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Bligh Bond-exploits Into The Real Paranormal

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Posted 31 August 2006 - 09:03 PM

:o Excerpt-'Sweeps' Fox's book-IT ALL HAPPENED FOLKS
Become a VIP Member-go to the 'Eugenia Macer-Story- Show-where we discuss 'BOND'*

-The saga and delight of this great non-ordinary man-
-Automatic writing from deceased Monks at the Glastonbury Abbey-

Lawyers destroy justice

Universities destroy Knowledge,

Governments destroy freedom,

Major media destroy Information, and

Religion destroys spirituality/Sweeps Fox
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It would be the advent of Frederick Bligh Bond's appearance, on the Glastonbury Abbey scene-In Somerset England, which would turn over and smash all the careful and firm tables of the 'priests' of religion and science.
*Bligh Bond's photo/rare
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Merciful heavens, and maybe even a fateful helping from a 'kind' super determinism, he was a pure delight. 'Bligh' had done a lot of research around the Abbey and Glastonbury from 1907, and would direct some early excavations for the Somerset Archeological Society before the Abbey grounds would be sold by a local land owner. He would be appointed in 1909, as Director of excavations for the ruins at the Glastonbury Abbey by authorities within its' new owners....The Church of England. He was 45 years old, an architect of the Institute of the Royal Academy, and had been brought up in the Anglican religion...of which his father was a reverend. That biography, together with his obvious architectural talents, where very much in his favor for carrying out the 'high' church remit assigned to him. No one, thankfully in that era, seemed to suspect that such standard yardsticks would have no correspondence to 'the real person. The real 'Bligh' Bond was indeed talented, but more of a quality patterned from the right side of the mind.

From his early 'teens' he had found attractions and 'natural' inclinations toward alternate 'ways of knowing'. He was artistic, which would lend itself to his later architectural success, but also interested in exploring the psychic and 'more meaningful' spiritual side of human purpose and dimensions. He became 'terribly' fond of studying everything he could about spirits, trance states, premonitions, intuition, after death states, and anything psychic. He would also soon find that he had 'powers' and real talents in these areas. These were all well enough concealed in a protective alter ego for long years. It would only be revealed much later how far he had progressed along this hidden and proven road, and that he was a life member of 'The Society for Psychical Research'.

'Bligh' Bond was to contribute such 'mind blowing' discoveries about the Abbey through his remarkable 'gifts'...that his Church of England employers would continue to be dedicated to, and very grateful for his many years of astonishing findings. Significantly he had found features of the Abbey never recorded anywhere. 'Bligh' had somehow revealed the lost foundations to chapels, layouts of structures, and the surprising geometric plan of the entire complex based on the very ancient ('principle number' measurement systems designed long before Christendom or even the Cabal) solar energy and 'magic' square of the Sun calculations. It was nothing short of brilliant discovery and hitherto unrecognized numerological proportions of old 'cosmic laws'. How could this be? And, it was proven correct in each detail by an independent appraisal by the representatives of the Architectural Association of London. But for Bond, the shit was about to hit the fan. The church would find out how he was able to 'divine' these findings and meanings.

Before we launch into the utterly fantastic, there is a significantly unique find which would foreshadow all the discoveries of hidden meanings at the Abbey. Early on, 'Bligh' found the intact 'egg stone' or Omphalos within the Abbey grounds. This pointed irrefutably to the site having been consecrated long before as a Pagan shrine. It was the genuine article, symbolic of a most ancient oracle and Goddess spiritualism. Such 'egg stones' had been of universal depiction of the Goddess as uterus and egg of life. From one angle can be seen the protruding cervix of the womb, and on the top surface is a cleft or depression where the oracle-priestess of the Goddess sat while she was menstruating. The 'old' blood, as 'tears of a disappointed womb', would collect here as the oracle delivered some of her messages and premonitions from the Goddess spirit. Such an 'egg stone' has also been found at the famous site of the ancient temple of the Oracle Of Delphi in Greece. When I came upon the 'Omphalos' at the Abbey it was laying in back of the building called 'The Abbot's Kitchen', and the cleft was filled with rain water. I would take my own talisman, the stone with the natural hole strung on a leather thong, and dip it into that well. I left it there for long minutes to soak up the ancient vibrations, which earlier investigators with 'divining rods' (dowers) had found it to be emitting.
Attached File  THE_EGG_STONE_back_of_the_abbotts_kitchen.jpg   7.19KB   1132 downloads Attached File  The_Omphalos_or_Egg_Stone.jpg   16.36KB   1124 downloads
*See 'Sweeps Fox-Sitting on the 'EGG STONE'... in back of the 'Abbott's Kitchen/Abbey/Glastonbury
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One considerable dark omen of rejection for the Abbey monks was conveyed by their attempt to Christianize the already 'holy' egg stone. At some period they tried to implant the 'cross' into the cleft. It never took to the fitting despite some, I'm sure, real 'banging' attempts. Bad vibes man. The fact that the monks didn't outright demolish that prime Pagan stone, perhaps reflects a certain awe or even respect for its much older power. Maybe it was plain fear.

