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About Universal Free Energy-religions & Christ

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Posted 15 July 2006 - 01:15 PM

WARNING-Reading this will cause you to 'think'...you may never be able to 'go back' to programmed belief systems. It's a start, a release from 'bondage', and a lifting up of the lid on 'The Box'...which we have all been confined to by our false histories-cultural institutions-and the 'mind fix-by all the vested interest groups for our control and prediction. Have fun-if you are ready. Thanks/'Sweeps'


*From: 'Trying To Light The Match'/'Kicking The One Reality Habit'-book....By 'Sweeps' Fox

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By 'Sweeps' Fox (from his book-'Trying To Light The Match')

Very ancient Man in advanced civilizations as has been shown...had his rituals and ceremonies alongside (or integral with) really stupendous accomplishments in mathematics, astronomy, engineering and building, many expressions in crafts and the arts, trade and communication with distant peoples, a knowledge of natural herbs and plants for medicinal-spiritual-pleasurable needs, order and stability, and overall community cohesiveness and industry. They had the knowledge of forecasting coming eclipses of both Sun and Moon together with Earth data and accurate calendars, which our 'superior modernness' denied us until only a few centuries ago. Again...some 'primitives'! They resonated better with Nature's forces, and were able to do things and know of things which took millennia for us to 'catch up' on...even in near approximation to their technology (which built the pyramids, carved out and moved gigantic megaliths, fitted huge stone lasting constructions together without mortar, created landscape pictures that can only be appreciated from aerial views, and made use of the forces within magnetic 'ley' lines) for which we still have few real answers. As enigmatic, removed, and distant from us as they seem...we know of no real mental ability (or 'brain' size) differences. They were to all extents, the same constitution as ourselves...only much earlier and with distinguishing experiences.

With such accolades and recognitions of 'Ancient Man's' abilities, what would be his motive for doing the 'sacrificial offering' thing...especially 'human sacrifice'? All the old legends, universally and in common, speak of the 'demands of the sky Gods'....for all the benefits they had brought or created for Mankind. Those times are spoken of as the eras of Man's direct communion with the Gods from the sky. The order of these 'alien' Gods was to place the very perfect and 'creme della creme' of the race, at certain times specified by them, at special locations...where they would be 'picked up'...for whatever scientific reason they had in mind for and by them. It had the significance of an honor for those chosen...and probably the way it was perceived by both the cultures and the chosen individuals. Designated locations for sacrificial-specimen placement varied from mountain heights, flat pyramid tops, isolated islands, or infrequently visited and remote places. These God chosen places were considered as sanctified and holy.

Communion with and knowing about the sky Gods, and their many ways, are definite traditional /universal stories of very ancient days. Within the 'Vedas' (from the old Sanskrit word for 'knowledge') the most sacred and oldest of Hindu books, are collections of accounts...in verse and hymns...concerning the Gods from the sky in their 'wheeled flying machines' doing battle with each other. Their machines shot lightning and thunderbolts in the air and to the ground as they maneuvered in aerial combat. Some of the names of the Gods were known, as Vishnu, Shiva, and Assur. The 4 books themselves (which also talk of the correct ways of sacrifice and approaching the Gods) were recorded between 1500 and 500 B.C., but relate to oral tradition and legend passed on from centuries before...as brought to the Sub-Continent by the European-Indo migrations in the Second Millennium B.C. Interestingly today, among the brown or darker skinned peoples of India can be found a good minority with 'blue eyes'.

The fiery 'chariots' in the sky are also part of well known myths' from the Middle-East and elsewhere. The Chinese stories of centuries ago talk of flying dragons. They too issued fire and thunderbolts, as well as illuminating the skies at night. In very ancient Egypt they spoke of the 'winged disc' which is depicted in their art. Similar airship descriptions are bound up in Central American, Japanese (among the Ainu legends), pre-history Assyrian designs of 'discs' on their cylinders, among many others...in fact it would be hard to find an ancient culture without representations of flying objects, Gods in the vehicles, or sacrifices and interaction with them on some level. There can be little doubt also that they were revered for the bringing of civilization and other benefits to very early Man. It is not the sole purpose here to explore all the known references and legends of these early interventions and appearances by the sky Gods. It is mentioned only as 'a pointing out' of a well established tradition of beliefs and acceptance of these Gods from many ancient civilizations in numerous lands.

But, the Gods left...maybe many different comings and goings...for long periods, and a natural corruption of their memory and meaning began after a period of years or centuries had passed. The degeneration of the 'real' significance of human sacrifice coupled with the obsessive desire to continue reaching out for them, resulted in the horribly twisted blood ceremonies...cum sacrifices...such as the Aztec's and other Central American cultures practiced. Even as old as the Vedic referrals were, instructions about human sacrifice to contact the Gods included the more barbaric 'offerings' by fire. And there are other wholesale 'human sacrifices' of our fairly recent recorded and remembered histories. Irish Celts would place numbers of people to be sacrificed in woven nets or baskets and light them on fire.

So at some point the Gods had deserted or at least became less pro-active, for reasons known only to them. Many surviving myths talk about revolts and battles among them, the birth of 'hybrid' children, the starting of ruling classes on Earth based on heredity from the 'Aliens', and the final withdrawal after accomplishing whatever phased mission it was....maybe to return much later to see what their 'leavings' had produced. However, certain 'Old Testament' tales are suggestive of some alien activity. Ezekiel's 'wheel' in the sky may have been a UFO craft. As late as the 9th Century B.C. the Hebrew prophet Elijah was said to have been taken up in the sky by 'a whirlwind'. This was reported by his disciple Elisha, who witnessed the happening and attested to it. All these references are, and should be, within the province of our conjectures. Today, it seems apparent that all the signs are again here (strange lights and objects in the skies, hints of alien bases in the oceans and remote places, encounters of the 3rd and 4th kind, abductions, governmental secrecy and maybe even liaison with 'them', scrambled military aircraft to intercept their crafts, crop circles, UFO's dogging Earth space missions, and even cattle mutilations)...indicative of their presence. But the contract and contact had been broken for many generations...we think, and new beginnings must recognize the changes in both sets of 'beings'...and perhaps more. Present and 'future shock' is closer than we think.

