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The Hive Vs Artistic Expression-By 'sweeps' Fox

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Posted 08 August 2006 - 10:20 AM



BY ‘Sweeps’ Fox
(from his book ‘Trying To Light The Match’/Kicking the one reality habit)
-A personal life experience reflection excerpt-


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The world container attempts to provide for choices, and therefore diversity, strictly within ‘the rut’. It’s all mirror trickery, making the box look larger and offering of more space and diversion than it has. Different ‘styles’, fashions, and experiences, are permitted only so long as the eye is never taken off the carrot...or the rut channeling of the pursuit. All such offered differences are only ‘popular’ colorations of degree. Dominion of people’s perception of change is crucial to control and authority. Even an allowance of some flexible moral bounds runs within a pre-conceived tolerance only...from one era to another. No one really fits into an ethical/moral convention automatically from birth. It’s an inculcation...forced by cultural overlay. There is no universal moral model. It is invented. ‘Their’ institutional teachings, codes, rewards, and promises, are historical ‘fads’...coming and going in illusion. Most will take them as significant and primary choices.

Breaking free, means to jump out of the rut and away...or by other life shattering or ‘non-ordinary’ circumstances which throws one free. Even so, most will not be prepared...and try to scramble back into the rut where ‘things’ were known and ‘safe’. They will have opted for stability and belonging.

‘Genuine’ diversity is found in self creation. Life becomes an artful expression...a free style series of paintings...outside of commandments and rules. It’s an each day clean slate to write and draw on. It is not permitted. Art is truly diverse and different from linear life. To see life as an art of inventing one’s self...is rebellion. It is forbidden.

These ‘sort’ have never been tolerated for long by ‘the Hive’, which most people have to live and function robotic like in. This spirited breed were only nourished living free from shackles, creed, and authority. It was an embrace of life for its’ own sake, away from previous examples or pre-judgments. Freely questing people reject pre-conditions on what they are allowed to discover and believe for themselves. Wanting to find out and test ‘things’ for themselves, indeed finding out about themselves, make them dangerous in ‘society’. Society would call them ‘misfits’ and ‘good for nothings’. I liked that. It had always been the very essence of freely seeking and individuality, throughout the centuries. Such people do not conform even to a set of expected ‘reality’ borders. I liked that too. In coming years more and more of these spirited ‘aspirants’ would be born. In the words of a song....’The times they were a changing’.

Art portfolios, etchings, sketchings, and incomplete drawings were cluttered around or hung...many times lopsided...on walls and ceilings for their effect. While my mates ‘had to’ paint and draw the usual figures, objects, nature, and still life to prove their skills in ‘normal’ art (they would after all be teaching Art to children) to their teacher’s syllabus requirements; they preferred to indulge in the surreal and impressionistic as their own Art forms.

I was dazzled and enthralled by their art and philosophy of thinking in patterns and symbols instead of ‘cognitive thought’... definitely the right brain side of thinking arising straight from the sub-conscious without the constraints of the practical left brain dampening of the universal. The finding of alternate reality ways of ‘expression’ and the clash of objective and subjective caused new mind wrinkles that would inoculate me further against the ‘one world’ views...and keep me forever drunk with appreciation of
artists in their full scope of ripping away at concrete thinking. The significance of ‘the struggling artist’ trying to make it in a materialistically dulled -oriented world was well enforced.

How do we get anywhere in learning or higher learning if the very vehicle...word communication…for doing much of that is faulty? Perhaps, even clumsily, if the written or spoken stir our higher twisting and turning natures it may provoke symbolic and other connections....and invoke the ‘out of the blue’ or transcendent. Hopefully, these pages summon us to ‘something else’ and shunt us into channels connecting with self experience. It’s a prod.

According to the Eastern Gurus, among many of their ‘Supreme Doctrines’, there are 4 basic paths which can be taken or used to teach students...as a prod towards enlightenment. The first and the ‘most excellent’ is through telepathy and a kind of osmosis of the psychic and higher worlds. A lot of our ‘alien abductees’ and ‘encounters of the 3rd and 4th kind’ suggest that extra-terrestrials and inter-dimensional folk use telepathy...except in certain cases where they have to ‘lower’ themselves to the human level. Next best is through immersion in symbols, patterns, and the abstract. No wonder artists are considered basically weird in our society. The third is by the use of special sounds and music. Most of us can identify with the mystical/emotional appeal here and the way music can ‘send us’. The last and least way...but still a usable possibility...is through the written word but in a form nearer the metaphorical and mythical style.

Poets/poetry seem to be able to help us dart into and conjure the abstract more vividly and directly...and make connections....More like 'a stream of consciousness'...without linear 'wordy' confusion and stiffness.

A language...to ‘mean’ anything in its struggle to prod, must be a living language. It must grow by changing. Certain Countries (i.e. France) and whole language areas of our world (i.e. Arabic) try to ‘cut out’ outside contamination and ruination of their ‘cherished’ language and prevent any alterations in it’s approved or traditional understanding. It’s a fallacy based on the need to control. They cease being living languages and prods. Approved things fail anyway...growing people escape from them. And, one of the universal axioms is upheld....’This too shall change’.

The thing that fast track ‘out of the blue’ illumination does also is make you believe that it will always be so. Even though it is and may be available at all times, in the right way of pursuing it, one adopts a tendency to become impatient and non ‘sticktoative’ about the way goals can be achieved in life. Decisions taken without regard for the ‘dense’ reality’s potent power are made at your own peril. The ‘density’ generates great holds on ones straying too far...without respect or enough accumulated power. It has many servants among the common believers in it’s permitted borders. They exact the necessary retribution to those ‘not down to earth’.

I had arrived at another juncture of the ‘many forking path’ Everybody gambles with their life...there are always risks in our plans, decisions, and choices. The roller-coaster ride through life was just beginning.