It took a long while yet, for the Church of England to 'catch up' with their own uncomfortable stirrings and rumors about goings on around the Abbey. A growing subtle atmosphere, like a beautifully rising early morning mist, had almost imperceptibly settled in and about the Abbey and the whole of Glastonbury. The 'great' Christian Abbey and the surrounding country side was witnessing a giving of open access to strange newcomers. They started 'influxing' and staying on, and bringing changes in style and manner to the community. And, there were excited little 'foreboding' conversational groupings along with a whole different character of tourists and transients...the likes of which the 'Western God' had never seen before in such abundance in 'modern' times.

Dowsers, psychics of many different gifts, spiritualistic-channeling mediums, self styled mystics, representative investigators from 'psychical research societies' and a plethora of interested philosophic 'friends' and erstwhile dreamers, were now being found 'helping' with 'Bligh' Bond's digs and archeological evaluations. It was time for Mr. Bond, architect and Director of excavations, to admit that his grand discoveries had 'come through' by accessing memories of a 'long departed' Monk from the 16th Century and fields of records from (what amounted to) the banks of 'akasic-ether sources'. He and his life long friend Captain John Bartlett had been in touch with a Monk named Johannas Bryant through 'automatic writing'. It was mainly through the spirit of the Monk Johannas that revelations about the Abbey's life style, history, and the manner of it's' destruction in 1539 A.D. had been obtained.

Johannas, in the 'automatic' correspondences, had brought through his own personality and commentary on the Abbey era. He seemed a jovial and fairly simple soul, who willingly told of his own and fellow monk's lives at the Abbey. It was highly descriptive, entertaining, and written in scrawling old 'Saxon' English and Latin wordings common to his times. The messages were full of daily life and anecdotal stories, as well as responses to important questions put to him by 'Bligh'. Johannas was full of the 'Nature', peace, and beauty, of the Abbey and the whole spread of the Glastonbury area. Aside from 'the Monk', who confessed that he was not at all privy to the hidden meanings of the construction and plans of the Abbey, other 'spirit' messages came through from psychics 'worldwide' that were intune with what 'Bligh' was doing. These other 'watchers', who often admitted having no knowledge of Glastonbury at all, communicated information to Bond which told of very detailed facts about the Abbey from their 'spirit' sources. There had been, all along in 'Bligh's' excavation adventures, a networking of psychics from many corners of the world. It was from these augmenting and alternate sources that the correct places to dig, the more esoteric nature of the Abbey's construction, its' archeology, its' grid and buildings, and the grand scheme of the Abbey's secret geomancy foundations, were delivered.

Sheer deviltry, not at all in keeping with accepted Christian practice or 'understandings', had produced all the amassed verified correct information and discoveries. It couldn't be allowed. It wasn't Christian, even if a lot of the information came from a Christian Monk...long departed. Again, all innovators and model breakers will be persecuted. There would be no exception for a 'Bligh' Bond. The 'spirit world' was the province of organized religion, not independent 'seekers'. There could be no suggestion of an invidious (in the envious and spiteful meaning of the word) motivation or backdrop to this reaction...could there? This dismissal and reproval did fit nicely with most 'modes' of science, since they had no recognition of spirit realms anyway.