Central to most religions (in one or more forms) is the 'God in the sky or heaven'...the 'big daddy', the expected return of the God(s). and the re-establishment of 'paradise' conditions...solving all our problems on 'the return'. The lot of 'the priest class' , which had served the needs and instructions of the extra-terrestrial superior's, underwent dramatic changes following the departure of the Gods. Eventually, over centuries of abandonment and fading memories and purpose, perversions of the original intents and mission set in. Priests, religious leaders, and whole 'mutant' religions would charge themselves with new invented responsibilities and interpretations. Boldly, they would proclaim that they alone had been entrusted with a special knowledge and privilege...from which they derived authority...to be used to guide and set beliefs for the people. By the time we arrived at the' old testament' derivative religions, we were saddled with the quirks (and dangerous foibles) of a religious authority demanding obedience. Only through their intercession with God, their apprehension of His commandments, and their shepherding, could 'salvation' take place. Monopoly and power and abuse go together.

We also woke up to an entrenched and exclusive 'Patriarchy'...the men over the women thing...which would continue a demeaning, 'playing down' and subservience of women's position and roles...lasting to current times. God, after all, was a man...wasn't He? Isn't He? Religion became an institution (and thus political), whereby those in the 'in group' came to act as though religion existed to serve those who administered its' affairs. We should all be aware by now, all the problems that confounded 'calling' gave rise to....and promoted. Just off the top of our heads, the sheer total of wars, suffering, murders, homogenized belief systems, and warping, comes to mind. Talk about your 'crimes against humanity'! They have a lot of 'sins' on their plate. It's not a religious revival (certainly not an organized one) that is needed now, but a spiritual one. They would have us rendered utterly impotent to find our own paths toward the spirit and higher consciousness. They became the role models for putting down dissent and free thinking...which all of the other institutions soon incorporated and followed.

An untainted closer look at the benefits brought by 'Alien Gods' turns up some insightfully 'groovy' curios. We would here be justly... and avidly...interested in 'things' of a spiritual nature...outside the value given to the gifts of civilization, genetic manipulations, and the material.

One such spiritual credit that can be elicited (and attributed to 'alien' contact) is again from the Dogon Tribe in Africa, whose traditions linked their origins to 'people' from the star system of Sirius...as was looked at earlier. Another startling disclosure of the tribe was that the 'aliens' brought the art of 'laying on of hands'; in other words...healing. Their explanation of a healing system included all the features of what is now called 'Reiki' or touch healing. It was a 'healing' art form including the knowledge of the Chakra's, or special energy centers within the human body, and the 'Aura' system that envelopes and interpenetrates the human body.

Reiki also speaks and makes use of a meditation that attunes the practitioner to the light-energy force, making him/her a channel as well as re-vitalizing and balancing all the polarities from the non-physical to the physical. It is important to understand that disease and infirmity come from a weakened or unbalanced Aura, which then is reflected to the physical body. The healing of both the physical and non-physical components is from an energy source beyond, but accessible to, both. A 'master's' level of Reiki is even able to forego the formalized laying on of hands, and actually heal at a distance...for someone not present.

This 'healing'- very ancient- skill was not confined to a certain localized area of the world, passed on or given to only a select few. It was indeed global. It very well may have been one of the first 'gifts' brought to Earth. Diverse cultures, such as in China, India, Tibet, Egypt, Africa, the America's, and other world areas, exhibited similar forms of the healing art. Each distinct area of the world has its' own vocabulary for the universal 'life force energy'. It's recognized in words like 'prana', and 'chi'. The Native Americans call it 'orenda'.

In 'modern' times Reiki can be traced first from Tibet, then through China and India and on to Japan. The man who brought it to Japan, Mikao Usui, had traveled to India to search it out. He studied the ancient Sanskrit formulas and texts, acquired larger more complete understanding through meditation and 'visions', and started to practice and teach the old art. His resurrected and successful form of 'laying on of the hands' would now be called 'Reiki'. It is a combination of two Japanese words. Rei means 'universal energy', and Ki stands for the life force

within us. It is also used to imply the 'key'...as in something used to 'open'. A life force which operates through the Aura or spirit realm attachments and 'interplays' with the human body...and all life...is recognized in most early cultures, as diverse as they were. This ancient 'art' works at a very deep level to release 'blocked energy' in the body's chakras, promotes relaxation, releases built up stress, and harmonizes body energy centers and meridians. It's function and use as a 'cure' for disease is based on its' ability to 'set free' the held in traumas from emotional causes. This type of emotional stress build up is considered the 'root' cause of human illness. This claim is not extravagant or ill founded. Many of the 'old' arts have quite a successful following, and are growing in public awareness...again! Reflexology breaks up the crystal coverings of energy pathways in the feet to effect unblocking and balance, and acupuncture does 'strange' body relaxation and treatment...including anesthesia. The chakras and meridians which form our energy and balancing pathways have a distinct analogy to the 'ley lines' of energy pathways in the Earth itself.

A 'master' student of Mikao, a woman named Chujiro Hayashi, passed on the knowledge to a Japanese American woman (Hawayo Takata) from Hawaii in 1938. The secrets of the old traditions and special symbols used in the healing had finally arrived in the West, where its' benefits and reception would lead to an ardent training of new masters...and insure its' propagation.

Healing breaks out in 'The New Testament' references to Christ healing the sick. It's use and recognition in this context, of course, makes it almost a unique 'Son of God' thing. All the previous thousands of years old healings (and where the knowledge came from) are either ignored, purged, or non-happenings. From that point forward, only Christianized healing done by priests or saints are valid. It was also to be a Man's world, where women adepts in healing would be treated in the now typical dismissive or even torturous ways. How dare they use the universal 'free' energy and 'aura' knowledge for healing. How dare they have beneficial and successful healing outside of the church. How dare anyone challenge the restrictions 'we' have set up. Ho hum.

Ahead of me in the still distant November of 1998, was one of the most wrenching and finally illuminating of experiences regarding healing...and it was with Reiki. Direct personal experience should not be written off as merely subjective, unscientific, or an isolated case. Comprehension's and understandings come meaningfully through the route of personal experience...without words or necessary 'worldly' affirmation. No one can bring anyone else to where their own experiences are. Such personal 'wisdom' however is now more widely sought, understood, and approved. The 'why' of it is easily explained. People today in many different mode approaches (whether through 'drugs', meditation, special metaphysical group and contact work, or other avenues of the spiritual road) are finding...through sharing...that they are having the same basic things experienced and apprehended. 'Things' are speaking, being seen, and territory made familiar, as once only revealed to Shamans and other occult explorers.

While still writing this book in Ireland, Mary and I had an opportunity to see a recommended female Reiki master. Our two daughters, Catharine and Erin, were now of an age to look after their baby sister (Rhiannon) for a few hours while we traveled to see Peggy in Forkhill about one hour away.

