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Ufo Crash Retrivals-fbi Sources You Can Investigate

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Posted 17 November 2006 - 04:12 AM

FBI-‘FREEDOM OF INFORMATION’-MATERIAL FOUND-Blow your 'minds' if you read through this/'S'



Freedom of Information
(FOI) Document

The document below taken directly off of the FBI FOI web site. I verified its existence. It describes the finding of 3 crashed flying saucers in New Mexico. Each saucer contained 3 dead ET occupants.

If you would like to look at the information on the FBI web site, it is in PDF format and requires Acrobat Reader. I went through a lot of trouble getting to this page. My computer seized up several times, down-loading times were very slow, the refresh button had to be used and I performed other random manipulations that I've lost track of. However, if you like, this page can be reached as follows...

Click on the following link... Below-My Webpage:
[url="http://<a%20href="http://foia.fbi.gov/"%20target="_blank">http://foia.fbi.gov/</a>"]My Webpage[/url]

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
Date: Oct 6, 2006 6:17 PM

A list of well known UFO crashes.
Date: Location: Notes:
10,000 BC Sino-Tibetan Border The stunning story of the Dropas.

2,000 BC Grand Canyon, AZ A file from UFO BBS.

840 Lyons, France Not a crash, a hoax. 4 human falsely claimed to come from the clouds.

1561 Nuremberg, Germany An illustrated case as per a woodcut.

18th Century Germany Montanus tells of flying magicians shot down.

1864 September Cadotte Pass, Missouri Original newspaper article of 1864.

1884 June 6 Holdredge, Nebraska Inconclusive but quite interesting.

1884 December 13 Sorisole, near Bergamo, Italy
1897 April 17 Aurora, Texas Hoax almost certain.

1897 April 19 Leroy, Kansas, USA Hoax almost certain.

1907 Burlington, Vermont, USA
1908 June 30 Tunguska River, USSR
1909 December 22 Chicago, Illinois, USA Airship crash report, debris never found.

1910/1915 Puglia Italy
1923 Quetta, Pakistan
1925 Chevy Chase, Maryland, USA
1925 Sept/Oct Polson, Montana
1930 Mandurah, West Australia
1933 Italy
1936 Black Forest, Germany
1938 summer Czernica, Poland
1941 West of San Diego, Ca
1941 Spring Cape Girardeau, Missouri
1941 July 4 Tinian Island, Oceania
1945 approx. UK
1945 Mataquescuintla, Guatemala
1946 Date and location unknown
1946 Magdalena, NM
1946 July 9 Lake Barken, Sweden
1946 July 10 Bjorkon, Sweden
1946 July 18 Lake Mjosa Sweden
1946 July 19 Noon Lake Kolmjarv, Sweden
1946 August 12 SW Sweden
1946 August 16 Malmo Sweden
1946 mid-October Southern Sweden
1947 January Papagos Indian Reserv. AZ NEW
1947 May Spitzbergen, Norway Newspaper articles, cover up, 17 bodies.

1947 May 31 Socorro, New Mexico
1947 July Near St. Joseph, MO
1947 July 4 Roswell, New Mexico, USA The well known Roswell affair. 4-5 bodies, one alive ET?

1947 July 5 Plains of San Augustin, New Mexico, USA
1947 July 31 Maury Island, Tacoma, USA Complicated almost certain hoax.

1947 August 13 Hopi Reservation, Arizona
1947 October 2 Cave Creek, Arizona, USA Very little information.

1947 October Paradise Valley, Arizona, USA
1947 October 20 San Diego
1948 Kingman, Arizona, USA
1948 February 13 Aztec, New Mexico, USA Controversial, 2-12 alleged bodies.

1948 April 12 Outside Aztec, New Mexico, USA Same as underneath?
1948 March 25 Aztec, New Mexico, USA Controversial. 12 alleged bodies.

1948 March 25 White Sands, New Mexico, USA Same as above?
1948 7/8 July Near Laredo, 38 miles inside Mexico Bodies recovered.

