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Understanding Religion- The Controlling Tool- And Today's Turmoil

Know Religions Controls

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Posted 26 February 2015 - 04:51 PM


*’Sweeps’ NOTE:

...This is the way of it....Religions I’m speaking of here. This WILL cause great tribulation in people who ‘have never questioned’ their beliefs. No apology for that. Do hope this ‘bit’ can open those, who are ready, to open up to the ‘Bondless’ in each of us. Spirituality has nothings to do with Religion. BTW. One can not speak of Religion without at the same time speaking of ‘Politics’...they are bound together/’S’


(An excerpt from Sweeps Foxs book)-


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Christian evangelical movements and other Christian fundamentalist movements are sweeping across the United States and sending out their missionaries and conversion teams to Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, and far a field to bring their message to humanity...swarms reminiscent of the scalawags and carpetbaggers invasions of the American South after the Civil War. Ripe pickings are seen in newly opened territories. In America they have their own radio, TV, and other mass media networks. They have sent their own elected politicians to Congress, formed active lobby groups, and are firming up their agenda and influence on every public platform.

Depending on what Christian media view reaches you from one day to the next, it is clear that God is angry, Vengeance is coming soon, The Constitutions liberties have to be curbed, We are all risking salvation, The Devil is loose on the land, and Everything would be O.K. if we all read the Bible more and attended church.

Histories taught in schools and from religious authorities that have been accepted by successive generations...about where we came from, past civilizations, our heritage, morals, and values...they say are true perspectives that we can govern our lives, our childrens lives, and future outlooks by.
The higher and humorous truth is...Nothing is as it seems. When facts and knowledge firm up and are fixed in cement for us...truth slides away.

Having gone to a Sisters Of Charity school taught by Nuns in my formative years, I was made painfully aware about God being angry. Nuns, we all quickly found out could be agents of Gods vengeance.....on a daily basis.

We all found out that there is a right way and a wrong way to ensure Salvation. The Catholic Church was the right way. Christians of any persuasion have the same horrific warnings about Heaven and Hell.
God is the Father...not a mother or a neutral spirit. He loves us all, made us in His own image, but would send us all straight to Hell if we strayed from what He wanted us to do. He gave us free will to make up our minds. We were created to adore and worship Him.

Jesus Christ was His Son and established the Church. If we followed his example we would all be saved. He taught us about Sin and its different degrees. He died on the cross for our sins so we can be saved from our Original Sin. He arose from the dead and ascended to His Father in Heaven and will return to judge the world one day. The Bible is Gods Holy Book....especially the New Testament. The Old Testament was written by Jews before they knew about Christ being the Son Of God. There was a lot more.


The biggy for me was that we were not to question anything that we were taught. Everything had already been worked out for us. In fact, questioning was a Sin...probably a Big one.

All the Old Time Religions do the same thing. Islams very name means submission. Judaism is no different in its traditions. Funny, they all come from the Middle-East.

Only years hence would I be eternally grateful for that full Catholic indoctrination in life. Only by internment in a myth can one successfully peel the layers off all myths to find them jailers.


Thanks to the free flow of information available on the world wide web and the aid of a higher consciousness revolution toward free thinking, we no longer have to accept any culturally protected dogmas or purpose produced fraudulent histories. We can openly question, satirize our human condition based on old solid facts, and act as unmitigated misanthropes, as we lunge toward breaking free of habitual ignorance. We can now wonder and rebel openly about why history has been so distorted in efforts to keep us bounded to accepted authority and cherished views. History is who we are. It has been usurped to have us pay allegiance and homage to the usurpers.

The contention of our cherished history and holy books that civilization flowed from a certain recent time and in a known certain direction is pure poppycock. The example of the Olmec civilization on the Gulf of Mexico alone disproves that. Dated at 3,500 years ago (or older?), their giant statues...some weighing 60 tons...depict the distinct racial facial features of bearded white men and Africans. Definitely, these representations of real races didnt reach the Americas from the crossing of an ancient ice bridge across the Bearing Strait from Asia. No, this one single evidence is suggestive of ocean going contacts and commerce going back thousands of years...that was a world wide feature of great ancient civilizations which we know little about.

