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How To Change Dna, New Light From Sun, March 2012, Webbots & More...

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Posted 09 January 2012 - 11:24 PM

Hello everyone,

Over the past few days I’ve been listening to podcasts of radio shows by Dr John Waterman which include him reviewing the latest webbot reports - and more..
I must stress that the info is not at all ‘all doomy’. Far from it! Also, we must be aware that Clif will (probably) edit what he releases in order to keep certain info away from the elite.
Below are some notes... I'm putting the DNA info first, then the 'New Light' from the sun info, then the rest.

When reviewing the webbots Waterman said for cutting edge DNA info / discoveries to listen to his "Simply Your Health" show broadcast on Argusoog Radio 5th Jan 2012
The notes below come from this show but due to (my) time constraints only include a little of what was said, and are in 'note' format.

physical stress only has short term effects on people whilst emotional stress causes long term effects and ‘dealing with’ this can be exhausting, even cause illness.
Touch more important to good health than sight.
white blood cells simulated by many things, inc mistletoe which is also good for helping keep cancer at bay - said whilst talking about flu prevention.
In first part of radio show also explains how to reinvigorate immune system.
intestinal 'flora' vital part of human immune system without which disease is likely

only 5% of DNA needed for human body reproduction.
DNA has syntax and semantics similar to human speech (this makes me wonder whether crude, uncouth speech - lots of f-words, etc - lower our vibrations and make us more prone to illness??)
When Google patented DNA they mostly patented the so called 'junk' DNA. But why?
Laser light was shone on to some so called 'junk' DNA and instead of remaining straight the light started to integrate with the DNA and to follow the DNA in its barley-twist spiral. Even when the DNA was removed from the laser beam the light remained in a spiral, as if following a fibre optic cable. (1hr:22mins) this suggests the so called 'junk' DNA re-programmed the laser beam light. Known as "DNA phantom effect."
Laser beams can be used as a carrier with a radio frequency wave being inserted in to the laser. Scientists did this by using a resonant frequency for the DNA were able to re-program DNA (in a test tube).
Another experiment - they added the frequencies of spoken language (spoken in to a microphone) to imprint the sounds of word in to the laser, which they then beamed into the DNA. Effectively this reprogrammed the DNA with spoken language!
my thoughts
Hmm, imagine doing this at the same time as 'test tube baby fertilisation'. Perhaps a genetic illness could be cured? Brain functions be changed? (latent abilities enabled?) Physical body changed... extra limbs, body organs????
A Heart coherence research team also found that human emotions can program DNA - sonic beams sent to the heart in rhythm with our own feelings / emotions are then transformed into electromagnetic energy in the body and they act like a coupling device which create electromagnetic counterparts / wavelengths of emotional sounds which then become "energy in motion" (ie: e-motion).
Yin Yang symbol looks like twisting DNA strands when DNA is looked at 'end on'.
Golden Mean Ratio also affects our DNA.
In addition to emotional energies our cellular metabolism also affects our DNA, and consumption of food, which is all about creating short-wave blue light which feeds our DNA - the purpose of metabolism in both plants and animals is to create highly-coherent ultraviolet light inside the DNA which drives them to replicate.
Studies shown a clear relationship between our mental & emotional states and how our DNA is affected. Waterman suggests that people with depression / negative emotional states for a long period of time are quite literally reprogramming themselves in ways which will make them unwell. (reminds me of a cancer doctor who found that often people with testicular / ovarian cancer had recently experienced an emotionally traumatic event.)
1hr:33mins Also found... cells can be influenced remotely as well (quantum non-locality of organisms)... using tissue from someone (possibly a mouth swab) taken and then relocated 12km away from the person it was found that when the cells in the mouth were treated with cellular reprogramming the cells 12km away were also affected.
research shows that DNA acts like a biological computer... artificial intelligence. But why do scientists want this? What is the hidden agenda? Human Borg? Asked with those who came from elsewhere aeons ago in mind...
'sun disease' starts to fall to barely a trickle - in relation to flood of new 'birthing' energies which include new light from the sun which affects plants and leads to the development of new very powerful medicines. 1hr:48mins The New Light medicines will be used by multiple generations over a very long term ... starts in 2012 with an outburst of the solar new light
solar originating new light phenomena wont please rapture or ascension advocates but will be cause of renaissance of humankind
