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The (Financial) End Of Britain?

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Posted 07 December 2012 - 12:30 AM

According to an article in MoneyWeek magazine, we are facing the end of Britain.


In short, our financials are so bad that we face financial Armageddon. The issue is debt.

To quote one short paragraph in a very large article...

In all recorded history, no country has ever recovered from the financial position we find ourselves in today. No government has ever been able to reverse this trend. No emergency action has ever come close to a solution.

So, will the last person please switch the lights off as they leave.


Admittedly they are trying to frighten people in to subscribing to their financial investment advice, but as we found out yesterday (Weds 5th Dec 2012) when the Chancellor of the Exchequer made his 2012 Autumn Statement, the economy is not going the way that had been hoped and the date for ending the age of austerity is receding off in the distance.


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Posted 07 December 2012 - 10:50 AM

*HiYa Simon and All,
...Good piece/topic here everyone.
IMO...it MOSTLY boils down economically to 'A Dependant Society'/Culture/Nation.
It's now, and has been, one of Government dependance and re-deistribution of wealth. It's called 'Socialism'...creeping or not.
I repeat what I've said in other topics dealing with this. What are the two most stable and successful economies/nations in Europe? I didn't say the EU...I said Europe.

One of them...ISN'T BRITAIN.

OK...these two nations are Germany and Switzerland. Why? It's because they 'Don't Do Re-distribution. Yep, they are the ONLY 2 in Europe that do not.

Socialism...has NEVER worked, in all of History.
That's only one of the problems in this topic sense however.
Britian is OVERPOPULATED...and catering in a 'Political Correctness' way to the entire world and its culture of taking in immigrants. IT....is the ruination as well. If you can't control your own borders, you can't have a Nation..and certainly not an economically sound one.

More later...but think 'what is a government'? There are answers in that question to what the problems are/'S'