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Irish-Based Psychiatrist Wants Lithium Added To Our Water Supply & The H S E

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Posted 02 December 2011 - 03:49 PM

Is this the official opinion of Labour party? Dr. Moosajee Bhamjee, a former Labour TD, calls for lithium to be added to the Irish water supply. His licence to practice medicine should be revoked, and we should demand answers from the Labour party as well. This is unacceptable.


Michael Martin

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Posted 02 December 2011 - 11:34 PM

Well Yaeger,
...We'll see how much 'fuss' this raises in Ireland...since the IRISH have become docile/dumbed down/and basiclly complacent on every issue that effects society and freedom. The 'fuss' against Religion's abuse over the years is another matter...which 'they'-The Irish Laity' will also reconcile and 'get over'.
  • YES your New Topic here DEMANDS the highest concern and the 'Deadliest' punishment for those proposing to contaminate our water ...merely for their 'specialized interests' agenda and professional practice and educational 'expertise...NOT!
  • YES...'We The People' should have our own militant citizen groups for the main purpose of identifying and labeling these social engineering folks.
  • Let's ALL watch the 'MEDIA' & see if 'they play this up/give it any attention whatsoever'. HARDLY.
  • Quacks in Government, Quacks in professions, and Quacks in the Economy... makes one want to form an opposition which will 'hunt them down'. This last...is NOT meant as a Joke!
  • AND...What about the HSE-'HEALTH SERVICES EXECUTIVE'-Formerly the Regional Health Boards? We'll be taking that up in the next REPLY to this Topic/'S'

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Posted 03 December 2011 - 06:05 PM

*'Sweeps' NOTE:
...NOW, Let's talk about the HSE-the HEALTH SERVICES EXECUTIVE...AND why it should be dismantled or made REDUNDANT. About time this MAJOR ISSUE was talked about and 'Handled' properly by the Irish People.

Why does this Department Of Government exist in the 1st place? It was formed to replace the Regional Health Boards, i.e. 'The North Eastern Health Board'/'The Western Health Board'-etc.where there was at least a semblence of 'public representation'.

This new HSE is top heavy with Executives, with MASSIVE SALARIES, and their Staff. They inhabit huge Offices and space which are plushly furnished, requiring maintenance and have a HIGH RENTAL commitment. Further, The HSE, has MANUFACTURED and must maintain sub divisions of all major health care areas...which payroll wise have their own separate managerial infra-structures.

The whole of the HSE concept is a PURE POLITICAL ANIMAL....with nothing to do with the delivery of Health Care to the Irish People. HSE....Actually means...'Health Services For The 'Executive', or basically maintaining its own existence....drawing down the money which should properly go into delivering Health Care itself on the Community Level to the Sick and injured.

WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE...is for the public to recognize that this HSE represents an expense and authority which is, not just un -needed/unjustified, but actually detracts funds and services from Irish Health Care. THE HSE Should be made REDUNDANT and DISPOSED of. IMAGINE THE HUGE AMOUNTS OF FUNDS WHICH WOULD BE RELEASED. This would allow for Regions and Communities to provide, and have the monies provided , for health care needs as 'they' see and determine them. The HSE is an EXECUTIVE nonsense which we can not afford, and which interfers in a Political way between the doctor and his/her patient.

It may take a REVOLUTION to 'get rid of this Political Dinosaur'. Hopefully, we can start it right here folks by making people aware....of the true nature of this Monster.

OCCUPY the HSE sounds like a reasonable 1st step to bring that awareness...with the next phase being the physical destruction of the place and the intimidation/cum 'throwing out' of TD'S which support it and /supported it in the 1st place. It would be nice to see some spunk and Citizens 'storming' of the DAIL itself.

In that manner...perhaps your friends/relatives/and other sick people won't have to spend hours/days on trolleys waiting for beds....and staff will be hired to take care of them. It IS TIME for revolution in this country to get out of the EU anyway. More later on this, and how it's already been achieved successfully by Iceland...which NO MEDIA is reporting on. Thanks/'S'