She was perky and seemed full of some kind of unbounded and chatty energy. She was more than willing to explain the Reiki healing method and tell us of her own background. At the same time she was relaxed and exuded an aura of 'supreme' confidence and belief. It was sociable, informative, and entertaining. She certainly knew of Diana Cooper, and called her 'a class lady'. In fact she knew here very well. It had actually been Peggy who helped introduce and set up many of Diana Cooper's visits to Ireland. Again, synchronicity was leaping and bounding around us. She revealed certain details of Diana Cooper's work which was even more paranormal and intriguing than claims we had heard before. That's another story.

Our first treatment session with Peggy was, for each of us, over an hour and a quarter. The actual heat from her bare hands during the entire treatment time could be described as luxuriant and radiating. She ran her hands down all the mid-line chakras, doing her manipulations and openings. Warming and soothing energy could be felt throughout. She did remark, after the treatment, about some 'shocks' she had felt at certain points along the line of my body. She also pointed out that the energy or initial benefit would stay with me for about 7 to 10 days. We bid her a cordial good-bye and, besides feeling only a trifle lightheaded, felt no actual changes. For me, this was to be a large mis-calculation.

After the mentioned 10 day benefit, I became extremely ill. Mary had slipped through without a ruffle. It started with a fever and progressed to frequent diarrhea. I gravitated to rebounded stomach acid in my throat and mouth, and the passing of continuous flatus. The symptoms floated between febrile states, gastro-enteritis, depression, and it all seemed inexplicable. The 'depression' part was most bothering. I'd never in my life succumbed to feelings of abject depression. Another 2 weeks along found me completely debilitated of energy and passing clay and white colored stools. Nothing I tried to eat was of any sustenance and I was reduced to picking at my food and trying to eat sweets off and on for some quick energy. My energy became so low that I found it difficult to get up out of a chair. No amount of bedrest or frequent napping had any recuperative effect. I finally prevailed on my wife to 'get onto' Peggy. I knew intuitively that my deteriorating condition was somehow linked to the Reiki session. Mary left two separate messages on Peggy's' recorder phone.

The same evening Peggy phoned our home. Thank goodness that my wife was home to pick up the phone. I hadn't even that amount of energy or wherewithal to talk. I did listen with deadly hope and concern. To my total chagrin Mary started laughing on the phone, and she kept smiling over at me. 'O.K. O.K.' she finally revealed, when off the phone. 'You're going through a cleansing', she said matter of factly with a great deal of belief. 'Peggy says it happens to many people'. It had been prescribed that I get myself to bed and await a healing and energy restoration during the night. Peggy was going to 'telepathically', a genuine and powerful part of Reiki healing, straighten me out...and she would continue at periods through the next day. Weak as I was, there was no recourse but to follow her order. Silently I said to myself the immortal 'Trekkie' words. 'Make it so'.

There is no 'scientific' way to justify or explain my awakening the next morning. 'I darr yah', my wife's old granny would say with a raised fist. From the moment I opened my eyes I felt the flooding with energy and bounded, instead of floundering, out of my bed. Yes, it had been just that dramatic and instantaneous. I was re-invigorated, re-energized, and was hungry as hell. Each and every one of my symptoms had vaporized...and completely. Mary had promised, as was asked of us, to telephone Peggy that next day. I had the longest chat with her on the phone in the evening. Her first remark was 'why didn't you get in touch with me earlier in your illness'? We talked about many common understanding we had both gone through on the psychic levels, and we determined to get together and 'party' about all the adventures we had been through. Mary and I would certainly pursue this new Reiki enrichment to our lives. Both of us had had new eyes opened again, in a very personal experienced way.

During one Reiki session, the coiled serpent at the base of Mary's spine awoke dramatically...for both client and 'healer'. At that moment during the therapy, she actually had a clear mental 'vision' of the snake. It looked at her straight in the eyes, and with no tongue flickering asked her...'What do you want'? Mary asked for power and then weakly added 'with love', to indicate she wanted to use 'it' for good purposes. The snake turned away, and Mary felt sure it had become confused with the added on limply made request. But while this imagery was happening, something indeed had been unleashed. Her body heat at the exact base of the spine position, which occultists 'know' houses this serpentine power, became more than inordinately 'hot'. It was no joke, and a full reminder of the power which it holds. Her skin in that area increased to such a temperature, that the Reiki therapist was having a great deal of trouble keeping her hands touching. She said, after the session, that she had never felt so much heat from any of her clients.

Mary was aware of her shuffling her feet as if trying to deal with warding off the 'terrible' heat...but she managed to keep her hands touching as was required. 'I really thought that my thumbs and index fingers of both hands would be 'blistered', she confessed. Mary admitted that she had thought there was an actual 'flame' there. Even after the long car ride home, I could put my hand on that spot at her spinal base...and get a terrific highly warm touch, found nowhere else up and down the spinal column. Those familiar with such things, warn of the release of the 'dragon power' if not carefully controlled. The Master of Reiki said finally to Mary, 'You must know that you are a very powerful woman'. Mary took it in her usual humility, but I knew all about that for years...hah.

One of myself and Mary's close enough relatives, a priest who comes to visit off and on when in Ireland, is involved in 'big doings' in Euro religious scenes. He is likable enough and literate, but hardly really worldly wise with his culturally narrowed interests. His office and remit has something to do with the overseeing of religious perspectives, traveling hither and yon to meetings, promoting cohesiveness and 'the party line', organizational structure, and incidentally the propagation of 'the faith'. He is so removed from anything not of his peculiar grounding, that he doesn't know what a Chakra or a Reiki healing method is...among other historical and philosophical gaps we've tested him on. We know that because he asked us, 'What's that' and 'How do you spell it'? Is it any wonder that his ilk, kept away from the 'contamination' of other ways to approach spirit quests and wisdom through the ages, could condemn and repress all other forms of belief? Talk about 'selectivity about what one chooses to believe' or permission from authority. Well, there's the element of protecting his 'job' and office also. Basically he's a church politician with a practiced 'stage presence' (a strong part of a theater and public speaking curriculum they all go through), whenever it's necessary to say 'Mass', give a lecture, or deliver a speech. Such as he, are salesmen cum con-men in clerical collar and garb. Spiritual interests and 'seeking' are not high on the agenda. It's not affordable or necessary for career ladder climbing. His lasting quote to us was 'too bad we have to die'. A man assuredly, defensively. and knowingly trapped in 'the box'. If confronted, subtly or not with this analysis, we can be sure he would say 'you know nothing about me'. 'More's' the pity.

