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The Pope's Visit To Ireland-The Irish Have Learned Nothing


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Posted 25 August 2018 - 10:37 PM


...Greeted-hosted, though not an official State Visit, with hardly ANY Contrary-opposing views expressed or allowed on the IRISH Gov't Controlled RTE Television or Radio-or for that matter-ANY protestors in the streets as well. Of course-ALL of this Grand 'touchdown' by Plane, the Pope's itinerary and processional Route-all received/presented to the, over the Generations, gullible-mind washed Public as though he was just a little Old Nice Man-who happened to be the Head of the Catholic Church. All the Proper Dignitaries-State Officials-& the Roads Cleared for his August Presence.


Even the former Irish President-Mary McAleese, was not allowed anywhere near him-or made available for comments-since she 'Took Him On', and the Church, very recently for the Irish Slavery to Baptism and His do nothing but mouth...regarding the Centuries of Child abuse-Paedophilia-by Priests

-& their Sub Culture of Homosexual Seminaries in Ireland. Check the Hyperlink below for one of her Explosions about the Church's CONTINUING CONTROL in Ireland 



This Hallowed Honor bestowed on Pope Frances-shows up the Irish Ignorance of what he really is-stands for, and the Mind Bending assault on Critical Thinking & 'Informed Free Thinkers'. The ADULATION of this POPE FIGURE-which was in evidence aplenty-is a SAD Commentary on what's happening WORLDWIDE-for Power and Control of the Populace of this Globe.



This POPE attended the BILDERBERG Meeting this year-he was received very well-for his AGENDA-which is in tangent-lock step with the NWO-'New World Order'-Their GLOBALIST 'One World Order', WHITE GENOCIDE, Zionist Objectives, Climate Change SCAM, and Spying on ALL world Peoples. This ACCEPTANCE by the Bilderberg Group-ALONE is a strong & Condemning indication of POPE FRANCES Policies. He is, after all, more a Geo-Politician then a Spiritual Leader. Religion is ALWAYS tied to Politics-but this POPE'S ties are clear evidence of his absent Spirituality.     


Best to keep in mind 'No Organized Religion-serves the Spiritual Needs of Humankind-They Serve themselves.


This Pope-looks the Humble/smiling Thing he wants to Portray-talking to Irish Citizens & Families of Abused Children by Priests-is the Mask and only one of the ways-People are cajoled-pulled into a belief system-which doesn't actually exist. It's all masquerade. Authorities-will never tell YOU-or Allow for he 'Truth'.


OK-Pope Frances-is wanted in his Home Country-Argentina for Hiding Paedophile Priests. He's also the one responsible for obtaining EXOCET MISSLES from France-to be used against the British in the 'Falkand's-Maldives' War. He's a Jesuit-a Militant Sect-within the Catholic Church-who have been plotting/planning on getting one of their members into the Papacy/Vatican-for a log time. They NOW have Pope Frances as 'Their Man'.


He is also a Champion of Globalism-wants ALL individual Nation Status wiped out-to bring about Globalist Control. He preaches for Blacks in Africa to go to Europe-in Droves-which is his drive to wipe out the White Race-by Malignant Migrants, inter marriage-destroying Western Culture/History.


He is fully aware that 'Climate Change' is BS & a worldwide CON Job. Countries have been using WEATHER WEAPONS-i.e. HAARP-Scalar Technologies, heating the upper atmosphere-stirring/Directing Hurricanes-and using DEW-Direct Energy Weapons-BEAMS-to effect the Climate around the World & to convince people that Climate Change Exists. He also knows Very Well-that Chemtrails are being used for the same basic purpose-to create a strong argument for the Reality of Climate Change Existing.


​He's against building Walls-although the Vatican is encircled by a huge one-but is Selective about which Countries should allow them. He's an advocate for Gun Control, Promotes ISLAM as a Peaceful Religion, and endorses the United Nations war on Free Speech-thus he's For PC-Political Correctness which nullifies 'Free Thinkers'-which are anathema to Controlling Religions.






Attached File  POPE SAYS ISLAM IS RELIGION OF PEACE-SHIT 2.jpg   86.32KB   0 downloads


SO-Yes-he speaks with 'Forked Tongue', AND the Irish People once again-through plain & simple Sheeple/Dumb Down mentalities, refuse to WAKE UP & challenge Institutions already dominating their Minds/Culture.


**Further-'This Pope'-is a BIG PART of what constitutes Ireland's main Enemies

It's No 'REAL' SECRET-The Globalist inspired-EU/UN-NWO--in league with MALIGNANT MIGRANTS & our IRISH SOVEREIGNTY GONE again-What an insult 2 'THE RISING'-

We R @ War-Irish Soldier Laddies


Our IRISH Heritage/Culture-assaulted-being destroyed by Mass Influx of EU Sanctioned-MIGRANTS who are NOT Refugees-but INVADERS.

**Click on HyperLinks below-get the Picture: