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Canadian Rocker Claims To Be Marilyn Monroe Reincarnated

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Posted 19 July 2007 - 10:40 AM

Canadian rocker claims to be Marilyn Monroe reincarnated


... released on Friday but already available through amazon.com, is Finkelstein's defense of the controversial therapy known as 'past life' regression?

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My Webpage

Past Lives

Memories are not always accurate even within the same lifetime.
Memories may not be such a great help. Perhaps memories are more of a hindrance, actually? I know people who are using pendulums and other more objective methods to get at past life information.

The Buddha could "remember" thousands of his past lives and taught some of his disciples how to read some of their own past lives and the past lives of others. They could "remember" quite a vast number, apparently. I would think that memory would not be enough to cope with that. But, I'm just speculating.

Memories, dreams and thoughts seem to lie in the realms of our lower minds, whereas past life knowledge (that is generally hidden from us) belongs to the realms of our higher minds (superconsciousness), which few can reach.

The Akashic Records

The word "Akashic" is derived from the Sanskrit word "Akasha, meaning "sky" or "ether". The Akashic records is like the Universe's super computer system, and acts as the central storehouse of all information for every soul since the dawn of Creation. It is a complete and thorough record of everything that has ever occurred, including thoughts, feelings, every deed, word, and intent of every individual, all through time. These records connect all consciousness, and every human supposedly contributes and has access to these Records. Akashic records exist in the Astral realm. And if you are experienced enough in the field of Astral Projection, you can tune into the frequencies of the Akashic Records and view the past and the probabilities of the future.

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Some people state uncategorically that the Akashic Records lie on the Astral Planes, some say on the Mental Planes and some say the Causal planes and some even say they lie within the subconscious mind. Some are insisting they even connect with the physical body in some way.

"The Akashic Records figure prominently in the transcribed discourses of Edgar Cayce, "the Sleeping Prophet" and seem to have first been postulated by the Theosophists. They are said to hold the entire contents of historical events as a kind of cosmic Tivo or Internet Archives. In Seeds of Heaven the concept is used as a narrative device to present historic overviews. Although there is no documented teaching on the Akashic Records prior to nineteenth century Theosophy, Theosophists and other "New Age" sects and teachers claim a broad and deep history for them including Tibetan, Egyptian, Persian, Chaldean, Greek, Chinese, Judaic, Christian, Druid, and Mayan adepts skilled in divining the past or predicting the future from this hypothetical body of knowledge. While all of this is a bit wide-eyed and speculative, and while Theosophy isn't regarded as providing accurate representations of their beliefs and practices by most Hindus and Buddhists, there is an interesting, if circuitous, path to a possible explanation within physical reality for the Akashic Records."

My Webpage

My meditation Master has used the phrase Astral Planes when describing their location and this is how I like to express myself.

If you know of anyone that can read the Akashic records then please invite them to post here. But do point out that I might publicly challenge their claims, in the public interest, to make sure that nobody is fooling others or being fooled.

As for the terminology that the Theosophists have created for describing the structure and different planes of existence that lie within and around the Astral, I will point out that very few of these people were able to access the Akashic Records accurately for themselves, if at all.

Levels of Consciousness

According to the secret teachings, as an individual entered deeper into the physical, its consciousness separated into three divisions of awareness. Two of these divisions we acknowledge today: the conscious and subconscious. The first entails the physical realm where the human body required a three-dimensional consciousness to function. It has become the part of our consciousness we are most familiar with, what we have come to call the conscious mind. Many of us would consider it to actually be the "I" or "me" of ourselves. It is within this part of consciousness that we experience physical life, and our personalities are developed. The second part of consciousness is shadow-like while one is incarnate in the physical dimension. It lives life as a shadow, always there, listening, watching, remembering, and only occasionally making its profound and sometimes frightening presence known. We have come to call this part of our consciousness the subconscious mind. From out of this area come dreams, intuitions, unseen motivations, and deepest memories. According to many teachings, the subconscious is the realm of the soul that uses the conscious mind as a mechanism for manifesting in the physical realm through the five senses. Often the thoughts and interests of the conscious mind, combined with the desires of the body, become so strong and dominant that only its activities seem important and real; the subconscious seems illusionary and unrelated to outer life. But in truth, the real life is occurring in the subconscious.

