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Large Craft Just Landed On Moon

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Seth Haniel

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Posted 22 January 2014 - 01:05 PM


At least one enormous object of unknown origin has been visually verified as having landed on our moon. As a result, on Wednesday, January 15, three Terrier-Orion rockets blasted off within a span of 20 seconds from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. EST (0600 to 1000 GMT) on hush-hush missions for the Department of Defense (DoD).

TRN has obtained photos of the unknown

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Posted 22 January 2014 - 01:58 PM

*'Sweeps' NOTE:
...Putting in some good LINKS/videos, which reports on this phenomenom...AND IT SEEMS TO BE TRUE folks. In fact, NASA had been 'Following' 2 CRAFTS for over 2 years...travelling VERY FAST in our Solar System. Make up your own minds...but heed this carefully because these reports are quite Valid...by many accounts. Yep...no coincidence that the CHINESE space craft just landed on the MOON. Maybe we'll hear something from them investigating? Thanks/'Sweeps'



Published on Jan 19, 2014

Is it part of an alien spaceship nestled under the dust of the moon, or a secret moonbase occupied by humans?
Speculation has exploded over these controversial images which appear to show something unexplained on the surface of the moon.
The triangular anomaly, spotted on Google's map of the moon, has rows of seven light-like dots along its edge that have been likened to an alien base or spaceship.

*I'm reporting the coordinates below-for Google Moon Watch...but while the craft WAS there earlier, others now report...as below...that they seemed to have vanished. Why not take a look?/'S'

Enter these co-ordinates on Google Earth / Moon on my PC at home and it came up with exactly the same image as on the Video. Consequently I do not believe that this video is a fake. I searched around a bit and found a similar shape, with poorer quality resolution, at the co-ordinates 29 043 23.45N 146 046 34.74E. HOWEVER I just tried the co-ordinates 22 042 38.46N 143 034 44.52E again and that dark rectangular patch has disappeared and the triangular shape has completely disappeared!!!

Another commentator:
The most amazing thing to me is that Google didn't obscure it; they easily could have done so; they've obscured so many other sites; they've turned the Continent of Antarctica into a giant "Whitewash" with all of their obscurations. (Pun intended)! TNX for the video!

#3 skylark


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Posted 24 January 2014 - 06:24 PM

*'Sweeps' NOTE:
...What is amazing, is that this new Moon arrival craft looks very much like the giant rectangular UFO which was seen for three days in Israel in 2006…and certainly didn’t look like ‘your normal UFO’. That VIDEO is below…with commentary. It is truly a unique phenomenon, because of its SIZE and the great Videos taking of it. It is also indisputable. It did happen. Take a LOOK and compare it to what’s being reported on our MOON now/’S’

#4 simple simon

simple simon

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Posted 25 January 2014 - 09:20 PM

hmm, I wonder how much the loading of the images to GoogleMoon was 'accidental'.

whats needed are some people who are accomplished remote viewers to attempt to see whats going on - if they can / aren't blocked.

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