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America: Freedom To Fascism

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Posted 15 October 2006 - 11:52 AM



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AMERICA: Freedom To Fascism. Aaron Russo Interview
Helping to raise American Consciousness about the illegality of the Income Tax…and just what brought about ‘our’ loss of freedoms. Corporate American Fascism, and why ‘we’ don’t own anything privately anymore and are under full prediction and control.

*Of course...there's always the protection/intrusion of 'Home Land Security'?
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*CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW...for this VITAL dialogue with Aaron


It’s Big Government ‘hand in glove’ with big Corporations to Stifle the American People. The ‘partnership’ between the American Government and the Cabal of special interest Banking and Corporations.

I have seen Russo's film. Without a doubt, this film will wake up a significant number of people to many issues that have been created by the fascistic government/corporate partnering in the U.S. that is nearly totally out of control. Your eloquent discussion of the problems with RFIDs and how they can and will be used by the fascist state to restrict our freedoms even further is absolutely, positively, without a doubt one of the most powerful segments of the film.

Aaron has now stepped out and produced a radical new movie called ‘America: From Freedom to Fascism’ and it has received standing ovations in theatres from all around the country in its test marketing. Destined to be one of this years great movies, he takes things way further than Michael Moore and proves that the there is nothing in the tax code that says you have to pay tax on your labor.
Now it’s time for you to decide for yourself. Do we stand up for our constitutional rights or do we bury our heads in fear from political and social pressure.”

*Hollywood fame-‘Trading Places’ and ‘The Rose’

Russo has been remarkably outspoken in his opposition to run-amok government. In 1994 he attempted to launch a new political party, the Constitution Party, which had a platform almost identical in theme to that of the Libertarian Party.

Shortly thereafter he produced and starred in a sizzling hour-long videotape, "Aaron Russo's Mad As Hell." In the tape -- which was sold via mail and also aired in some late-night "infomercial" spots -- Russo goes after government abuses in a slash-and-burn style, sometimes humorous, sometimes angry, sometimes poignant.

Among the major targets are the IRS -- which stands for, he says, "It Really Sucks" -- the War on Drugs, the Social Security scam, and the FDA. The tape looks like a pilot for a possible TV show, though no such show has emerged.

"My principles are freedom for all people... I'm trying to wake up Hollywood. It's been a bastion of freedom but they're being deceived, suckered into this indoctrination of the federal government which is leading toward a totalitarian country. They've lost sight of individual liberty." -- quoted in Daily Variety on his campaign for governor of Nevada.

Where Aaron Russo STANDS:
• Supports the immediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, and encourages the Iraqi people to become self-reliant.
• Supports the immediate repeal of the USA PATRIOT Act.
• Supports cutting both spending and taxes.
• Opposes the income tax.
• Supports medical marijuana.
• Supports weakening the influence and control of the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Reserve System over the economy.
• Strongly opposes gun control.
• Opposes globalization.
• Unlike many Libertarians, he does not support allowing oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
• Demands that the IRS "in a public forum, reveal the law that requires Americans to pay" the federal income tax. See also tax protester arguments.
• Supports a gold standard.
• Opposes computerized voting.
• Demands an audit of the Fort Knox Bullion Depository.
• Believes abortion is a state and not a federal issue.