It also helps to explain why pyramids appear in many parts of the world and, astronomy, astrology, common philosophies, belief in the release of the soul at death, and identical measuring systems and glyphs have shown up in diverse centers all around the globe. Our present era has been unwilling to accept that ancient Man was capable of measuring the Earth, or that his mathematical calculations were more precise than our own until only recently, or that his knowledge of the heavens and the calendar were superior. Our Sacred Cow Middle Eastern religions and the whole rise of recent Western Mans dominance loses something. It loses the exclusivity and authentication. In short...authority from God.

I can remember seeing a magazine cartoon somewhere (it could have been in Playboy or The New Yorker) where two very old men, wasted and weak with beards down to their knees, were hung up mid-way between the ceiling and the floor in chains and shackles. Pathetically, one whispered across to the other....Now heres my plan. I roared to myself at the absolute hopelessness of such a statement...and yet, maybe thats why the two were able to live so long under such torture...with obvious humor or simply by keeping hope alive occasionally. Of course they could have been merely senile or demented by then. But, still the hope showing through? Humor and hope...very essential attributes for the predicament we have handed ourselves and continue to dish out to re-enforce our habit built Cultures.

It seemed somehow to conjure an analogy in degree to the Original Sin cited in the Bibles Old Testament...which we are all hung up by with these Middle-Eastern religious foundations and myth.


Original sin....hanging mankind upside down and then whipping him because he couldnt walk! What kind of God?...sounds more like a minor Godneeding worship...the Big God thing is supposed to be all perfect and whole. That kind of Big God being...doesnt need anyone to worship Him/Her/Spirit/Energy. God is supposed to be complete in itself...sounds more like aliens handing down punishment for not worshipping them to me! Maybe just the Cosmic Joker again! The whole idea that God didn't know Mankind would commit the Original Sin doesnt say much for him being all knowing. If He did know that Mankind was going to commit that sin, it makes Him a sadist. Above all, as they said in one Star Trek episode, A God must be compassionate.

The original sin thing set the whole tune for Western Mans trampling on Nature itself. Nature, in the apple and garden myth, was said to have produced the fall and the sin. Nature was hence to be considered corrupted and separate from Man. God was also to be cast as separate from Man. It inferred that God was also separate from and outside Nature. Is it any wonder that Western Man felt almost a mission and license to conquer and do anything he wanted to and with...Nature. They were, after all, Natural enemies. No culture or religion East of the big 3 ever came up with such a schizophrenic divorce of Man, Nature, and God. Original sin would become the pretext for all the disrespect and raping of Mother Earth and Her creatures. It was our right, as built into and understood from a religiously contrived adversarial relationship with the Universe.

This mis-mythic foundation would be fine tuned to cast all women as a reasonable scapegoat for Mans loss of Paradise. As punishment, they would become subordinate to men. Women were to be seen as scheming, fickle, gullible, dirty, unworthy, and maybe even more animal than human. Apparently, even the latter sacrament of Baptism wouldnt relieve them completely of the sin as it was supposed to. One law for men and another for women.


Menstruation was a clear sign that women were dirty. It made women unclean. In fact Islam will not tolerate women to worship and enter the mosque while menstruating...Patriarchal Freakazoids. The very bodily functions that brought children (and dont forget new souls) into the world would be thought dirty?


Man was determined to become more and more unnatural. It was somehow all the fault of women and Nature, and God had nothing to do with it. Even Christ would have to be born of a virgin birth. The normal birth process was initiated by the terrible sex thing. And, Priests would have to retain their honor and worth before God and Man by their celibacy. How could a priest serve God if he was natural? Women must be closer to Nature. God must deplore Nature. Dumb and dumber. Man sure did. I mean! I think Id prefer a new rendition of Aesops Fables.