Those 'Dogon' people have yet another 'oracle' type surprise for us. They are familiar with it from long tradition and still use it in Mali, West Africa. The unknown dated technique of GEOMANCY is also related as a 'gift from the Gods'. Again, it was of a world wide knowledge and magical utility. Geomancy is divination, and has two basic parts to it. Some 'up to date' dictionaries' mumble something about it being about 'prediction' using geographical features. They give no further explanation of definition which would be intelligible to its' actual function and meaning. The 'oracular' geomancy is indeed about prophecy, but it is based on the use of the 'unconscious' mind to throw out or select patterns which can then be interpreted. Such 'unconscious' selection (for conscious mind evaluation) systems can also be seen in the examples of the 'I Ching' and 'Tarot' cards. Ironically, it pre-dates Carl G. Jung's recognition of the 'unconscious' by untold thousands of years. Jung also coined the word 'synchronicity', by which he meant 'meaningful coincidence'. He came to understand it of course to mean a very meaningful set of circumstances way beyond mere coincidence, with a special 'interconnectiveness' to a teaching and information supplying universe. He was, however, the great 'bringing forward again' agent of a wisdom common to our more natural distant predecessor's.

The second form of geomancy is called 'locational' divination. The geomancer's of the first great global civilizations, as reflected upon by 'Heaven's Mirror' and John Michell among others, employed this art in conjunction with 'ley line' discovery and locating the most promising and magical of places. Both considerations of geomancy, if brought by early 'sky Gods'...and the evidence is increasing if not already established by psychics and discerning researchers...speaks of spiritual dimensions as some kind of inclusive 'part and parcel' of universal evolution.

A spiritual nature scope can also be called up in the later Greek name put to this incredible force. The Greek derivation of 'geomancy' is from their words GAIA for 'Earth mother' and MANTERIA for 'knowledge'. Very meaningfully coincidentally as well, the concept of 'Gaia' or Gaya has been embodied in a recent-modern philosophy which holds that the Earth itself is a living organism. Why not? I'm sure the ancient, closer- to- Nature- peoples felt the same. Ask Rolling Thunder! The obvious extrapolation of this admission is the recognition that the entire physical universe is far more different and meaningful than any of our 'modern scientific' approaches can allow for. Certainly, if the Earth is a living and spiritual organism, the whole universe (which has here to fore only been looked at in a physical sense) is a throbbing vital living entity. We are now on a collision course with just this possibility.

So, did Earth evolution get a needed boost and assist from other evolving, life and spirit, alien Gods? Are we all in this 'game' together. Are we all a part of each others physical and spiritual evolution, with all the bumps and grinds that go with it? Had we been assisted to a stage capacity where by we reached a new rung capable of being imbued with self consciousness and soul? Have we reached a threshold which can accommodate messengers, other 'beings', and hierarchies from other places and time? There is in this creation of universal clashing, the great apperception and saving spectacle of 'diversity'. Even the most inveterate cynic has to address that. I do not contend that all alien or interdimensional influences are benign or purposely helpful. I do support the notion that diversity plays it out, in many unfathomable ways. Acknowledging that our participation in 'things' changes them and their reality, is also a strong suit. Again, we are not mere observers of 'things'. Getting to know who and what we are is power. It is the power to know how to participate and so bring about meaningful reality change. Diversity allows us the 'possibility of all possibilities'. It's a prime maxim of consciousness expression and evolution.

Quantum tells us that all things are indeed interconnected. Psychics, spiritual leaders, and philosophers have been telling us this from the beginnings. We all go through our 'dark nights of the soul'. Is it all part of a necessary learning process, and maybe the only way to shake us up to look for something within? We are pitched about, thrown for losses, and our 'logic' confounded by all the problems and changes that is physically perceived existence. Doesn't it start to make sense to look into other views and explanations of the ALL? Even the most 'sensible' of people are ultimately led to conclusions that our 'logic and knowledge only' pursuits arrive at dead ends, after going around in circles.

Things are interconnected in a much more eloquent and intimate way than has been allowed for in our Western perspectives. Consider the view, of all Middle-Eastern religious foundations, that there is a 'Creator' God. Regardless, one may call this Creator the 'life force' or 'universal energy' or 'The Great Spirit' if you prefer. Immediately, from this viewpoint, we have drawn a distinction. There is an entity or Creator 'out there' and then there are the Created 'things'...including us. We have made, or conceived of, the Creator as separate from His (or 'It' or 'That') created 'things'. A division and divorce has taken place. Can the player separate from the play? If the player goes away then the play is over. We, and all 'things' in the play simply cease to exist. There can not be a play without a player. There, also, can not be a player without the play. Why? The player will cease to be a player because there is no longer a play. 'He', 'Energy', or 'Life Force' would continue to 'be'...but 'He' would no longer be a player. Again, without a player there is no play.

So in essence, there is only creativity itself. There can be no duality, only the 'oneness, in the final sense. Everything is part of 'IT', or 'The Thatness'. We, and all existence are intrinsically linked with Creativity and 'its' force. We are indeed not just a part of, but of the essence of the creative life force. We can 'seek' within for our connection, for that's what we are. There is no need to 'go through' church and religious authorities as our intermediaries or intercessor's. Within us all is the 'Divine' or the Creativity...if you will.

If this were not so, and 'God' (or 'The Force' or 'The Creator') merely created us and objects and 'walked away' from them...then the bond between such a 'Creator' and a 'God that is separate is irrevocably broken. No amount of appeals or attempted connection, in the Western religious heritage of separateness, would have any meaning. We are either of, and inclusive in, the 'Divine Force' we can call Creativity...or we have no meaning. This strange 'interconnectiveness' and its' stirrings, which we are maybe revisiting in this 'new modern' Age, is trying to break through the 'dark Age of the Kali Yuga and inform us of Naturalness again.

By going 'inward' in the right manner, all of our dualistic content, habits, and illusions are annihilated. We return to a 'wisdom' of the source and our interconnective essence. This stepping 'inward' is sometimes a much learned and practiced thing. It can be accomplished spontaneously or with a 'rich high', but without great discipline the person will drag too much of the contaminated content of the 'one reality illusion' with him/her...and become confused and 'off target'. Even so, those entering near states of 'at onemeant' come away with overviews and wonderment. They have 'tasted' a wisdom, pleasure, and glimpse of the unity of all things, that remains to hopefully assist and encourage more disciplined roads. 'When the student is ready........'. Know yourself and follow your path.

The foregoing is the bare gist of the 'reality' doctrines of the Buddha and the Upanishads. But I have to differ with the great and mysterious Upanishads (The 'Secret Path'), Buddhist, and Hindu teachings on several points. While it's impossible not to respect their subjective findings, psychic talents (which are many and legend), and philosophies, there are areas which also seem to have been diluted, corrupted, or at least lost.