The other major problem the 'church' and 'science' would face had to do with the revelations about the use of an ancient and 'magically' sacred geomancy that had been incorporated into the building and planning of the Abbey in Glastonbury in the Dark and Medieval Ages. The real 'rest of the story' is that such use of precise design-measurement and placement is clearly evident at Avebury, Stonehenge, and many ancient sites...far pre-dating any coming of organized religions out of the Middle-East. Why this guarded knowledge by certain shadowy groups (i.e. secret societies still versed in the 'power' secrets) was used for the Abbey, brings up a whole 'hornets nest' of reasons and questions. The 'public information officers' of the 'Church' would never declare or reveal that these ancient secrets even existed...much less that they had been used to provide 'power' and magic for their own constructions. Such sacred secrets had not come from their own historical souses, and so can not be recognized or admitted to. It is against their every policy and practice. It would have to be, because it discredits their beginnings and authority they want to project as coming from their one personal father God. Again, the power and magical configurations from the heavens had been brought down to Earth. The basic utility of a 'higher' understanding, relevant to harmonizing and balancing universal numerical and geometric configurations, had been employed in the Abbey's planning. But, the true meaning of the lost 'spiritual' wisdom from unidentified and immeasurably ancient sources had not survived. Our loss in these matters, except for certain retrievable bits of utility, remains 'a dead zone' for discovering who and what we are. Perhaps 'they' will return when the eras swing. We have fallen into a barbarity from confused and lost connections.

One major discovery of the use of this 'special' spiritual engineering, which would cause much embarrassment to 'those who knew of these things', is amply illustrated in the concept of the 'Vesica Piscis'. It is a fundamental 'magic' geometry of two 'circles' which are interlocked. This principle was applied in the most remote of 'Goddess' times to foundation constructions, in correlation with the 'wisdom' of energy accumulation. Beside being built on 'ley lines', it was vital that the construction of pre-historic buildings were correctly positioned and measured for solar and planetary energy. The 'Vesica Piscis' principle always represented the vulva of the Goddess in these constructions. The 'interlocking' represented 'Her' birthing of the world and life and its' connection to the sexual, spiritual, and higher dimensional realms. It was found that this principle was used in the location and construction, in the Abbey grounds for the Mary Chapel. The builders of this specific Chapel to 'Our Lady' had used the (Vesica Piscis) ancient alignment-geometry Goddess principle in their plans. Not only that, but the site of the Mary Chapel falls exactly in the vulva area of the figure of the 'Birthing Goddess' of the 'Tor' as seen from aerial views. There can be no mere coincidence here.

In 1918 'Bligh' would write his book 'The Gate Of Remembrance', detailing his work with the 'Monk' and all his spiritual working and accomplishments at the Abbey. Our family would spend a good deal of time, on one Glastonbury vacation, getting our hands on an out of print edition from a new local friend...and photocopying it page by page. Even the Glastonbury Library hadn't a copy, but they certainly put us on the right tract of people in the area known to still have a copy. That book and Bligh's successive book 'The Hill Of Vision', remain well received, pointed, and still 'the talk of the town' and in all circles worldwide as part of the Glastonbury mystique.
*'Sweeps'...has perhaps the last remaining Copy of the Book...intact!!!
**See 'attachment' the actual book cover. Can't get this anywhere else on the WEB folks...until 'they' copy this.
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'Bligh' Bond never disappeared from nor disappointed the crusade which life had apparently assigned to him, despite the rough and irregular roads ahead for him...when it became clear in 1921 that his ban from the Abbey was sealed. Oh, what a marvelously twisted but varied and illuminated journey he was to have. Doors, situations, and real adventures opened and closed smartly for him in all directions. Enemies can make one stronger, and new found friends and haunts can succor and propel life long vision quests.

It was during 'Bligh's' period of waiting for his complete dismissal from his Abbey work that he became knowing of, no less a figure than, William Butler Yeats. W.B. had come to England and Glastonbury to rekindle the 'old ways' of Celtic tradition. He would use all his learning of the 'ways', including its' ritual and magic, along with new research indicators to attempt the founding of a fresh order of mysticism. He had previously been the head of 'The Golden Dawn' mystical order, which would war with Dion Fortune's mystical group. This new order would use occult practices and look at the 'Grail' mystery as it really was...a power and legend developed in a far remote past by the most ancient of magicians. It never had been the property of Christendom.

Yeats was a complex and controversial man, with wide fields of interests and 'hunger' for oreleaping the human plane, or at least returning it to a more magical past. In 1923 he won the Nobel Peace Prize and he had already been a Senator in the new Irish Free State. His enduring acclaim was from his poetry and play writing, but his own open secret intention was to spur the raising of 'consciousness' of Ireland for 'the old ways'. He was anything but Catholic or Christian in a Catholic land. He would even endorse Fascism in the '30's' as a way of throwing off the yoke of Mid-Eastern religious 'nonsense'. His association with 'Bligh' Bond was to assist him with his own ritual and spiritual avenues. In fact he put Bond in touch with a famous and very helpful medium named Mrs. Traven Smith. Her spiritualism was a very lucid and refined one, which produced extremely clear messages from beyond as well as a wealth of automatic writings.