Im reminded of my fondness for the anecdote told by Joseph Campbell, the great Mythologist, translator of books, author, story teller, and lecturer. during an interview series on TV back in the late 80s. He related the following from a conference he had attended:
An old Zen philosopher in his 90s stood up with his hands on his hips and said...:
God against Man, Man against God, Man against Nature, Nature against Man, Nature against God, God against Nature, ...very funny religion.

Where do all these foundation stones of our belief systems and religious histories come from? They were put together...of course. The Bible for instance, as the authoritative word of God, didnt just magically appear. There were councils and conferences and socio/political/economic implications for the form in which it came together and handed down as the authoritative word of God. Its always puzzled and intrigued me that the fundamentalists and the whole flock of laity havent a clue as to the stages of development of their Bible anymore than any other religion (Koran)...investigates it holy books and origins. And yet, they comfortably and smugly cite passages from the respective scriptures as being proof of their beliefs, morals, and life styles. And, they go to war and kill and maim in the name of God and in the faith. We all should know by now, statistics alone, that more people have been killed in the name of God and religion than for any other reason.

All of the worlds, so called, great religions....kill people. They kill unbelievers, those that wont be converted, and even their own. They will continue to do this....its their mandate from Heaven. They will continue to do so until a more enlightened Man figures out that no organized religion serves the spiritual needs of Man.They serve themselves. More later/Sweeps Fox :)  :excl: 

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Posted 04 March 2015 - 12:13 AM

Yes but... what if the religions were created in a way designed to keep people fighting and killing... ie: distracted from something else?


Such as parasites / energy vampires which feed of human emotions - especially fear based and sexual emotions?


All done for the present era?


The way the three religions seem to hate each other with such fervent might points towards this!



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Posted 04 March 2015 - 12:06 PM


-We’ll ‘get into’ other Religions a bit later in this topic-



*’Sweeps’ NOTE:

...That, Simon, takes us down other tangents and roads which could SPIN off into personal and ‘vested interest’ theories...not to mention ‘fancies’ and fantasies. This doesn’t deny the existence of ‘other worldly influences (Aliens/ET’s/etc.), but points more specifically at how ‘Humans’ have accepted-or were forced into-‘an authority’ over them which wasn’t needed. They question also, is WHY?


No, I’m trying to keep this Topic aimed at the sense...that ‘Humankind’ has been hoodwinked/shackled/and enslaved by a Religious/Political/Social-economic conglomerate for Power & Control...having NOTHING to do with ‘Spirituality’. Trying also, to generate a need for ‘taking back personal power’...and ‘Free Thinking’.


So, on a purely Historical basis...I’ll put in the following, hopeful that people will understand the false pillars of belief ‘our’ Religious Heritage were built on...and maybe promote a ‘questioning’ of ALL belief systems which hold the World’s people from ‘seeking’ the Boundless in themselves. Thanks/’S’


**Constantine…and early Christian Church History
By: 'Sweeps' Fox From his book-'Trying To Light The Match-/'Kicking The One Reality Habit'

Gradually Constantine became more in league with Christian groups. He had granted many favors and concessions to certain Christian church groups and their Bishops. He built churches and stocked them, throughout the Empire, with gold and silver and provided them with art, marble, and mosaics. He made sure that churches were given land, power, and a variety of rich possessions. As a politician he depended on their support in his civil war with Licinus who had large Pagan support.


By 324 A.D. Constantine's alliance had emerged triumphant and he was the sole Emperor of the Roman Empire. He also had Licinus executed. It wasn't necessary. Licinus was no tyrant, but Constantine would brook no liberality in his drive to establish his personal imprint on the course of history. He was later to have his eldest son executed and also his wife, in a ruthless stamping out of any objection to his one man rule. He conceived of himself as the 'One' head of State. There was now only 'One' Roman Empire, so why shouldn't there be only the 'One' God?