Looking back to a found 'first' civilization over 10,000 to 15,000 years ago (out of maybe numerous others we know nothing about), and the 'original' gifts and teachings, its' not unmindful to presume that some magic, principles, and doctrinal insights didn't survive intact. Gautama, the Buddha, lived somewhere between 560 and 480 BC in the Northern part of India. Early Upanishad teaching is dated before that, to almost 900 BC. They are both a 'far cry' from the much earlier civilization, which has virtually been established as existing and global. The Hindu Vetic texts, we talked of before, were perhaps as old as 1500 BC. Still millennia removed and passed down originally by oral traditions. The commentaries made in the Upanishads on these texts are generally regarded as the start of a Hindu philosophy. The consideration of 'Karma' was a concept not in the earlier body of the Vedic Texts. It was added into the Upanishad commentaries, along with the idea of the 'transmigration of souls'.

In a familiar altered state flash way of 'receiving things', I've had to struggle for a lengthy while to put it 'down' into word intelligible form...about 'transmigration' implications.
Perceptions of even the lowest life forms about 'being here', and a developing awareness leading to a consciousness sense up life's ladder, starts a formative but definite impelling climb towards ever progressive consciousness of 'self' and 'becoming'. A continuing of consciousness rungs, through successive biological phylum's...if you will...accrues more and more opportunities for advancement. It is a built in drive, each time, to move on and up the consciousness planes. There is some distinct, but still unrecognized mystery, boundary which when crossed...confers a graduation to 'soul' quality of being. What we should more accurately be talking about, which the addition to the latter 'ancient texts' corrupted, is the transmigration of consciousness toward a soul. Becoming 'human' is only the start of 'soul' education...but it is the pre-requisite crucible for individualism, helpful reincarnations for further soul learning of 'self', and the stage setting for escape from physical only existence...to merge with the ultimate source of mystery.

Karma, as a system of 'pay backs' for wrong doings or the like, has never sat well with the non-judgmental findings of psychics, mystics, and 'near death' reporters. The Karmic treadmill, I intuitively grasp, has more to do with not being advanced or successful enough to break free of all our 'reality illusions'...instead of having anything to do with 'wrong doings'. The 'karma' concept seems to be a utility or tool, of illustration and symbolism necessary in language, for turning the aspirant to the higher paths of 'love' and 'union'. It's a resorted to linguistic aid useful in assisting a general humanity to effect moves toward escape. 'Karma' is a word. Words can not pass on or embody any 'real' information. These higher teachings and understandings can only be found through A personal experience involved in 'participation'.

In further 'fast knowing' ways, I've come to accept that much of what is available today from Eastern teachings is not the whole picture. It's not the 'whole core' of the very old gifts, but more like the fruit without the central pit. Still, the Eastern mysticism and teachings is generally the best we've got surviving the 'old' wisdom.

I mean, being able to levitate out of holes that are really deep shafts speaks of a great school. The ability to dry clothing that has been immersed in the icy waters of the Himalayas by tremendously increasing one's body heat speaks of great mystic arts. The making of mental constructs that take on a life of their own, speaks of great visualization and discipline. In Zen 'archery', whereby the extremely taut bow is pulled with ease and the target always hit...not by the archer, but by 'That' or 'It'...speaks of teachings of power based on wisdom. These 'techniques' (merely brief examples of mind over bodily form and one-reality limitations) have been richly documented and attested to.

And, we must credit the East with preserving, teaching, and demonstrating the self liberating concepts. Yoga, meditation, steps in the after death state, chakras and healing, vibratory rates of different dimensions and planes, the formlessness of 'mind', telepathy, psychic osmosis, and all the principles of the knowable and unknowable, are but a mild flush about what we have come to regard as wisdom...instead of worldly knowledge. All and more, that this book is woefully inadequate to cover, were centuries old before the organized new religions. The 'new' religions would become borrower and perversion religions. They would be 'as' power and political cults, that would keep their flocks in supreme (not sublime) ignorance. The wheel is turning away.

MONOTHEISM has created God. A personal male God 'out there', 'and WE will represent Him and tell YOU all about Him and how to stay on His good side'. Heavy 'mind MESSING'.

The Christian bedrock of Jesus as God takes on a whole new complexion when looked at through the even more mysterious and honest insights of the Gnostics, Aryans, Buddhists, Shamans, Mystics, those of 'Nature Spirit' philosophies, and others. The great historical figure that Christ represents is seen as a gross mis-representation, for we are all sons and daughters of 'God'...or more accurately...of 'Creativity' itself. If Jesus Christ was (is) truly 'The God'...we are all in trouble. Whether he was a great healer, magus, and/or political and religious rebel of his time, he would have been the first to agree. Christ was recorded, depending on what reference is chosen, as first rejecting any divinity and then accepting it. The context in which he finally accepted it was more probably one of ' Yes, we all are...and so am I'. According to certain scriptures, when asked by 'Peter' if he was the Messiah, Christ told his disciple to 'Be silent' about such references. He had basically, here, denied the implication and claim... and was possibly self-conscious about it all.

We don't even really know what he looked like or much about him that has not been blurred, covered up, or re-written. Flavius Josephus (Circa 37-94 A.D. approx.) a renown Jewish historian cites 'a bunch' of chronological figures that were first thought to be as the Messiah' in Jewish historical accounts. Jesus was only one among them. Josephus's original account also describes each 'Messiah'. His unflattering physical description of Christ alone was wholly upsetting to his later icon Christian image; so much so that the Christians altered his original description. The Christian changes to historical texts were to make him tall, handsome, and with curly hair. Josephus, obviously a good researcher and historical observer, described Christ as having a 'hunched back' and a partially balding head. This image would 'knock sideways' some recent alien cults espousing that Christ was genetically modified and implanted in Mary. The aliens either got the hunchback gene wrong or these groups haven't done their homework. All this doesn't infer that alien genetic experiments didn't and/or are not going on...we have ample accounts, reliable witnesses, and speculations to the contrary.

Christ only spent about 3 years on the public stage. He commanded a lot of attention with two main themes. Although he never really measured up to being a prophet in the sense of making many prophecies, he prophesied that the 'end of the world was coming soon'. That was enough to galvanize many a crowd. The fact that he was wrong didn't deter his later followers. In fact, the end of the world theme and the idea that time could end was expressed first in the Hebrew book of Daniel in the 2nd Century B.C. It was then, with the bad times of subjugation by the Romans, that the Jews came up with the combining of political and religious ideas of time. The implied sense was that they could be delivered of their political oppressors by ending 'time' in a religious way. Religiously they could be delivered from their oppressors by having God come to rule over the Earth in their cause, by ending the world. It would become the forerunner of all the judgment day and apocalyptic ideation's. Christ merely announced that this 'ending' and 'judgment' was actually now upon them.