It's really necessary to digress, pause, and interject some 'heart to heart' feelings here a bit. I would refer interested readers, wanting a more comprehensive vastly researched account of Bond's life and intriguing background, to get a copy of 'The Avalonians' by Patrick Benham. It's a 1993 publication by Gothic Image Publications, and is a highly enjoyable and scholarly work. Dion Fortune's book 'Avalon Of The Heart', the revised edition published in 1989 by The Aquarian Press, also cites 'Bligh's' work and excitement. Dion Fortune was known as a Priestess of Glastonbury and has written many books referencing the occult traditions and Glastonbury. There are further small but well written and sourced books available, which include 'Bligh Bonds extraordinary mark and contributions as well as the whole lore of Glastonbury. The two that come to mind immediately are 'The Goddess Of Glastonbury' by Kathy Jones (published in 1990 by Ariadne Publications), and 'Glastonbury Maker Of Myths' published by Gothic Image in 1982. Aside from these, there are the many writings by John Michell and Geoffrey Ashe which have regularly contributed to, and inspired and reported on Glastonbury's historical mystique. The overall best suggestion, for those truly 'in search' of spiritual and self enlightenment, would be to 'get to' Glastonbury...where the atmosphere and material is.

Back to the continuing epic character of Mr. Bond now. He would become the editor of a college 'Psychic Science' journal, would run a guest house in Glastonbury with his daughter Mary for a while, and enjoy great acceptance and friendships going and coming from...of all places…the United States. Arthur Conan Doyle, the then President of the Kensinton College and of 'Sherlock Holmes' fame, pops his august head up here again. It was his friendship and collaboration with Bond which led him to plant the idea of doing a lecture tour in America. Kindred people with the American Society For Psychical Research (ASPR), which he did have some former contact with, would sponsor him. It would turn into a ten year odyssey, with so many consciousness heightening episodes and synchronosities, that defies compilation.

He traveled and toured New England and parts of Canada to rave reviews and popular personal appeal in his lecturing road show in 1926. His life's work experiences, subtle charm, clairvoyance, and manner of addressing the inexplicable as though it was easily 'crystal' substantial, gained him such warming reception that he would return the following year. It would be on this trip that Bond would first meet, and establish a life long friendship with, the Director General and Vicar in North America of the 'Old' Catholic Church...the Reverend William Francis Brothers. The 'Old' in Catholic Church refers to the breaking away of the sect, originally in Holland, from Papal authoritarianism. The 'Old' Church took umbrage with the 'silly' ideas in the decree of Papal infallibility. It was actually more than just a little pissed off with the 'Romans', so felt no recourse but to re-establish on earlier fundamental grounds. While Rev. Brothers was traditional in many ways he was also expansive and embracing of other ways of knowing 'things' which had been cast out by Rome. He was no 'square', as hippie talk would refer to people accepting of and trapped in 'the box'. He had even taken a bride. Bond's psychic-spiritual-occult background would actually be embraced in his connection and friendship with the Reverend. Later on, in 1932, Reverend Brothers would ordain 'Bligh' into his ministry. He had accepted all that Bond was, even his associations with Christian Freemasons and Rosicrucians. There is much more eventually to Rev. Brothers work and openness, for which he will be dubbed 'endearingly' with the title of 'The Hippie Priest'. He would be the chief 'religious' proponent of the youth 'counterculture' and peace movements of the late 60's and early 70's. It would be 'himself' that was largely instrumental in arranging a site at Woodstock for the 1969 three day Hippie love in and rock festival....believe it or not. The Glastonbury 'New Age' rock festival, in the following decade, would be built on the Woodstock pattern. So many bridges. So many connections to be seen by 'openness'.

The Reverend had built a church in this area of the New York State Catskill Mountains. It was built beneath the sacred Mountains of the areas indigenous Indian tribe, and called by them 'The Land in the Sky'. This enigmatic but strong 'weirdo' Priest had liaisons with some of the most famous and infamous people of his times. Among them were the newspaper magnate William Randolf Hearst, Kahil Gibran (the poet who wrote 'The Prophet'), President Franklin Roosevelt, the innovative architect F. Lloyd Wright, and many others...including Bob Dylan...and of course 'Bligh' Bond. The man was a 'rock' of his times. He didn't leave Earth until he was 96 years of age, in 1979. Strange things happen with and through 'Bligh' Bond's life connections. Synchonisity after synchronisity, and strings of things.