In 325 A.D. he convened the council at Nicaea. As a politician he realized that it was necessary to consolidate the loose Christian apostolic communities around the Empire. There was no 'one' belief or doctrine, no one set of agreed sacraments, no agreed historical acceptance of events, no agreement on the divinity or lack of divinity of Jesus Christ, and no universally agreed on oral accounts or written records inclusive of the 300 years after the death of Christ. Most Christians will find this uneasy...the truth 'was always known...wasn't. it? In street vernacular...'time to get their act together'.

Suddenly many of the illiterate and local leaders of these separate belief communities would find themselves elevated to the rank of Bishop, in order for the Counsel to take on the proper air of importance.

The gathering done...the Council broke down into warring factions, each proclaiming their own pre-conceived ideas and practice of what should be accepted. Physical fights broke out, and when the old scholar Arius rose to speak he was struck down. Arius

was a Presbyter of Alexandria Egypt and a learned man? His argument was that if Christ was born as God he could have easily resisted temptation and sin, but if he was born human how much more respect he was due in being able to resist sin. Arius and his faction of scholars and literate scribes denied the divinity of Christ. These Arians, as the philosophy was called, found themselves rejected by the more illiterate merchants, traders, craftsmen, who had recently been elevated in status.

The continuing wrangling of the Council prompted Constantine to conclude the dissension. Acting as Emperor...not in any religious capacity....he imposed his will on the Council. He had decided that the value of the men of commerce necessary to hold the flagging Empire together, the non-Arians, was more important to the Empire. The value of the scholars could be of lesser importance. He ruled that the divinity of Christ was to be proclaimed as the only view. It became a creed.

It was now necessary to preserve the Empire by preserving the State religion and the politically arrived at religious settlement.

Arianism was condemned and became an heretical outcast, but its influence and support was not to go away yet. It remained a 'thorn' in the side of many future Councils. Finally, over 1 million Arians would be pursued, persecuted for their beliefs, and killed in order to preserve the 'one true faith'...and in the typical tolerance of Christendom. Constantine's own son, Constantius 11, was an Arian....but, like his father, committed himself to the 'Christianization' of the Empire in order to further its survival. The majority of the people of the Empire were still Pagan and were to again manage to gain some control of the Imperial Throne for a short period around 360 A.D.

Other matters of this landmark Council centered on the many interpretations of doctrine, the many differently authored Gospels and oral and written works, and the settlement of what would become the official Church sacraments out of the many. Arguments continued on each new round of decision making. Nothing was ever 'apparent'...they argued about everything. Christianity was about to become the great borrower religion.


Even the concept of the Devil was to be stolen from some older Jewish sects. This, Devil, was never admitted into the Jewish Cannon...but it was a concept to be taken over and re-invented by Christians. Many of the early Christians were really Jews that had been cast out of the Hebrew faith for their insistence on proclaiming Jesus as the Messiah.

They also brought ‘their’ Devil into Christianity. It was welcome. It would be the main theological weapon to create an evil in the world which only Christianity could deal with...until the Muslim's came along. Their Devil (Shaytahn) would be borrowed from the Christians 500 years later...with the same grizzly application.

The 'Devil' thing is fascinating 'doubletake' and 'doubletalk' in it's conflicting mythical origins. Supposedly, Lucifer revolted against God and He and his legions were cast into Hell...a base which He could use to cause further conflict against God and His creatures. Lucifer was reportedly(?) dissatisfied with God's decision to give Man a place even above the Angels and to give Man 'free will'...something not even the Angels had. The ironies stick out pretty far here. If the Angels didn't have free will how were they to be able to revolt in the first place?