The third area of the now divided consciousness is the most universal. It is the part we can perceive and commune with the Universal Consciousness. We have different names for it: the Collective Mind, the Universal Mind, the Collective Unconsciousness, and the superconsciousness. The more one's attention moves into the conscious mind, the more narrow and limited the focus and awareness becomes. The more one moves toward the superconsciousness, the more one becomes aware of the Whole, the Universal Forces, the Creator. It may be more difficult to perceive the infinite when one is grossly involved in the finite, but the Universal Consciousness and the potential for attuning oneself to It remains. Curiously, access to it is through the inner consciousness of the incarnate individual and not outside of it, making it a very mysterious passage for a physical being.

My Webpage

There are only a few people who seem to understand what the superconsciousness is all about and demonstrate how one can work with it to produce unlimited data. The New Age contains a lot of misinformation. Is it simply ignorance or something more sinister? Edgar Cayce was a Sunday School teacher who had many near-death experiences. As a result of these experiences, he was able to unlock the secrets to the symbolism in the Book of Revelation. He gave a large amount of information specifically for the purpose of discovering the book's hidden meaning. Cayce described the true nature between humanity and God. Cayce revealed that humans actually have three different levels of consciousness: the physical consciousness (the personality), the subconsciousness (the soul) and the superconsciousness (the spirit). One of our most important goals in life is to "awaken" our superconscious mind to attain what Cayce called "at-one-ment" with God. The superconscious mind is called by many names by many religions in many different cultures. Some of these names are: Buddha consciousness, Christ consciousness, the Collective Mind, the Universal Mind, the Collective Unconsciousness, the Holy Spirit, Brahman, God, the Clear White Light, Allah, Higher Self, the Mind of Christ, etc.

My Webpage

The contention that the knowledge of past lives lies at the very lowest levels of the superconsciousness has been taught to me personally by my Meditation Master. From what I know of him, he is talking about his personal experience of thes things. He is not talking about abstract theories, book knowledge or New Age propaganda.

Is he speaking about his experience of objective truth? It's up to all of us to consider and explore these things.

I have stated before that I don't have any beliefs, because they are too restricting.

What is Channeling?

Edgar Cayce on Channeling Your Higher Self by Henry Reed

A part of a summary by Rachel Creager....

One of the important theses in this book is that the common idea of channeling, as an experience in which one completely loses oneself to a separate entity being channeled (aka "trance channeling"), is not the only, nor even the ideal, form of channeling. Trance channeling bypasses the individual, thus limiting the individual's opportunity to learn and grow through the experience. Cayce often emphasized the importance of attuning to the higher self, while remaining conscious.

In this way, any person can channel the higher self, and, at the same time, access your own individual creativity, and heightened experience of connection with the universe, while remaining an individual. In its broadest sense, channeling includes any act of transmission, whether of love (as in giving someone a hug); an idea (as in sharing it with someone); creative effort; and many other forms.

Listen To Your Intuition: The Channel of Your Guardian Angel

When we have an intuitive hunch regarding something we should or shouldn't do, this is a form of channeled guidance. There are countless anecdotes concerning intuitive guidance, as well as scientific evidence for the efficacy of following such guidance.

Cayce's idealism is comparable to the Zen archer in the book Zen in the Art of Archery, by Eugen Herrigel. This Zen archer could hit the bull's-eye of a target from sixty feet in total darkness by "becoming one with the target." Both the archer and Cayce looked within themselves to find knowledge. But, ultimately, the importance of intuition is not protective guidance or "trick-shooting;" it is that intuition leads us to awareness of "our true nature, One with God."

Cayce's view of the mind, which is congruent with the way modern science is coming to see the mind, is that there is only one mind. Individual consciousness is like a tiny point coming out of the infinite One, which connects all superconscious and subconscious awareness. This concept shows why it is that any individual can access information from any location or source in the universe, including living or dead people, as well as sources of consciousness that have never been embodied. (Cayce taught, however, that it is not necessary to prove or focus on where the information comes from; but to compare information from different sources, and use experience and judgment to determine the usefulness of channeled information for you.)