New light phenomena will need a new word inventing as it wont involve anything (solar flare, CME etc) currently known to mankind
New light will affect plants which explains what will happen to us! (Because we will ingest the light by eating the plants)
New light also linked in with strong winds
space energies suggest new visual light effects in skies, esp in cold areas... disrupted torroid visible.
2012 will be a very busy year - all sorts of secrets are coming out..
The first week of March is when it all starts in earnest... and it is possible that there will be currency issues for the USA (devaluation) which lead to hyperinflation
Waterman says buy things which go up in price that you will need 'now' and try to get fixed rate utilities (fixed over 2 yrs) as this will help protect you against inflation.
Riots of 2012 and 2013 lead to torching of gated communities of the wealthy.
Looting of underground govt. facility... vault of space alien hardware will be found and eventually much revelatory eye-boggling info shared online! (waterman suggests that military will also be in internal civil war and those against attacking / shooting ordinary civilians will be the ones who do the looting).
Elite expecting uprising, national strikes & mass riots about 'detention without trial' legislation, arrests & murders of US citizens by police & army... etc. Scheduled for March 2012.
Cliff says that this will be a good time marker for those who wish to leave the USA whilst they can and before NWO clamp-down and new legislation which forbids the removal of assets from the USA by its citizens - ie: ban on taking anything out, money, physical goods, etc.
(My comment - perhaps anyone leaving should donate their assets to charity rather than allow the elite to get hold of them)
Waterman says that people with bank deposit boxes MUST empty them now. Put the items in home vaults / fire safes... as otherwise the banks will nick them.
Webbot report includes a section which Clif titles as "off-world and feminine"
This will be an alternative media phenomena which bleeds into the mainstream. somehow linked in with ancient ruins, female off-planet people, a messianic female personality who some religions will see as divine - will please 'new age' people who look to the 'divine feminine' as a desirable feature of the coming years. Possibility of aspects of energy vampirism.
(clif ponders - maybe brides for the 200 million surplus males over females in china??)
General webbot info.....
massive child porno scandal, catastrophically bad for Catholic Church. High up officials steal Church items and flee.
France & Ireland working together, for many years to come... very big in the webbot report. Might be related to Catholic Church events involving these two countries. Might also be related to 'new electrics', the rollouts of which will cause massive social corporate upheaval, infrastructure issues and more. Chaotic events. But I think many people who understand the changes would be expecting this.
Greeks pull-out of Euro, and don’t suffer as badly as expected - perhaps because they don't accept bail-outs.
A sea-based rescue of American(?) children being trafficked for slavery / satanic rituals by the high elite.
Fukishima situation results in calls for many Japanese to evacuate, altho' for many will be 'too late'. Japan seriously affected due to massed deaths / people fleeing / being evacuated (3 waves of deaths / evacuations)
Nigeria has enough oil to supply Europe for 300 years... elite want to control Nigeria so that they can control that oil supply themselves and prevent it being released too quickly and oil prices falling. In Nigeria an unarmed 'occupy' protester has been shot dead. First time ever, anywhere globally.
Waterman says that 2012 ascension data, new banks, new systems, etc all come from NWO to trick trusting ordinary people & 'New Age' is a phony sham!!!
TPTB in US frightened of ordinary people... especially as so many have guns so can fight back
another area of concern is radiation damage to people within the USA. Contamination and how radioactivity is affecting people planetwide, will become visible, and we have to change our lives, how we live... decade long change.
New forms of advertising of anti-radiation materials, radioactivity-free foods and water, altho' govt. sanctions on the topic will make it difficult to even broach the topic. As a result there will be much 'double-speak' in advertising, etc.
Fukushima has experienced 4 quakes past few days, one (4.2) directly below reactors... could there be a ‘China syndrome’ looming? (A melt-down which goes deep into ground???)
NW USA & Southern hemisphere coastal areas over-run with flying insects which cause aircraft to suffer damage - mechanical breakdown.
large groups (corrupt) civil servants arrested Dec 2011 - May 2012. Long term data (5+ years) suggests break down of USA replaced by start of 'self organising collectives'. Missing gold / silver / coins & investigations about (because Fort Knox is empty) end up with many elite being 'found out'.

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