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Anton Parks-'the Secret Of The Dark Stars'

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Posted 20 September 2006 - 05:31 PM



Anton Parks-Author of ‘The Secret Of The Dark Stars’

*Book Cover-yes it's in FRENCH
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-Talks about the Paranormal Experiences which led to him to write the book-

***Courtesy of Gerry Zeitlin’s Web Site:

My Webpage

*OR-go directly to the 'Dark Stars' LINK:

My Webpage.

**A side note from ‘Sweeps’
*This is a titillating (and probably 1st exposure to most people) very ‘Cutting Edge’ exploration into who we are, where we came from, and possibly where we are going. This is not for the Timid or those still ‘Holding’ to a Robotized work a day world. It’s for those who want to ‘step outside’ of convention, those who have had their own…what is to be considered…’Other Worldly Experiences’, and those pre-disposed to seeking ‘The Many Forking Paths’ of our true Spiritual and Human natures/backgrounds. It is also to be looked at as merely ‘An Introduction’ to the fuller topic. It’s up to yourselves, those willing and in a sense ‘all ready there’, to investigate more through Gerry’s Web Site. It will be a thrilling, novel, and rewarding experience.

-Much information obtained by ‘Out of body excursions’-OBE’s/so called other ‘Paranormal’/or ‘Supernatural Means…by many people over the centuries…has produced a typical Scorn/disbelief/ostracizing/persecution/and basically non-acceptance. Only lately has this whole field opened up to worth and worthwhile recognition, even belatedly in the Scientific Community. Too many people have demonstrated such fetes of, what we call, Paranormal/mystical/metaphysical ‘adventuring’…to not be NOW taken more seriously. Indeed even ‘The Military’ has trained special personnel with certain ‘Uncommon abilities’…to Remote View, gain information by ‘Telepathy’, move objects with their ‘Minds’, and to explore other avenues of ‘Alternately’ obtained information. We now less skeptically, look at ‘NDE’s’-Near Death Experiences, study and admit to ‘Premonitions/Precognition’, ‘Psychic Abilities’, and the whole gamut of questioning what ‘Reality’ really is or means. We are trying to ‘Ore leap’ our confinement to a ‘One Solid Reality View’. Many are now opening seeking our true Spiritual Natures…and all that that means, outside of the pressures put on us to conform and adhere to ‘Traditional Institutional Controls’. Many for the very first time, are rebelling against and denying the Authority of Religions and Culture to keep us from exploring ‘The Boundless’…in each of us/’Sweeps’ Fox

**A side note from Gerry Zeitlin-BELOW…regarding exploring ‘what’s going on’ and the knowledge coming out from many researchers/investigators/and experiencers**/’Sweeps’ Fox

-The time has come to decode what has been hidden. As I have demonstrated in The Secret of the Dark Stars and a little bit here, the decomposition of numerous terms from the four corners of the Earth is possible thanks to the language code of the Gina'abul rebels. This information is precise, because it reveals the origins of humanity and also the path to follow....

This spiritual road is no other than that of the spirit and of the light which reunites one and all with a universal consciousness which is not limited to this planet.
The term "spirituality" is taken from the Latin SPIRITUALIS, itself from SPIRITUS (spirit). That gives us in the language of the "gods": SI (light), PIRIG (brilliant) and the verbal form US (being near, to follow, attend), thus SI-PIRIG-US "to follow the brilliant light." It is truly this light that will come into us all one day, humans as well as Gina'abul-

An Anomalous/Paranormal Excursion into the KUR-GAL?
Would it be possible for a human being to enter the Earth's KUR-GAL dimension?
Author Whitley Strieber (‘Communion’) may have done this. He reports an unplanned, unexpected penetration into a reality space similar to ours but still unmistakably different, and connected by... a phantom highway intersection! His little excursion occurred as he drove in his jeep through a busy, built-up area of New Jersey, and he had a passenger in the vehicle who shared the entire experience.
Strieber seemed to have encroached on what appeared to be a residential area with highly unusual structures, decorated with images of "snakes." It was definitely a break from the ordinary world he had just left; even the weather was different.
He and the passenger in his jeep saw no other vehicles there, nor any living beings.
After finding his way back to normal reality, Strieber was unable to locate that neighborhood again.
Could this have been a glimpse of the Earth's KUR-GAL? Functionally, it would meet the requirements. The ‘KUR-GAL’ is the name of the dimensional level on which the Gina'abul reptilians took up their residence on Earth.

