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Comet Ison -If You're Not On The Watchlist & Sweeps Daughter Wedding Pics

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Posted 18 December 2013 - 03:35 PM

Ison's Incoming Debris Hitting the Sun

Missing Frames in SOHO Footage

*’Sweeps’ NOTE:
...We have to keep watching this folks. It’s immense, the DEBRIS field of ISON. It could sweep toward/around/through EARTH in January...with what amounts of large rocks and Debris we can’t even imagine.

That’s why NASA ‘took out’ specific ‘frames’ in the ISON passage through the Corona of the SUN...because it shows the
EXPLOSIONS set off ‘On the Sun’ caused by the huge CHUNKS of matter thrown into it by ISON.

Below is a ‘MUST WATCH’ Video...It SHOWS the missing segments, taken out by NASA and the Explosions on the SUN itself. Do it, educate your selves as to what has happened and kept hidden...and what may be coming. Prepare by watching this Video. Thanks/’S’

*CLICK below for this VIDEO... this alternative view of the Ison perihelion clearly shows that frames have been removed from the official website:

Earth Will Start Passing through
this Trail on January 12th through the 19th

Alexandra Bruce
December 18, 2013

**YouTube posts continue to rage about the imminent dangers posed by Ison and a ‘NASA cover-up’.

Why aren’t the world’s people being informed of the potential DANGERS?/’S’

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Posted 18 December 2013 - 10:23 PM

I thought that following its break-up and change of trajectory there would also be a danger this month, perhaps on Boxing day and a few days after that. Not a direct hit from anything too large, but certainly something to upset a lot of people and cause much localised damage.

The danger you cite here was always going to be - my understanding is that its when we pass through the area of space the comets' tail passed through - when it was travelling towards the sun!

Maybe I need a steel hat?

But what if there are bacteria in what rains down upon us? Could there be a global pandemic of some unknown virus? Could the bacteria affect people in ways which change their brain functions and perceptive abilities (ie: could we be about to be seeded in a way which changes humankind, ultimately into an even better vehicle for the human soul?)


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