1948 August Laredo, Texas, USA 1 body recovered

1949 Roswell, NM, USA Not the famous case of 1947.
1949 August 19 Death Valley, California, USA Story by 2 prospectors.

1950 (before) Near Mexico City, Mexico Second hand witness.

1950 January Mojave Desert, California, USA
1950 February 10 Copenhagen, Denmark Farmer witness UFO explode.

1950 March? New Mexico, USA FBI memo mentions recovery of 3 crashed saucers.

1950 April Argentina Bodies not there anymore on next day

1950s (mid) Birmingham, Alabama Single witness case

1950 May 10 Bahia Blanca Province, Argentina
1950 September 10 Albuquerque, Texas, USA 3 bodies
1950 December 6 El Indio/Guerrero area, Tex-Mex border, Texas, USA
1952 July Washington DC, USA
1952 July 23 Pueblo, Colorado, USA Admitted hoax.
1952 August Ohio, USA
1952 August 14 Ely, Nevada, USA 16 bodies recovered.

1952 September 9 Spitzbergen, Norway Probable mystification.

1953 Brady, Montana, USA Recovery of bodies by military, tabloid invention.

1953 April 18 South-West Arizona, USA
1953 May 20 Western Utah, USA
1953 May 20/21 Kingman, Arizona, USA Reliable witness, 2 bodies

1953 June 19 Laredo, Texas, USA 4 bodies
1953 Summer Fort Polk, LA, USA
1953 July 10 Johannesburg, South Africa 5 bodies
1953 October 13 Dutton, Montana, USA 4 bodies
1954 (Spring) Matydale, New York, USA Police denies incident.

1955 July Vestra Norrland, Sweden
1955 May 5 Brighton, UK 5 bodies
1957 July 18 Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA 4 bodies
1957 September 14 Ubatuba, Brazil Physical evidences, fragments analyzed.

1957 November 21 Reasty Hill, Scarborough, Yorks
1958/1959 Woomera, Australia
1958 Utah desert
1959 January 21 Gdynia, Poland
1959 Frdynia, Poland Body and parts.

1959 September 17 Wormer near Amsterdam
1959 Undated Italy, North of Rome
1960s offshore Spain
1960s Great Sand Dunes, Co
1960 March New Paltz, New York, USA Alien dies 28 days later.

1961 Timmensdorfer, Germany Claimed by former NATO man

1961 April 28 2am. Lake Onega, Karelskaya, USSR.
1962 June 12 Holoman AFB, New Mexico, USA 2 bodies
1962 Otero County, NM
1962 April 18 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Impressive events.

1963/1972 Australia, 12 recoveries
1963 July 16 Charlton, UK
1963 December 10 Cosford RAF, UK Alleged crash cover-up on RAF base.

1964 November 10 Fort Riley, Kansas, USA 9 bodies

1965 San Miguel, Argentina
1965 December 9 Kecksburg, Michigan, USA Very famous controversial case.

1966 October 26 Arizona, USA 1 body
1967 January South-West Missouri, USA 40 inches disc

1968 February 12 Orocue, Columbia US say 'satellite debris'.

1972 July 18 Saharian desert, Morocco 3 bodies
1973 July 10 Northwest Arizona, USA 5 bodies
1974 Llandrillo, Clwyd, Wales, UK
1974 November 9 Carbondale, Pennsylvania, USA Hoax or cover story?

1974 May 17 Chili, New Mexico, USA UFO moved to Kirtland AFB.

1974 August 25 Chihuahua, Mexico Disc crash
1976 May 12 Desert, Australia 4 bodies
1977 April 5 South-West Ohio, USA 11 bodies
1977 June 22 Northwest Arizona, USA 5 bodies
1977 August 17 Tobasco, Mexico 2 bodies
1978 May 6 Padcaya, Bolivia Search team finds nothing.

