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Peggy Bennett-reiki Master-with 'sweeps' & Jeff

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Posted 02 September 2006 - 09:51 PM

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Peggy Bennett-a Reiki Master… is perky and seems full of some kind of unbounded and chatty energy. She is more than willing to explain the Reiki healing method and tell us of her own background. At the same time she is relaxed and exudes an aura of ‘supreme’ confidence and belief. She is highly sociable, informative, and entertaining.
*See 'attachment'--'Sweeps' and Peggy Bennett- :o
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Reiki is an ancient ‘healing’ art form-brought back into our ‘modern times’- including the knowledge of the Chakra’s, or special energy centers within the human body, and the ‘Aura’ system that envelopes and interpenetrates the human body.

Reiki also speaks and makes use of a meditation that attunes the practitioner to the light-energy force, making him/her a channel as well as re-vitalizing and balancing all the polarities from the non-physical to the physical. It is important to understand that disease and infirmity come from a weakened or unbalanced Aura, which then is reflected to the physical body. The healing of both the physical and non-physical components is from an energy source beyond, but accessible to, both. A ‘master’s’ level of Reiki is even able to forego the formalized laying on of hands, and actually heal at a distance...for someone not present.

This ‘healing’- very ancient- skill was not confined to a certain localized area of the world, passed on or given to only a select few. It was indeed global. It very well may have been one of the first ‘gifts’ brought to Earth. Diverse cultures, such as in China, India, Tibet, Egypt, Africa, the America’s, and other world areas, exhibited similar forms of the healing art. Each distinct area of the world has its’ own vocabulary for the universal ‘life force energy’. It’s recognized in words like ‘prana’, and ‘chi’. The Native Americans call it ‘orenda’.

In ‘modern’ times Reiki can be traced first from Tibet, then through China and India and on to Japan. The man who brought it to Japan, Mikao Usui, had traveled to India to search it out. He studied the ancient Sanskrit formulas and texts, acquired larger more complete understanding through meditation and ‘visions’, and started to practice and teach the old art. His resurrected and successful form of ‘laying on of the hands’ would now be called ‘Reiki’.

It is a combination of two Japanese words. Rei means ‘universal energy’, and Ki stands for the life force within us. It is also used to imply the ‘key’...as in something used to ‘open’. A life force which operates through the Aura or spirit realm attachments and ‘interplays’ with the human body...and all life...is recognized in most early cultures, as diverse as they were. This ancient ‘art’ works at a very deep level to release ‘blocked energy’ in the body’s chakras, promotes relaxation, releases built up stress, and harmonizes body energy centers and meridians. It’s function and use as a ‘cure’ for disease is based on its’ ability to ‘set free’ the held in traumas from emotional causes. This type of emotional stress build up is considered the ‘root’ cause of human illness. This claim is not extravagant or ill founded. Many of the ‘old’ arts have quite a successful following, and are growing in public awareness...again! Reflexology breaks up the crystal coverings of energy pathways in the feet to effect unblocking and balance, and acupuncture does ‘strange’ body relaxation and treatment...including anaesthesia. The chakras and meridians which form our energy and balancing pathways have a distinct analogy to the ‘ley lines’ of energy pathways in the Earth itself.
/'Sweeps' Fox