea...creating the ancient cataclysm that was 'The Great Flood'.

The terrible problem with myths which are used for power and control over people, is the 'brainwashing' cult severing of a free inquiry into finding out who and what they are. Mental and spiritual roads are blocked, and choices are not an allowed option. Individual 'hearts and minds' become dulled, atrophied, and wired into a group soul .

People start acting as a single organism directed by an austere and self serving authority. It becomes dangerous and futile to attempt breaking down the erected 'high portals'... damming up spiritual and individual freedom. Once one has become absorbed into 'group think' and its' cultural pressure to believe as one, the old aphorism holds tight. 'Those convinced against themselves, are of the same opinion still'.
Organized religion exists as a body of concepts and pre-determined (enforced) beliefs which actually dampens and prevents spiritual growth. All systems of regulated thought closes out the 'Boundless' experience.

The Christians and the Muslims had bought into, and adopted wholesale, the 'Old Testament' Jewish myths...and also claimed them as their own special and 'divine' connection. The big 3.. .majority contributors to the building of this cycle's closed reality box. Time to pay the piper.

More ancient traditions speak of 'many ages of Man'...The 'Abrahamic' is but one of these ages...and the shortest. We might just give thanks that this Age is mercifully shortened.

Hindu's reflect, through their doctrine, on 4 great ages of Man. They all, strangely, have Sanskrit names. The first Age was that of Krita-Yuga which lasted 4 times the current 'short' era. The second Age was that of Treta-Yuga which lasted 3 times the current era. The third Age was that of Dvapara-Yuga which lasted twice as long as the present era. This era of Kali-Yuga will round out a whole cycle, or Maha-Yuga, which completes a full 64,000 year or so cycle. The dawning of the 'Aquarian Age' starts a new cycle of Man. The entry path to this new Age swung inexorably into focus on 29 Jan. 1998. We are not wholly there yet...but the path is turned and looking ahead.

The Hopi Indian's of the South-West in America speak of 5 cycles of Man. ..and believe also that this present era is ending. Their home, their tradition tells them, will be a safe place.
The Mayan Indians of Central America were a seclusive and elusive culture. They built their great step flat topped pyramid cities in the remotest of jungle settings, not wanting to mingle with other tribes or be exposed on coastal areas. The Maya's of Central America 'knew' of many past epochs of Man. ..all troubled by endings of floods or fire. They had a highly developed astronomy which predicted solar eclipses, ages before the ascent of an ignorant Europe and clergy that would attribute these 'unpredictable' celestial events to a God angry with Man's sins. Interestingly the Mayan astronomical records predicts the ending of Man's current life cycle era (at a time corresponding to our calendar in their calendar years) on December 23rd in the year 2012 A.D. They also claimed to 'speak with the lords of the sky'.

Their flat topped pyramid building was to provide a 'landing space' for UFO's. They had witnessed UFO's (and the 'sky lords') landing on the FLAT mesa mountains in their areas, and tried to create the same conditions for 'landing' on their pyramids...of which there were many. Their entire culture 'suddenly' disappeared-utterly vanished-around the year 755 A.D. There has never been an adequate reason given. But some speculation centers on a terrible loss...the 'sky lords' had left. But the Mayan's left behind a prophecy stone carving (named 'The Codigo Dresde') before vanishing, which interestingly was fulfilled. Translated to 'our' calendar date, the prophetic writing said ' The Lords of the Sky would return at the full eclipse of the Sun in their lands...in 1991'.

The intense, 'fully blown', & continuing Mexican UFO flap started EXACTLY coinciding with that eclipse!! What does this mean for the 'prophetic year' of 2012 for US? The ending of 'our' era could be as an 'Era Swing'. One door closes and another one opens.
It's happened before. The Earth has undergone magnetic reversals, axis shifting, and tilting...among other great changes. Or does this new prophesized 'ending of another Era', this time, have to do with a ' Consciousness change '? We don't have long to wait...or prepare for* And, just what does all this have to do with the return of the 'Sky Lords' at this particular time?

The ancient Egyptians relate past eras of Man as ruled by 'God Kings'. Babylonian and Persian accounts also talk of earlier cycles of Man. And, Buddhism tells of the 'declining Ages of Man'.

Other accounts and myths go back, millions of years, into a past history of this planet's development.
Mystics have always told of civilizations arranged on very different land masses than the present globe. The names of MU, Lemuria, and Atlantis, are familiar references to an older Earth. Plato, the great Greek philosopher-born in 428 B.C.- describes (in his 'Timaeus' and 'Critias' writings) that Egyptian priests hundreds of years prior had 'known' of the continent of Atlantis existing 9,000 years before them. Science has corroborated much of the changing nature of Earth's land masses during it's course of plate tectonic development and shifting....which gives a foundation for 'hints' at a plausible acceptance for the various ancient epochs of Man. It also gives evidence of distant time Polar 'shiftings', magnetic reversals, axis 'tiltings', a time when there was 'No Moon', and the rising-collision and sinking of whole continents.

All of our present data bases for 'reckoning' a pure time line for the rise and fall of civilizations and the migratory routes of and origins of Man, are suspect, 'un-proven', and possibly theoretically flawed./'Sweeps' Fox