Gerry Zeitlin tells us on his ‘Pages’:

Parks' experiences began at the age of 14, in 1981, with a series of "flashes" that would occur at any hour of the day, and completely beyond his control. These eventually evolved into "visions" that took place from once to three times each day.
The visions seemed somehow to be related to or triggered by the ambient light at the time of their occurrence. The light in the visions had the same "spectrum" as the surrounding light. They came as "jets of light" from above, penetrating the top of his head, at the level of the "seventh principal chakra." They would instantly disconnect him from his surroundings and move him into complete scenes, including the aspect of sound.

He would find himself "inside" a certain being, and usually would find the same set of "personages" around him.
These living experiences would take from two to up to ten minutes. Yet if there were people around Parks at the time the visions occurred, they did not seem to notice that anything special had happened, which leads Parks to believe that he would have been gone for only a few seconds at most, in their time.
Parks struggled to comprehend the source of these visions, and their meaning. It was not until the end of the 90s and much research that he came to understand that they were
to the Sumerian civilization and to a language from which the Sumerian language emerged.
Parks also began to consider aspects of reincarnation theory in trying to comprehend what was happening to him.

The personage whose identity Parks assumed in his visions bore the name of "Sa'am," and it was Sa'am's "destiny" that Parks was retracing.
Sa'am belonged to a group of "reptilian" races known as the Gina'Abul, and these are the divinities who are written about on the Mesopotamian tablets.
Sa'am had a certain crystal that was called "Gírkù." The information that Parks was receiving was in some way coming from the crystal, which led him to wonder if the experience was being played out in his mind by the crystal or if he really was this "Sa-am" who owned it.
After many years of living with these visions, Parks found that they were taking too much of his life, and he began a process of reducing and blocking them. This took many months, but the phenomenon eventually disappeared, in 1991 around the time of the first Persian Gulf War.
Coming to terms with the experience, Parks decided that it was not necessary to know for certain if he truly was the Sa'am personage, although in the depths of his being he is convinced that it is so. Perhaps this was what led him to begin a study of ancient Mesopotamian texts. He and his associates were soon shocked to find that the history they related was practically identical to what he had received - or lived through - in his visions.

Pursuing an interest in the Sumerian language, and aided by his "flashes," Parks discovered the "linguistic code of the "gods".

Eventually what became most important was the need to write and publish the information he was gathering. He began this task in the period 2000-2001.
His work, when complete, will consist of three volumes, strict transcriptions of what he received over a period of ten long years.

**Comparison of ‘Anton Parks-arrived at paranormally-with the Work of Other Researchers
Parks has examined the translations of Samuel Kramer, Jean Bottéro, Marie-Joseph Seux, Thorkild Jacobsen, René Labat, and André Caquot. While they differ from one another, their core information is the same, and Parks and his associates couldn't help noticing a surprising similarity between his flashes and the basic story written down on the ancient clay tablets - certainly more than 5000 to 6000 years old!
It was all Parks could do to keep from plunging too deeply into these translations, so as to continue to preserve intact the history as he had received it, which contained numerous elements that were totally absent from the tablets.

He found striking similarities on concepts having to do with cloning, well detailed on the tablets, which have also been discussed by modern authors Zecharia Sitchin, R. Boulay, and David Icke.
Most important was information relating to the central personage known in Parks' first volume as Sa-am, who took other names while on the Earth. But he cannot speak further of this for the time being, as it would reveal in advance certain important details from the second volume which has not been edited at the time of this interview.

Possible Extended Encounter with Imdugud
The various civilizations and their interactions described in Anton Parks' reports (his published and as yet unpublished books and communications) cover a time span of at least hundreds of thousands of years. If the reports are veridical, then, as we have been saying, it would be foolish to believe that the powerful forces that swept us into existence have now faded into the mists like a child's fairy tale, leaving us to play out our destiny in a vast uninhabited universe, ours for the taking, or not, as we wish.
We may indeed have a destiny, but it cannot be the one we were thinking of.

If we cannot determine "where everybody is" and what they are doing, then we had better work on that problem because there is no way that they don't know where we are and what we are doing. Since we have no assurance that we are under the protection of any "prime directive" so beloved by science fiction fans, aware humans should be distinctly disturbed by this asymmetry in information flow.
That said, we do not in these websites (Open SETI and The End of Enchantment) devote space to "UFO sightings" or other common experiencer reports, however important those may be. We do go deeply into bodies of data, ideas, and analysis that show promise of putting an end to the asymmetry and significantly improving our knowledge of our situation.

Especially now that we have Parks' reports, we can look for correspondences... signs of current activities of specific species, for example.

