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The Holographic Universe-for ‘dummies’=

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Posted 19 August 2006 - 01:51 AM

[size=3][size=4][font=Comic Sans Ms] :wub: THE HOLOGRAM UNIVERSE...CUM ‘REALITY’...A SIMPLIFIED VIEW
*Go to 'radio shows'-listen to Michael Talbot's talk on 'The Holographic Universe'-be a VIP Member

The whole way ‘we’ view/perceive REALITY itself has been thrown into a conundrum. And it was done by the Scientific Community itself. Now it’s coming out from ‘them’. They’ve known it for years. Theoretical physicists-Quantum Mechanics has shown that sub atomic particles KNOW what’s going to happen before it happens...in short…’they’ communicate with each other. So what? Well, the problem for ‘classical Science’ is…that ’they’ do this whether ‘they’ are a micron apart or BILLIONS OF MILES from them in Space. ‘They’ do it instantaneously! It’s done then...faster then the Speed Of Light...destroying Einstien’s theory that NOTHING can travel faster then that Speed. It also MEANS that ‘Physical/objective Reality’...the way we have conceived of it...DOESN’T EXIST! If this communication ‘goes on’...then SPACE and TIME don’t exist.
It means that NOTHING is physically/truly separate from anything else. All of this PROVEN experimentation more than supports the HOLOGRAM theory of ‘Reality’...to which many Scientists are now gravitating. So what is a HOLOGRAM? In essence, a Hologram is a 3 dimensional photograph made with the aid of a laser. It has side-to side, up and down, and backward and forward, just as our own physical reality. Now...if it is 3 dimensional...one can walk around it. It looks solid and quite real. But...even if one cuts the PICTURE it reproduces in half, or quarters, et al...each portion of it WILL STILL CONTAIN THE ENTIRE PICTURE.

Our ‘brains’ (I prefer ‘Minds’) are now being viewed by visionary theoretical physicist and neuro-physiologists as having ‘Holographic characteristics’. Our ‘thinking processes’ actually encode and decode the multiple bombardments of sound and light frequencies...to convert this blur into the solid world of our perceptions. A hologram does the SAME thing. Also...our memories...actually every piece of information is infinitely cross connected with EVERY portion of the ‘mind’. There is no singular or pointed place for memory. A hologram has the same intrinsic property. All of its parts are interconnected to produce the image.

actually create our ‘hard reality’ out of the vibrations of whole spectrums of frequencies. OK...if our ‘concrete’ world is really only a SECONDARY ‘REALITY’ we create out of a ‘rush’ of frequencies, & our minds...selects some of the frequencies to transform them mathematically into sensory perceptions, what does it mean for ‘objective reality’? It means that a REAL HARD reality doesn’t ‘really’ exist! There is no escape from that conclusion. It quite pointedly says that everything we see, touch, taste, smell, hear, and sense in anyway...is AN ILLUSION. Our reality is nothing more than a PHANTASM. Well, the ‘Far Eastern’ traditions have been telling us the same thing for thousands of years. The ‘material world’ they’ve been telling us is MAYA...its all illusion. Now leading psychologists, on the ‘hologram tract’ are saying that...if ’our solid reality is only a holographic illusion...we can’t say that ’our brains’ produce ’consciousness’. We can’t get away from it….’Consciousness’ itself must create the appearance of ’the brain’, as well as the ’body’ and everything else around us which we interpret as ’the physical Universe’.

Simply...we live in a world of APPEARANCES created by Consciousness itself. I’ve championed this in my book ‘Trying To Light The Match (sub-titled ’Kicking The One Reality Habit’) for years, and in our 3 hour video…’UFO’s Over Ireland’. In another sense…the Hologram paradigm is the only model of existence, the Universe, and ‘All that is’, WHICH CAN provide for all the mysteries and anomalous happenings which Science avoids...or attempts to ‘sweep under the carpet’.

Everything is ‘intimately’ connected. We are ALL a part of ‘the all’...That is what allows for psychics/mystics to see the ‘future’, have visions, see ghosts, have ‘out of body journeys’, and perform fetes of power and healing...among other things. I’ve talked about this at Univ. College Dublin….we, as a set, have an established habit reality...agreeing to certain angles of perception of this Hologram existence. This view of ‘reality’ will wholly alter the way Science and controlling religions confront ‘our real spiritual nature’./’Sweeps’***

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Posted 14 February 2008 - 01:15 PM

-Very good basic review-thanks-Captain :D

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