Before all this happened, Bond also had become the 'no nonsense' Director of Education for the American Society for Psychical Research. His fullness and application of strict 'checking out' of psychic and occult claims was to cause ripples of disapproval among some of his associates. He would not accredit many of the cases before him, which others saw as 'proven', until his own measurements and intuitive (but systematic satisfying) searching's verified them. He was not naive nor shrinking, and not given to other than his own positive persuasions.

The things he had seen and the things he had done will forever be spoken of and thought about, for he himself has been wrapped in myth and the exploration of mystery...which is what the human spirit and challenge is all about. Bond returned to England in 1936 to stay. He filled his days with kindred people in Wales, and produced drawings and sketches throughout World War Two. Just before the end of the war, he died at the age of 82. He was a beautifully made 'magical' key turning in our minds, to get us to go further and open alternate reality doors. In his work and memory, and those like him, we find both direction and example for the way of 'warrior seeking'. His dream of getting back to his Abbey contacts and excavations was disappointed. But today, in a new glass display case of the entrance hall to the Abbey grounds, a huge portrait of the man is displayed. Underneath, to the everlasting chagrin and shame of his former church critics, it tells of his accomplishments at the Abbey and even how he did it. Right on baby. There is so much more.

Bond had an 'intimate' connection with one particular pure alternate reality source, which didn't require his special investigative expertise or revelations. It came complete in Mary 'Bligh' Bond, the daughter born to him. She was to soar by herself, from her earliest years. You want to talk about 'fairies', things beyond the pale, and the Deva world? Then you should and must become acquainted with the true story of Bond's daughter, for she never lived with more than one foot in 'our' stodgy reality. Oh she functioned, and very well here with full health and faculties. But she was also one of the great numbers of genuine innocents, to whom many new researched Paranormal/non-ordinary books are dedicated…and 'caringly' concerned with.
Thank you all....it's all true/'Sweeps' Fox

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Posted 02 September 2006 - 11:43 PM

I should note that though "Sweeps" has made great effort ro preserve Bligh Bond's book "The Gate of Remembrance" and believes he has the one remaining copy, there is one other! I have a copy of this book in good condition which was presented to me by a soldier of fortune who had passed through Woodstock heedlessly and was hasily departing...I was surprised at the gift and shelved it, not realizing its value. It had been purchased in England for two pounds 95 pence used (as marked on the inside front cover) and was published by Thorsons Publishers Ltd. in 1978.
My book "Legacy of Daedalus" on the probable Minoan-Mycenean origin of ancient architecture found in the British Isles and the Northern Isles of Canada and the United States is available on amazon.com or from magickorders@aol.com . The existence of the omphalos stone found at both Delphi in Greece and Glastonbury also supports the "Daedelus" interpretation. But there is much more to the situation, of course.I do talk about Bligh Bond and "Father Francis"of Woodstock, N.Y. in the interview on this site.
Best--Eugenia Macer-Story

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Posted 03 September 2006 - 12:24 AM

I should note that though "Sweeps" has made great effort ro preserve Bligh Bond's book "The Gate of Remembrance" and believes he has the one remaining copy, there is one other! I have a copy of this book in good condition which was presented to me by a soldier of fortune who had passed through Woodstock heedlessly and was hasily departing...I was surprised at the gift and shelved it, not realizing its value. It had been purchased in England for two pounds 95 pence used (as marked on the inside front cover) and was published by Thorsons Publishers Ltd. in 1978.
My book "Legacy of Daedalus" on the probable Minoan-Mycenean origin of ancient architecture found in the British Isles and the Northern Isles of Canada and the United States is available on amazon.com or from magickorders@aol.com . The existence of the omphalos stone found at both Delphi in Greece and Glastonbury also supports the "Daedelus" interpretation. But there is much more to the situation, of course.I do talk about Bligh Bond and "Father Francis"of Woodstock, N.Y. in the interview on this site.
Best--Eugenia Macer-Story

**This is ALL very nice/good news Eugenia.Thank you so much for your addition here. AND...so good to know a copy of the original book by 'Bligh' is WITH YOU./'Sweeps'