In the second place, it infers that God allowed 'Evil' to be created and to continue. How do you provide for the existence of 'evil' in the world if the 'God' who created it is 'all good'? Can 'Good' contact 'evil'? Could a God who is 'all good' have anything to do with 'evil'? Can 'evil' come out of 'good'? Could an 'all knowing' God be caught off guard...not knowing there was a revolt coming? It doesn't compute. Perhaps the 'War in the Heavens' was a war among Alien races...or a breakaway rebel group that wouldn't go along with 'The Federation'. In fact, it makes a better case than a God who lets things get out of control.

The Gospels were another big hang-up. No one group was able to sell it's convictions and preferences to the majority. Out of the 42 odd Gospels (according to this and according to him) all with differing dates and relevance to the life of Jesus Christ, only the present 4 were picked...and these again by the political imposition of Constantine...rushing in to conclude another dissension. The remainder, and even all the 'Gnostic' texts, were expunged or consigned to the fire...burned. And, those Gospels with perhaps more truth or insight on history were lost forever.


We’ll dwell on some of the recently re-discovered/found Gnostic texts and survived writings later in this Topic.

The 4 accepted ones (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) would be THE selected versions to be known from then on as reflecting the authoritative word of God! Of course, they would be re-written many times, and almost continually.


Later ‘we’ll’ explore who these men really were, where/when they came from, and how their writings conflicted with each other and confused facts on ALL levels. More later then.

At least, I muse with tongue in cheek, we can be assured that asteroid XF-11 won't be our 'end of the world'. It's been calculated that it could smash into the Earth around 28 October , at tea time, in the year 2028 A.D. The 'surviving' scriptures tell us paraphrased that 'We'll know neither the day nor the hour' of our doom'.

Later Councils would decide on such subjects as 'transubstantiation'....the bread of communion becoming the actual 'body of Christ' and many other of the doctrines and dogmas to be believed in. One Council had the prickly problem of establishing 'Purgatory' as an actual place. The reasoning went along the lines of.....'What if a person isn't bad enough to be sent to Hell but not good enough to get into Heaven'? Well we all know by now that a compromise was nicely agreed....Purgatory...where a soul could be purged of it's sins and then allowed to enter Heaven.

At this point the church would look anew at the system of 'indulgences', which had already developed much earlier in their history from the concept built on the practice of 'doing penance'. Indulgences were 'added on' special considerations given to 'sinners', offered by high ecclesiastical offices. There was the notion that there existed a residue of 'sin' even after absolution (forgiveness) was obtained. Indulgences could remove or lessen the punishment due these remnants of sins. The 'establishment' of Purgatory gave a whole new emphasis and design for applying indulgences.


Now the church could offer degrees of indulgences to reduce one's time of punishment in 'this' Purgatory. The sinner's sentence could be reduced...time off for good indulgences received. If this whole idea was conceived of in 'modern' times perhaps the church would offer tokens, coupons, or merit badges, as visible evidence of accumulated points toward early parole. But in those days sinners would have to gain these award earnings in other ways, including 'paying for them'. 'When the coin in the coffer drops, out your soul will pop', and things like that.


The money became a prime source of church revenue, and abuse, for years. After 'The Reformation' called these practices into question, the payment for indulgences was finally stopped (by the Council of Trent) in 1567 A.D. Still, the system of indulgences continues in its' reformed version even to today. The 'faithful' can certainly appreciate, and work real hard to sustain a church which can promise these benefits. Who the hell wants to spend more time in Purgatory than one has to?

This 'blast from the past' cemented the beliefs of billions of people over centuries, gave guilting and repression a head start, and enshrined the closed consciousness.


It presented Man with a set of very strange values that gives him license (or the order) to destroy nature...because we have dominion over the Earth and it's creatures...not part of it as the Pagans practice naturally..., to murder each other, and to be fearful of a personal father God that is 'out there' somewhere.


'The Blast' also sealed us into the tight little reality box which will be shown to be the culprit in most of our social and personal day to day problems.