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Stone Of Destiny- At ' The Hill Of Tara ' Desecrated

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Posted 15 June 2012 - 11:25 AM


-The Lia Fáil’ had stood unmolested/revered for centuries-

*’Sweeps’ NOTE:
…What a ‘horrific’ act of desecration! RTE News reported; One of Ireland's ancient monuments, the Lia Fáil standing stone has been vandalized. Or…was it a ‘planned’ defacement from some ‘party’?

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The ‘Lia Fáil’-Stone Of Destiny-on The Hill Of The High Kings at TARA, has stood unmolested and venerated as a symbol of Ireland’s great Pagan Past for ‘Tens’ of generations. Why now, but mindfully in this seemingly valueless and empty/lost generation, would this wonton and senseless act be carried out? It defies reason…except, and I must say this, so little of Irish History is taught or respected today…and so many refugees have come here (Sent here by EU Policies) only to participate in their own ‘needs’ without a care regarding Irish Heritage….that an Era of ‘greed’ and ‘entitlement’ has taken the place of honor & respect for the indigenous population and its values.

Mind you…in today’s world scenes…it could also have been perpetrated/done by Locals as well. This is what ‘we’ have become. Sad.

My family, our friends, relatives, and many like us over only recent years…have visited, filmed, an touched (and were touched by) the revered places of our past at TARA. We stood in front of the Lia Fáil, or placed our hands on it hoping to pick up what vibrations/Psychometry we could and visualized how that ‘site’ at TARA was used and thought of by our ‘Ancients’. I also did ‘Sweeps Fox Radio Shows’ from there, hoping to stop the ‘MOTORWAY’ destruction/desecration of the site and valley. It was…and is…a ‘Special Place’ and one to be preserved for all the next generations that follow.

*Check out the Link below for the fuller story. Don’t miss the hidden VIDEO:


According to legend, it served as the coronation stone for the high kings.
Minister for Arts, Heritage & the Gaeltacht Jimmy Deenihan has confirmed the granite Lia Fáil, which is Irish for Stone of Destiny, appeared to have been damaged last weekend.
An archaeologist from the National Monuments Service examined the stone and concluded that it had been struck - possibly with a hammer - at 11 places, on all four of its faces.

Fragments of the standing stone have been removed and gardaí are investigating.
Describing it as "extremely important" monument, Minister Deenihan said the stone was associated with the inauguration rites for the Kings of Tara and featured extensively in ancient texts.
"Vandalizm, by definition, is a mindless act. I condemn in the strongest terms the damage that has been caused to this monument," he said.

Located about 50km northwest of Dublin, Tara was the focus of political and religious life in pagan Ireland.

Mythology gives Tara (from the Gaelic "Teamhair", or lofty place) an exalted status as the top royal site in Ireland and there are many national monuments in the area.

**ps folks:
Carmel Diviney…a great supporter of TARA and other Heritage sites over the years says…
-Just got a call from LMFM-
I will be doing an interview about the ‘Arms Around The Mound’ event at 12.15 on Monday (18 June 2012). Hopefully that will get people up to the Hill. If you can’t locate it on your radio you can listen to the live show at this link-below:


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Posted 15 June 2012 - 10:02 PM

Oh dear, this does indeed represent a nasty act of vandalism. I wonder exactly what the people who did this were thinking at the time - and whether this represents an omen (bad?) of some sort?

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Posted 15 June 2012 - 11:01 PM


*’Sweeps’ NOTE:
Carmel comes back with this BELOW...and we’d like to ask folks ‘for their ideas’. Personally, when mentioning all this ‘around town’...people almost to the man/woman...asserted that they’d prefer to set up a shooting gallery (armed guards at the ‘Hill’) and shoot anyone defiling the site. The phrase ‘without hesitation’ came up frequently. Kid you not...but that does bring up the point that the EU doesn’t have a U.S.A. 2nd Amendment or constitution which allows for ‘keeping and baring weapons’. Too bad...and about time we demanded that ‘RIGHT’. Only ‘dictators’/dictatorships take weapons from the ‘people’. AND, the only way to provide...as we’ve said thousands of times...for ‘good government’, is when ‘THEY’/IT fears the people/’S’

Now back to Carmel’s reply and request;

Thanks Sweeps
Good stuff at the link too- thanks for that.

**A TSPG member Vincent O Brien, came up with an ingenious solution. Take the original sacred stone away and encase it in armored glass and put it on view in the Interpretive Centre. Then no one can damage it again. A replica can be erected at the spot it is in now. Can’t imagine anyone objecting to that. I just wrote to Conor Newman about it and added my own idea that it be put back in its original place at the entrance to the Mound of the Hostages. Surely this could be arranged during the everlasting reconstruction phase. It would be far more cost effective than putting 24 hour security in place and of course- the dreaded fencing off of the site. Any ideas?

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Posted 23 June 2012 - 12:31 PM

*'Sweeps' NOTE:
...Well, good news mostly...as the following from Carmel Diviney WILL bring you all 'up to date on', and give you some great LINKS with PHOTOS/et al. Enjoy, and make your own comments/opinions. Many thanks to all those who participated and those disposed to 'protecting' Tara and educating folks about what's been going on/'S' :)

Hi all,

What a wonderful wonderful day it was. Thank you sincerely to everyone who took part, each and every one, as we had exactly the right amount of people there and without just ONE of them we would not have made it around the mound. It was a moment of pure joy to announce that we had done it!!!! The spirit of unity and co operation was out of this world. Fabulous altogether and second only to the Human Harp – it was that good! Everyone who took part displayed the true spirit of Tara.

Thank you

Irish Times brings a reassurance that the alignment will be protected. Mission Accomplished. That’s great seeing as the archaeologists who were working on it didnt know about them.


Before anyone else points it out, thats a misquote in the Times about the sun being impeded. What I said was that in effect it Would Have been impeded.

RTE 6pm News:

After all I said about the solar and lunar alignments and the alignments with two of the cairns at Loughcrew, they quoted me on the weather! Well done to Daniel for getting the word Sacred in to describe Tara. Well done everyone. Pity they didnt show the completed circle but anyway... Great to see Tara on the news for something positive. Scroll to 0:35:14 http://www.rte.ie/player/#!v=3324649


Terri Murray reads out the names of all who posted good wishes to the Arms Around the Mound event page but could not attend.


Simply wonderful