My Webpage

Here is some attempt at assessing the accuracy of Edgar Cayce's readings.

First some information regarding finding the truth.

"Just as has been given in how truth is obtained in the normal or consciousness, may be perverted by the outlook of the individual obtaining same, or as the spirit may view the truth as obtained from a source questionable to the relation of the individual to such conditions. That is, as this: One brought up in the condition of religious liberty does not comprehend a lesson as obtained from one of a faith that would bind the body and the moral and mental forces of an individual, the same as one would understand such lesson brought up in that faith, or as would be seen in this: All religious faiths have their element of truth. Would be hard for the Christian faith to understand the lesson of the Mohammedan faith, and each may gain the lesson to its own destruction, for the relation of each truth bears its relativity of force to the developing of the entity. Then we return to the same premise. What may be viewed by the entity in that plane of the two square, or two fold, or two quantity life, cannot understand the vision of one having reached the threefold or three quantity life."

Some spirit entities whether still in the flesh or now in spirit are really quite profoundly ignorant and yet we are asked to believe in some of the more famous ones implicitly. Those with copyrights and trademarks, for instance. Are there not copyright and trademarks attached to movies and yet sometimes the critics are permitted to really rip into them and with good reason?

Summary Of Factors Affecting The Reliability Of A Cayce Reading

To conclude Part 1, here is a brief summary of several main points that bear upon the reliability of the Cayce readings.

Personal factors that could have adversely affected Cayce's psychic abilities when he was giving a reading:

Any sub-par physical, mental, or spiritual condition of Cayce at the time of a reading.

Any unwillingness on Cayce's part to submit to the suggestion given.

Cayce being "deflected," or turned aside by others.

Factors related to the conductor of a reading that resulted in diminished quality of the information obtained:

Suggestions that were given which were not in accord with the mind of the conductor. [In such a case, the information obtained from Cayce was "shaded" to some degree by the mind of the conductor.]

The male or female conductor of the reading lacked a sufficient amount of "negative polarity" to balance Cayce's strong positive polarity, so as to obtain "the truer, better information."

The presence of any question in the mind of the conductor.

And it continues on and on. See this web page:

My Webpage

Perhaps some of these thoughts and concerns can and should be applied to the deep trance states encountered in hypnotherapy as well as in trance channeling.

Do we focus on the stacks of credentials of well-known hypnotherapists and the copyrighted and trademark names of famous channeled entities who receive the support of the rich and famous, or do we focus a little more on the information and continue to look for more accurate, objective and unlimited methods of information retrieval?

Opening Up

As we open ourselves up during meditation and healing, we come more aware of other energies, entities and channels of information.

Beware! Some of these channels are impure and offer strange, delightful but false teachings.

My meditation Master once described how a being materialized inside his meditation hut and started to teach. My meditation Master had the wisdom to know that the teachings were false. After a few minutes of entertainment and frivolity the entity was politely, but firmly told to leave.

New Age channelers are blissfully unaware of these dangers and consequently the false teachings are put into print and slowly humanity is brainwashed by the Lower Astral. Perhaps part of a grand conspiracy.

Past Life Readings

My past life information is channeled by a method of mental dowsing. I never take the information received on faith. The readings are checked by people who access the Akashic Records on a daily basis and are still being considered and tested by myself and others.

Dowsing can be efficiently and accurately carried out by Reiki channels. Reiki energy works only with the highest of good and stimulates the kundalini energy. Reiki is one sensible and responsible safeguard and protection from the influences of Lower Astral entities.

For those interested in dowsing take a look here:

How to Use a Pendulum
by Linda Johnson
27th November 2002

[This article is adapted from a section in The Ascension Kit by Linda Johnson]

Can getting in touch with your own guidance be as easy as using dangling something off a bit of string? Can you bypass expensive psychics and gurus, and save yourself from the dangers of ouija boards by a bit of twiddling and twirling? YES YOU CAN! By following these simple exercises and grounding guidelines most people can learn to use a pendulum and be talking to their own guidance the same day!


My Webpage

My Webpage