His other theme was the preaching of love, peace, and brotherhood. This was extremely radical for his time, and didn't stand him in good stead with the more militant Hebrew zealots who expected a marshal type of Messiah to lead them in ousting the Romans from their lands. Nothing much is actually known of his early life, although there is much speculation that he may have traveled with Joseph of Arimathea who was a rich merchant and trader. Joseph was also purportedly the uncle of, Mary, Christ's mother. Joseph may have taken the young Jesus with him on his travels and business ventures. Joseph and Jesus must have had a close bond. It was Joseph of Arimathea who would later offer one of his own tombs for the body of Jesus coming down from the cross.

It's possible that Christ could have visited many lands and cultures. Joseph of Arimathea was reported to have visited lands as far away as Glastonbury in Britain and the realms of Persia and India. These excursions to foreign and culturally diverse lands must have affected Christ and his philosophies of life. His adult return to his home land, and the beginning of his public life, could have been as a reverse culture shock. Ex-pats through the ages have found this to be true. It makes them hard to settle and to fit back into their society again. Where did Christ get the peace, love, and brotherhood bit in his travels?

A radical but influential Jewish sect, called the Messianists, claimed that Christ would return from death and lead them against the Romans...despite the fact that Christ only preached brotherhood. Titus, the son of the Roman Emperor, had other ideas. He would wipe out the Messianists along with other Jewish revolutionary factions, and would sack and burn the Jewish Temple. This left the biblical Paul, a Helenized Jew and early convert to Christianity, to bring forth his even stranger interpretation of the life of Christ. He was the one who preached that Christ was 'The Son Of God'. Since Paul's followers were spared the outright slaughter of the other revolutionary groups, they were able to 'carry on' and stamp their mark on the Christian movement.

Christianity, as we know it, almost totally sprang from Saint Paul's 'Greekifying' it and pushing it toward the West...and Rome. He would out flank the Syrian and Egyptian early Christian communities and leave their interpretations in the dust bin of history. All the major such characters as Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were influenced by, traveled with, or found agreement with St. Paul's convictions on the appropriate 'story line'. It is easily recognized in even a simplistic, but historically correct, chronological synopsis form:

MARK- lived outside of the 'Holy Land', but was the earliest of the gospel writers on the life of Christ, writing about 20 or so years after the destruction of the 'Temple' in Jerusalem. He seized on stories and early tales of Christ's miracles based on oral traditions. At the time, miracle stories were prolific and attributed to many many 'men's' lives, in an era familiar faddish recognized style. Mark knew this and didn't concentrate too much on the 'miracle factor'.

His main theme was of the terrible (almost nightmarish) anguish of Christ's life. He
cites Christ as even abandoned by God as he hung on the cross. But, he interjected
hope in the way of mystery. It was Mark who told of finding Christ's tomb being empty. None of the other writers of the time, or the other coming gospel writers would accept this. In fact, even his original gospel would be re-worked and altered a few times. Still, he likened Jesus to the great (expected 'anointed one') 'Messianic' figure. His emphasis was on the future, when Christ would return. He wrote of Christ's 'parables' and his teachings which, to him, disguised the true nature of Christ. Who taught in parable style? The 'wise' teachers in the East did, but we won't go into that. Mark suggests that this enigmatic 'preaching' is significant to the enigmatic nature, again, of Christ and so unrevealing of his true nature. It is necessary to understand that Mark took the fall of the Jewish Temple as one of the signs that Jesus represented something in a different direction; away from the 'old' Hebrew teachings and 'divinely hopeful' of a new order of redemption from the persecutions of the past. Mark, substantially was a weaver of stories, and he wrote in Greek for those mainly outside of Aramaic speaking lands. He was a 'Paulist' champion. His 'life of Christ' would set the story example for both Matthew and Luke.

MATTHEW-was the only gospel writer who actually lived in the 'Holy Land' area, but in the upper area near Syria. He wrote about 45-55 years after the death of Christ. He tried to reconcile the early Jewish-Christian groups and the 'straight' Jewish tradition. He tried this in his attempt to actually trace the blood lines of Christ back to the important Jewish figure of 'Abraham'. Funny enough, all Middle-Eastern religions would claim 'Abraham' as their own. The Muslims, 500 years later, would measure themselves as beginning from this source. They would, however, call him 'Abrahim' and give a whole different twist that provided for him really being a Muslim. Matthew set out to provide proof that Jesus was definitely Hebrew, and so merited a melting of Judaism with Christianity. He also compared Christ's teachings to much of what is essentially in Jewish law itself. But, his early groups of Jewish-Christians were not being readily accepted. His writings then had to strike out against factions (like the 'Pharisees') of the Hebrew authority which opposed them. The contentions mounted between the two opposites, and the inexorable exclusion of the Christians from any Judaic consideration would follow. He would end his gospel not with the death of Christ, but with an exhortation (supposedly from Jesus) to spread the word and go out and preach. It was a need for Christian survival.

LUKE-was most likely a traveling companion of Paul. He wrote his gospel around 85 to 90 A.D. He was a scholarly writer, very comfortable in the Greek language, but also he tended to write in a romantic novelist style. His gospel was not his only work. He wrote 'charming' stories of the life of Christ, and used a lot of drama and symbolism in his 'story telling'. He made no pretense of his animosity to the strict Hebrew traditions (mostly based on the way they treated Paul when he visited Jerusalem -and his followers), and struck a clear division between Jews and 'gentiles'. His push was more toward a Greco-Roman Westward goal. He dwelt much on the theme of 'universal salvation' through Christ, and intimated that Christianity posed no threat to Rome...despite the fact that Paul had been executed by Emperor Nero in 67 A.D. His thrust was that Christianity was very much intone with Roman law and progress. All was forgiven. His Christ was cast as a learned, highly ethical, and educated, one. This Christ should be well able to be received in Rome. In fact, Luke's gospel ends with St. Paul going onto Rome, much as in the direction Luke would have Christianity and himself go after his disenchantment with anything Jewish. It was a portend. The 'Luke' Christ could, in his erudite portrayal, be seen as modeled on Luke's own literary and educated background. Why shouldn't Christ have a more universal-Roman appeal?