1978 Ocean off Finland, USSR USSR army rcovers bodies.

1978 November 10 Lebannon
1988 Russia Hill 611: debris recovered, analysis, conclusion: ET craft.

1988 November Afghanistan 7 bodies
1989 Cap Ontario, Canada
1989 May 7 Kalahari desert, Botswana, South Africa (Hoax or controversial)
1989 Siberia 9 alive
1989 September 28 Smith's Point Beach, Long Island, New York, USA
1990 September 2 Megas Platanos, Greece
1992 April Niagara Falls, USA Recovery by Army in front of witnesses

1992 November Long Island, New York, USA UFO Network is investigating.

1994 Birmingham, UK
1996 January 20 Varginha, Brazil Alleged capture of aliens by the military.

2000 August 27 Balochistan, Pakistan Newspaper report ufos and ufo crash.

Listing of Australian Crash Retrieval Stories.

1955 Eucla, SA (dubious alien photo and alleged crash debri).
1959 Butterworth RAAF Malaysia (letter writer to RAAF refers to plane destruction and debris from destroyed UFO).
1966 Balwyn/Westall, Victoria (classic CE2 incident with possible UFO "in difficulty" rumours).
1966-80 - Greenbank, Queensland ("Alien Honeycomb" saga).
1970s Mt. Isa NSW artefact found by farmer - usual alloy mixture, studied by Qld metallurgist, Paul Brixius
1972 Croydon, NW Qld "crash" (meteorite? plus odd newspaper classified ad: "Magnificent obsession fruition. Tiger special duties all under objects. Will report as arranged. Loyal and true. Sky Blue World President. UFO. Immediate.)"
1972/73 near Nowra, NSW alleged "retrieval" attempt just out to sea during same night as extraordinary CE event.
1972-73 Edmonton area, North Qld ("catwoman" affair - "girlie's home").
1976 Nowra/Robertson , NSW crash (spurious).
1979 Banka Banka, Northern Territory ex RAAF files re "crash", burnt area & ash only found.
1979 Esperance, WA "crash" event (with DSTI/JIO SECRET "BOLIDE FILE" reference to "special access" channels undertaking a prompt and wide search.
1980 Lismore, NSW "UFO crash" (dubious, possible newspaper fabrication).
1983 Coen, Qld probable. meteorite (letter to editor alleging retrieval operation involved)
before 1985 - story re 12 to 14 "craft" held at a secure hangar style facility. Most usual in appearance ("Star Wars" like appearance). Only some had been open., various personnel seconded to work on these craft were reportedly very frightened about working on the objects.

Occupants recovered, apparently numerous types, but source best familiar with 2 human looking males (internal organs allegedly different).

Source allegedly saw cover page and introductory page to document describing Australian operation called either operation or project A - which referred to "modules" and "aliens" being ready for transfer to an Australian facility, allegedly the same as in item.
TV media group allegedly at same site (as per before 1985) allegedly "wandered" into hangar area and saw "saucer" object. They were caught and allegedly sworn to secrecy.

Alleged accounts of possibly 3 UFO crashes in Australia including one in which one alien was still alive.

Information about an operation devoted to retrievals and an alleged "inner cell" intent on "contact" using individuals with history of UFO encounters, note Stan Deyo's anecdote re "some decoded US Defense Department traffic...from nuclear test monitoring network headquartered in Washington and code named the "Shake Lady" ... In the middle of this traffic was a response to a UFO enquiry made by a mobile unit in Western Australia. The response was a reprimand for making such requests without the required "Level 7" security clearance over such a relatively open communications link..."

Several Pine Gap anecdotes of UFOs such as hunting party observing a craft flying out of a concealed door, an abductee who alleges he went inside an underground site there witnessing craft, examinations and "alien liaison" activity, and a UFO researcher who claims he "astral travelled" to Pine Gap secret facility!

*AND...THIS IS NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT 'WE' KNOW/'Sweeps'-thanks :unsure:

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Posted 21 April 2008 - 05:25 PM