And as it turns out, we may have an extensive, independent report that qualifies.
Charles Hall, an ex-USAF weather observer, spent several years living part-time and working in isolation out on the Nellis Range north of Indian Springs, Nevada. During his assignment there, Hall had extensive, daily experience with an unearthly race of humanoid beings whom he dubbed "the Tall Whites." His description of these beings corresponds in many respects with Parks' description of the Imdugud race (see Races) who in his understanding were created in our solar system and have inhabited it continuously for hundreds of thousands of years.
Exactly what do they have in common? Here's a short list:
1. Very tall humanoid "Nordic" with white skin
2. Often have blue eyes
3. Emit barking or whistling sounds
4. Solitary
5. Warriors/soldiers

The Tall Whites frequently wore detachable claws in Hall's presence on the range (because they actually feared him); he noticed that they would remove them for forays into Las Vegas (in favor of gloves). In Parks' memory, Sa'am always found the Imdugud to be clawed. And they had good reason to fear him too, due to his reputation of having killed Abzu-Abba by using his great internal powers. And Sa'am was the son of An, creator of the Anunna. (A most important topic, yet to be discussed on these pages.)
Parks does not know whether or not the Imdugud's claws were natural. The genetically-related Urmah displayed claws when Sa'am met with them on several occasions. The Nungal, blood brothers of the Imdugud, had hands with fingers like humans. The important point, however, is that he did see claws on the Imdugud.

Charlie Hall's Tall Whites make frequent trips to the moon. The Imdugud have numerous bases there.
Neither group can tolerate the Greys. This distinguishes the Imdugud from the Kingú-Babbar, who make use of the Greys, who are at their service and are even their creatures.

Like the Kingú, the Imdugud detest associating with others, doing it only in their self-interest. They are difficult to approach, even by a Gina'abul or a Kadištu. As to the Tall Whites, Hall was shot and left to die merely because he took one step toward one of them in order to better hear what the being was trying to say to him. That peculiarity is a striking correspondence.

Charlie Hall is not able to explain to our satisfaction what these beings were doing with their base at Nellis, and in fact what they do anywhere. Hall did see numerous "scout craft" based at Nellis, capable of travel throughout the solar system. According to Parks, since the Imdugud were in some sense the guardians of Tiamate, they had bases throughout the system, and many on the Earth.

They know well the humanity that they watched being (re)created and reaching maturity.
They were programmed by the Urmah to play the role of conciliators. They are solitary, but must be able to enter into contact with the entire world. Negotiation is their mission. Combat is their final recourse.
In any event, their situation on the Earth was very difficult and it was almost impossible to negotiate with the arrogant Anunna, with whom they were at war. The Imdugud spent more of the time "saving their skins" and their territories than negotiating with the invaders.
Parks agrees with my suggestion that the group at Nellis may be a military or security unit directing a logistics center.

But the Imdugud have always been heavily armed, he says. This brings to mind an event in which Charles met a U.S. security patrol on the range who were quite hostile and threatening to kill him, although he was fully authorized to be there. During the tense encounter, a "Tall White gunship" drifted onto the scene and tried to maneuver to get a clean line of fire at the security patrol, while Hall had to move to protect the security team without inciting them to open fire on him!
While all that was going on, Hall relates, the Pentagon was on the phone to the guard post, trying to get them to call off their people.

"If the Tall Whites are the Imdugud, it is not astonishing to see them having relations with the U.S. government. It is even more reassuring because you well know that they are great strategists and very intelligent."

Why "reassuring?" Keep in mind the affiliations of the Imdugud (see Races). For their part, the Anunna have a much darker origin, co-created by An and Ninmah on Dukù for purposes of conquest. (This is perhaps the centerpiece event of Le Secret and will soon be reflected at length in these Notes.) Parks will be discussing the relations of the Anunna/Anunnaki with humanity in his second work, Adam Genisis. And so this remark of Parks can be considered a hint as to our present situation.
For more information, read Charles Hall and the Tall White ETs.

’Sweeps’ says**If you can read/understand French…go to the interview done by the prestigious Belgium Web Site ‘KARMOPOLIS’…which did a full interview with Anton Parks:

My Webpage

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Posted 27 October 2006 - 05:09 AM

is there an english version? I did not dig to deep

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Posted 27 October 2006 - 11:55 AM

is there an english version? I did not dig to deep

*Hi someguy,
...of the BOOK? NO. But go to Gerry's LINK...direct to the 'Dark Stars' write up. He gives a good 'play by play' in English...of what's being told/talked about. Great stuff. Thanks/'Sweeps'