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Billy Meier- U F O/ E T Legend

Billy Meier

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#1 Bodhran



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Posted 13 May 2014 - 11:29 PM

Howdy folks,I just discovered this forum. My name is Tony,I'm Irish ,I live in Dublin. I'm interested in the Billy Meier case. I'm curious as to what other Irish people know about the case. I've been researching the case for 6 years, I've been to Switzerland 5 times now and met Billy on several occasions,

I've been to most of the sites where Meier took his pictures and conducted my own investigations at the locations. I've spoken to many witnesses who have seen UFO's related to the Meier case over many years from the 1970's to as recent as last year at the center where Meier lives in Switzerland and seen photographs taken by these witnesses. I've spoken to people from all over the world who have their own stories of strange events while visiting the center in Switzerland over the years. I've had two events myself which I consider connected to the case , one occurred the week before my first visit to the center where myself and my wife observed a UFO in wicklow ( the first I have ever seen) and also the day I arrived at the center I briefly observed what Meier refers to a telemeter disk ( to me it looked like a small orange ball of light in front of a stand of trees) These are observed regularly at the center according to others I have spoken to.

I don't expect anyone to take my word for this, it's not important anyway.I'm just curious as to what people in Ireland know about the case and what they find when they go to research it on the internet. I had to sift through reams of bullshit and nonsense and actually go there myself to find out the truth,

What actually drew me to this site was a nonsense post by some Irish channeller claiming to be in contact with the Pleaidians. One more in a long line of people taking the writings of Meier last 50 years and putting their own spin on it for money.

For the record I don't believe in channeling ,there is no evidence backing it up,most I believe are charlatans or deluded/deranged people with their own agendas.

I am well aware of what people in other countries think of the Meier case, its regularly passed off as nonsense on most American ufology websites in particular due to a concentrated campaign of misinformation and general ignorance of the actual facts. But let me know what the Irish think, I don't know of many people who know about it never mind who have spent time investigating it.

I'm open to answering questions people have but if people follow the same pattern as other ufology sites and make inane statements based on discredited research with no actual knowledge I couldn't be arsed with it.I'd like to actually have a discussion with open minded intelligent people in my own country about it.

**Bodhran-Changed Topic 'Title' for emphasis. Hope that's OK?-'Sweeps'

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Posted 14 May 2014 - 01:57 AM

*’Sweeps’ NOTE:
...Well you’re ‘not alone’ on this Bodhran, in Ireland. So, welcome to the Forum. Look around into the different categories and Topics. Put in a photo or Avatar you’d like to represent yourself please.

I’ve ‘interviewed’ quite a few personalities on 'Billy', including Michael Horn and George Green...along with Desmond Leslie, and Timothy Good (who 1st met ‘Billy’ in India when he was a musician). Besides ‘Billy’s’ UFO accounts and photos...most people are unaware that he wrote books-over 40 of them, and quite a lot of reports, AND predictions of future events.

Billy was actually his nickname. He is a farmer named Eduard Albert Meier who lives in Switzerland and is the source of a multitude of controversial UFO photographs. Billy claims that these photographs are proof that he had been in direct contact with extraterrestrials. In the 1970′s he even presented metal samples, film footage, and sound recordings as proof of extraterrestrials.

He claims that his very first contact with extraterrestrials occurred when he was just five years old in 1942. He states that he was contacted by an elderly extraterrestrial named Sfath. He also claims that he remained in contact with this extraterrestrial until 1953.

Probably folks should start below to glean the background/info on this Topic. Get back with your own comments/opinions. Thanks/’Sweeps’

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*CLICK below for ‘OUR’ radio show Topic with Michael Horn on ‘Billy’. You won’t be able to listen to the show if not a VIP member...but you’ll get the idea below:


*CLICK below on the LINK for the George Green take on Billy/more:
ALSO...photo of ‘George’ in ‘Sweeps’ Fox office.

Attached File  GEORGE GREEN IN SWEEPS FOX OFFICE2.jpg   273KB   6 downloads


*Then ‘Billy’s’ SON tells all about his dad’s CULT-the ‘FIGU’ group in Switzerland:


#3 Bodhran



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Posted 14 May 2014 - 10:14 PM

Cool Sweeps thanks for that. I've heard most of Michael Horn's interviews and I've met him and his wife in Switzerland before. People usually either love him or hate him, I think hes a good guy, Michael does promote the case accurately and does a very good job in my opinion but he does things his own particular way which rubs people up the wrong way some times and he also gets a lot of crap for trying to make a living from promoting the case. My reply to that is that if that's the only thing you spend your life doing you have to support yourself somehow.
As for George Green, I know all about him, yet another in a seemingly never ending line of people ripping off the writings and ideas of Billy Meier and then adding his own ideas and messing up the message completely.
Anyway thanks for the welcome. I look forward to chatting,and looking around,although I don't live on the internet so forgive me if I'm not fast at replying.
If anyone is interested in doing some research then www.futureofmankind.co.uk is a good place to start. Michael's site is www.theyfly.com

**Nothing to forgive. Is the 'Avatar' You?? Good on you. Hang ten, thanks for this. Letting your latest reply stand, so not doing a formal reply. Might want to check out the Link below. Best/'S'

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