JOHN-wrote his gospel around 100 to 105 A.D. Many of his points conflicted with the other 3 gospels, and his style was absolutely different. He changed the dates of both the
'last supper' and Christ's death. He embellished Christ's teachings in great symbolism, and was the one to identify him as 'the lamb of God'. John was influenced, as are most writers, by what was happening during his era. The Jews had again revolted against Roman occupation. The rebel leaders reverted to, and called upon, the apocalyptic expunging of Man (and of course the Roman enemy) and the setting up of a new 'Kingdom on Earth' for the faithful. It was after all a rebellion being fought in and around the 'millennium' years, giving it rather an added meaning for thinking in terms of endings and new beginnings. There was great devastation in the 'home land', adding to the climate for total release that only a Godlike intervention and redemption could bring. The new Jewish rebel leader (BARUCH) was regarded by many as 'The Messiah'. This made it impossible for the Christians to join in the revolt. They already had their own Messiah. John's book of 'Revelations', couched in all the ancient religious symbolism of judgment and the 'ending of time', was an appeal and encouragement for Christians to hold steady during this time of great tumult and testing. He wrote in greatly graphic 'spiritual' terms, which were well known central themes of apocalyptic vision.

I had researched and written a long paper entitled 'A Background Of Western Religion, Up To And Including The Council Of Constance 1414-1418', while a student at The State University Of Education At Buffalo-New York. Out of interest, and in keeping with the typical machinations of the Roman Church, this was the Counsel which finally solved the dilemma of the 'Schism'...where 3 different Popes each claimed the title at the same time. Basically all three were ousted and 1 of them executed, in favor of an agreed compromise candidate-Pope Martin the 5th. During intervening years I've kept an interest in adding to and researching more of this history. It's been quite a drama of the unfolding of church political intrigue. The vast majority of people are kept unfamiliar and ignorant of most of this background, and the attendant slaughter of all opposing personalities and views.

These 4 'Gospels' (even the word is Greek...for 'book'), which were to be the basis of the 'New Testament', were ostensibly concerned with the nature and life of Christ. They were also the political and social reflections by each of their authors, in their attempts to deal with the climate and influences of the times. By the time Christianity was flourishing in the West and starting to change all of history, very little of who Christ was (or what he actually did) remained in Christendom.

Creeping misconceptions and 'borrowings' were rife and perpetuated. Baptism wasn't a 'Christian coming in' newly devised thing you know. Well, most Christians don't know. Baptism was, oddly enough for the vast fully accepting lay Christian majority, an old Jewish sect practice. John the Baptist was a radical first type of 'apocalyptic' prophesying aesthetic. He roamed about in the desert discoursing and preaching about the soon coming 'doom, doom, doom'. I've always conjured up his image as satirically similar to the character of Mansard G. Krebs in the old American comedy series 'Dobbie Gillis'. Maynard was a wispy 'goateed' teenage pre-hippie 'bohemian', who stoically ran around with the 'doom, doom, doom' outlook on life as Dobbie's sidekick. Then again, I'm essentially happily warped, preferring to see satire in most things and situations.

Christian theologians have shirked badly with reddened faces over the fact that Christ was most probably a follower' of John the Baptist, and so was baptized by him. He later took up John's 'passed' mission torch of apocalyptic vision, although in a moderated more subtle ethical/spiritual mode. It does though demonstrate Christ's allegiance to and influence by John.

Christ was born as Joshua (or Joshua) Ben Josephson of Joseph. Joshua was a common enough name in his days. The 'Christ' name was added much later, when he was identified as having the 'Christos' type of manner and appeal. His name was never Jesus Christ. Don't 'Josh' me! There has always been the big controversy over where he was actually born. It was Luke who told the strange story of him being born in Bethlehem, because Herod had decreed that all Jews had to travel to their ancestral home place for the Roman census. This has no founding in fact. In fact it would have been a bureaucratic, logistical, and administrative headache for any such undertaking. Imagine uprooting all the Jewish families and setting them on the road as refugees...nightmarish. The only reason for this Luke contrivance, was to ensure that Christ be regarded as being connected or descended from 'The House Of David'. The 'Son Of God' naming in Christ's time was a designation given to Hebrew 'Kings', and had no metaphysical meaning. Things are bent to reflect changing agendas. In the words of 'Millennium', the popular TV series, 'This is who we are'.

Christianity is, no doubt, a personality cult. The prime figure in any personality cult turns out to be perfect and 'God like'. The whole thrust and significance of Christ's real preaching regarding peace, love, and brotherhood would take second stage to the fact that he was 'God'. The Paulist Christians would conveniently overlook and change many of the details and purposes of Christ's life. It would become trendy in later Christianity to follow this example. One of the things they would overlook was the fact that Jesus had a brother. His brother's name was John, and it is well recorded and documented by Jewish historians of Christ's era. The latest finding, on researching the life and times of Christ, is that he may have had 4 younger brothers and some sisters.

On the other hand, orthodox Hebrews claim that their scriptures and traditions say that before their Messiah can appear (the orthodoxy still expects 'HIM'...not a 'HER') all Jews will have to be gathered in Israel...or at least the land that was Palestine in the old days. Fat chance. Maybe free passage and tours could be arranged.

But, as fate or the 'possibility of all possibilities' had provided for, a remarkable find occurred in 1945 in Egypt. Previously unknown 'Gnostic' writings, and other gospels, were found in a jar. They have been dated to the 3rd and 5th centuries B.C., and are copies of translations made by the Coptic Christian sect of the originals. These 49 very different writings would become known as the 'Nag Hammadi Papyri'.

Their significance lies in the fact that they are representative of a Gnostic influence and thought in the early Christian communities, that was supposed to have been thoroughly and viciously eradicated by early 'Roman' authority. They range from the re-interpretation of 'Genesis' to whole different views on the life and times of Jesus. There are whole original and unseen 'gospels' in the treatises ascribed to a Phillip and even Mary Magdalene. And there is a Thomas gospel which deals with certain discourses and sayings of Jesus, provocative of alternate interpretations of his life and message. While the 'Paulist' groups wended around towards Greece and finally Rome to establish authority and primacy for their Christian interpretation, other early Christian groups went into Egypt and across Northern Africa. The Gnostic thought holds Christ to be 'Man', dispelling the notion of him being or claiming to be God. This find establishes absolutely the nature of Gnostic views on Christian history, and establishes it as more of a Christian-Jewish outlook instead of Greek character.

The expunging of Gnostic thought and influence in the early Christian church, ousted the prime example of Christ as a highly placed teacher...for the way people should live with each other. Preaching love and tolerance, peace and brotherhood, wasn't enough to form a 'church' around. He had to be, not just a great spiritual soul but the actual embodiment of 'The God'. The most 'ridiculous' slant of all that would be 'laid upon him' would be that he came to die for Mankind's sins. The Gnostics gathered from his teachings and example, that all people could attain an independent spiritual growth by a direct 'seeking' of their own individual paths to 'God'.

