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Drugs, People, & Cultures

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Posted 08 July 2006 - 12:25 PM

:D [font=Verdana][size=7]Our culture is a drug giving, obsessive, encouraging, and ‘pushing’ one. Pharmaceutical companies wouldn’t survive if it weren’t the case...and they survive as profit leaders of industry. Very early we are all taught the great benefits of drug taking. We spend billions every year on prescriptions, vaccinations, symptomatic relief, suppositories, and all the related sundries.

We’re a society of ‘pill poppers’ for any and all real and imaginary ailments. Being healthy is inexorably linked to taking massive quantities of drugs, vitamins, minerals, and food supplements.
...dot dot dot
BUT what about ‘internal freedom’, which should somehow be an individuals right, is absolutely not recognized and denied us. It’s not possible...is it...that a big authority can outright come out and say ‘if ya’ll try to treat yourself or -‘get into yourself’- without our approval..you’re for it’? Something is basically rotten when a person can’t do something to him/her self without the government or other ‘power tripping’ authority stepping in. The ‘establishment’s’ war on drugs is a war on people.

Effectively, drug enforcement agencies (along with their informer’s and ‘do gooder’s’) have...at last...closed down much of the basic raw (but good) chemical suppliers and sources of pharmaceutical standard materials that had been relatively clean sources for the more familiar ‘street drugs’. Well, history repeats itself. In earlier ‘alcohol prohibition’ times in America, the successful...at times...smashing and interdicting of the ‘good stuff’ allowed for people to die, go blind, and suffer miserably from the ‘bad stuff’ being produced. The ‘authorities’ then could claim the same victory as the one’s today. So, whose ultimately responsible for the murders and despairs of people wanting the internal freedom to take drugs if they choose to?

I’m sure the prevailing cultural cop ‘guard dogs’, ably backed up by legal and conventional ‘hard heads’, will smugly say it’s the other guys....breaking the law. They are conscious clear, that spreading panic and causing death and misery is their right and remit...in order to preserve the law. My mother (my culture-my religion)...drunk or sober. They would defend her in even any violent or crazed state.
Taking the crime, the violence, the guilt, the bad ‘shit’, and the greed money out of drugs...along with the open admission that good drugs can open up whole new chapters for the human race...would fit into everyone’s future development and enjoyment except for the pro-culture vested interest groups and ‘same old religion’ addicts. Authorities that think they can legislate and ‘smash’ the fulminating taste for drugs ,and what they have come to mean for people, are the real oppressors and troublemakers...protectors of an outworn insensitive status quo and cultural close mindedness. Hang ten.

[b]Humanity can no longer afford their protection.
Their drug enforcement has unleashed street drug poison, aided and abetted crime and violence, and led to their own and everyone else’s corruption and greed. They are not just part of the problem. They are the problem. The ‘sick’, crime ridden, and unnatural society is of their own creation. We can not move forward, toward a necessary evolution of spirit, in technology and human potential with ‘big brother’ shackles and Gestapo tactics and ethics against the yearnings of the people. They haven’t got the message and they won’t change from the inside. They need an inertial external force to stop them, turn them around, and mellow them out. It could only be good for them. Drugs, as anything else devised by humans and their dreams, are tools...Man, the tool maker...to be used for either good or bad.

‘You say you want a revolution’...and other great songs...ground roots baby. Power to the people. Go for it. You’ve got nothing to lose except your disease.