This really 'pissed off' those wanting to form a church religion around Christ and impose a need for intermediaries to reach 'God'. People couldn't be allowed to wander around 'on their own toot' trying to find the path, could they? How the hell could they all be controlled that way? It was out of the question. Besides 'orthodox' Christian men such as Ianaus in the 2nd Century, had already ruled out going on to Rome itself with a bunch of free thinkers. These Christians were intent on building a 'church religion' in the authority mode of Roman example. Even in this early period the writings of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, were enshrined as the stories to go by...despite their contradictions and 'selfish' purposes in support of their own era needs. Very funny how just these gospels would become the later basis for 'the authoritative word of God'. They supported the idea of establishing 'church' authority.

In every religion or sect at the level where the flock or layity is contacted, gross distortions are perpetrated. There is, always to be found, contamination and corruption of content. Power will always guard 'its' truth'. Within the rooted hierarchies of organized religion of any persuasion, there is totalitarianism. With any luck now, they will be seen for what they are and they'll have lost it. Before the 'Internet' and 'The Worldwide Web' all information and knowledge accorded or made accessible to the general public or laymen was guarded and censored. Such was the source of authority, control, tribute, and belief fostering.

People around the world have also been so conditioned by fixed signposts erected by our fairly recent established historical timelines, that the salient fact of 'slight of hand' and human meddling with our time sense is missed. B.C. and A.D. don't actually exist. They are a 'human hand in the pie' contrivance. There is no approaching 'Millennium'. All of the engendered hysterical or joyful approaches to the year 2000 A.D. are misinformed. But, the promoted coming of the millennium is certainly useful for inciting religious fervor, conversions, cults, and the preying on the purpose built 'one world view' fears.

On the 'being cute' level we might consider that calendars, and their divisions and structuring of time, were to become a system. They were invented for the presumed need and purpose of scheduling and organizing people, to be at a designated place at a certain time. Calendars don't seem to be required to assist us or re-enforce our natural, built in, rhythms. It's the concept of a 'society' which requires artificial overlays on our natural rhythms, in order to provide for a time sequencing necessary for an 'ordered' populated human environment. It is primarily a control on activities and function.

We then begin being obsessive in this system about where we are or should be at a certain time, and what we should be 'doing' at or during this time. Today we are all very careful about time and promptness, and become highly uncomfortable or stressed over the 'need' to meet our schedules and 'appointed' times. Our harnessing to Man's 'time' has delivered us all into specious controls and another 'world view' unnaturalness , wacky or not. Our internal or circadian rhythm, which is one with our Nature, is based on a daily 24 hour cycle harmonious with our natural environment. There are other 'biological-natural' clock rhythms affecting life on this planet. There are Circannual or yearly ones which are based on seasonal changes, and there are Lunar cycle ones. It becomes obvious that Man's time and calendars have nothing to do with basic natural clocks or biological needs. There Is no natural rhythm for a week or a calendar month. The seven day week, as an example, is Man's fine tuning for the organization and control of human society. Finally, it became the prime tool for imposing the will of authority on human activity and work...for good or for outright badness...and 'to tell us when to come and when to go'.

The invention of the 'Solar calendar' by the Egyptians thousands of years ago, which was more accurate in keeping with the actual seasons than the Lunar one, set the standard for 12 months and the 365 day year. They also maintained the Lunar calendar(s) for their 'religious' purposes. These calendars, of course, were never in synch. It wasn't necessary because the use of dual systems satisfied both the needs of civil authorities and religious ones. The Romans became acquainted with the Egyptian calendars during their conquests and latched onto the advantages of the Solar calendar over their own Sidereal time-Lunar one. The 'Julian' (for Julius Caesar) calendar was born. They even took into account the incorporation of the 'leap year', which would adjust the calendar fairly well every 4 years. It worked quite well for centuries, until the Christians who had taken over the Roman Empire started to dicker with it for 'religious' purposes.

Simply put, they devised a calendar which would begin with the year of the birth of Christ. It would start therefore with the year 1 A.D. (Ano Domini-the year of 'our' Lord) by referring to the 'New Testament' scriptures to figure out just when that was. They had never really been sure about that, and they miss-calculated. The interpretations of the scriptures, which were consulted as the exclusive reference, were formed on vague non-dated references to the reign of Herod instead of the actual historical Roman secular dates. Never mind that mistake; they also left out the year zero when they jumped from 1 B.C. to 1 A.D. without allowing for a zero year in-between. The concept of zero was not quite unknown at the time of this decision. Leaving out the zero year would offset the new 1 A.D. by another 12 months.

Zero had been held, in the 'religious insanity of the time, anyway as a 'vicious' concept. Why? It was a concept out of 'heathen' lands. The Greeks and Romans never had the mathematical invention/discovery of the 'zero'. In 'religious' circles and implications it was dangerous. It, for the first time, implied a 'nothingness'. The idea of a nothingness was an assault on God in his Heaven and all things coming from Him. Their, therefore, could not be a 'nothing'. We now know that Zero is the magic super number that makes mathematics meaningful and workable in 'higher' understandings. Zero, it turns out, is both positive and negative...much like the quality of 'electricity' in the assignment of characteristics to the nature of 'opposites'. Interestingly, 'ZERO' also is representative of the primordial-sacred and archetype 'circle'. The zero, seen as the classic '0', is definitely a circle formation. While it stands, as seen, for 'naught' or 'nothing'...it also possesses 'mystery'. Looking through the '0', in its' middle, is a space...which summons a look into 'infinity and beyond'. No wonder the Christians didn't like the whole idea of a zero...and chose not to use or recognize it.

Astronomers, in different ages, would calculate the 'real' birth of Christ to be coincident with the appearance of a known comet which would accommodate the sighting of 'the Star of Bethlehem'. European and Chinese astronomers mentioned such a comet, but it is dated years before the year 1 A.D. Christ could have been born any year before 1 A.D., between 12 or 6 B.C. Some suggest even earlier dates. Neither church or secular scholars can be sure. By the same glaring errors of calendar adjustment, our figuring out the actual dates for the millennium are wrong. It could have already passed in our years of 1988 or 1994.

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We are very easily brainwashed as humans http://www.rickross....ainwashing.html

we have been hypnotised scince we where born or "conditioned" if you prefer

darren brown shows us how easy it is to manipulate us,




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What about the cell phones???

You can control anyone over the cell phone he carry on or track his/her activities.

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What about the cell phones???

You can control anyone over the cell phone he carry on or track his/her activities.

*Damned right/true UFO...look at the 'Spychips' and HAARP entries. Many thanks/'Sweeps' ;)