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Spirit Rescue

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Posted 28 September 2006 - 09:15 AM

This is a true event that I was involved in which I wrote as a 'short story' to get it across to a wider audience - everything is 'true' and only the names have been changed -

The manifestation at 12 Meadow drive, first came to the attention of the Dobson household with the birth of their Daughter, that was just four months ago. And only two months after Dave and Joy had first entered the house.

House hunting had taken its toll on the Dobson's with all the gazumping and let downs it entailed. Then along came number 12. They had looked at it before, but it was out of their price range then. This time the price was suspiciously low, but it appeared to be a reasonable proposition, and with Joy's condition now causing concern, they bought the house and moved in.

After a week in residence the neighbours had been met, and the subject of the previous tenants had been raised. Mavis from number 10 had known Audrey, the previous tenant of number 12, through out Audrey's 37 years in residence. Audrey and Mavis had been good friends. In later years Audrey had become frail and finally died a painful death in the front bedroom of number 12.

"There was a son, where he is now no one seems to know. He was a wirey fellow with long unkempt black hair." Added Mavis " I knew his name, let me see, yes Rolf! That was him, I never met him he kept unsociable hours you know, that is, if he was really there at all."

That evening Joy suggested to Dave, that they should convert the back bedroom into the main bedroom. "It'll only needed a coat of paint on the ceiling, to cover the two symbols above the bed." Dave had recognised them as Egyptian, an eye and an Ankh cross.

When Tracey was born, number 12 seemed to take on a new a new character, bizarre things started to happen! Joy's mother, Ruth had seen Tracy's shoes, moving on the window ledge. Then Joy started seeing things move. "Well there was the safety gate, it moved of its own accord' Joy declared and there was that strange presence that accompanied Dave and Joy in their daily tasks. Sam the Dobson's two year old son had always seen and followed `the man', as his unconditioned senses, focused on his new playmate.

Then things started to change. There was the forceful opening of the back bedroom door onto Joy, as she painted out the old Egyptian symbols. While the effect that the presence had on Dave, took on a more active form. These came over Dave in a series of short controlled possessions, leaving Dave with dizzy periods of up to thirty seconds, another aspect came through in Dave's voice, with derogatory speech aimed at Joy, but totally out of character with Dave.

The next stage that the presence employed, was the trance like take over of Dave, leaving him looking glazed eyed and ashen faced.

Before the Dobson's took the decision to move out of their house. A consultation had taken place over the 'phone with a Clairvoyant picked at random, through the paper's small ad's. All this taking place while Dave was in a Zombie like state, stuck at the top of the stairs. The Clairvoyant had shouted down the `phone, deafening Joy in the process, "Get behind me Satan", before quickly recommending that a priest be called. Joy went to answer, but the line was now dead.

Dave now came down the stairs, shaken but unaware of what had even happened. Joy would not now stay in the house, "until it has been blessed", she added, as she hastily gathered together a few things for the baby. The car was packed. Within the hour, Ruth found that she had some unexpected lodgers.

The Christening was next week, also the Minister had agreed to come back to the house with them, to perform a blessing.

The Dobson's did not return to the house, till the 3rd July, but just for the already planned Christening of Tracy. The Minister kept his word and gave each room a blessing, now Joy felt a little easier for the first time in months. Though as the night drew on, Dave became a little worse for the drink. Without warning Dave was in a trance state. The possession took on a new more violent form. It was the last straw for Joy, and this drove the Dobson's away, to stay again with Joy's parents. Not to return for anything.

All this had taken its toll, the children had started having nightmares, now the family as a whole were all suffering, Joy and Dave were drained, through the worry of the house, and their restless nights.

Seth was settling down, for a quiet evening in, thoughts now on his catching up, on the ever increasing paperwork, that had again began to build up.

The phone rang twice, before Seth could juggle the receiver to his ear. It was Sandra "Hi are you free tonight". Seth could tell by the tone of her voice, that there was a mission to take on. Seth heard how the details had reached Sandra, through the grapevine of buck passing and hand washing, that had become the expected norm.

Being a Wednesday, Seth was free, though all nights were made free when his assistance was needed. A quick collection of his trusty crystals, lucky charms and variety of religious Items and Seth was ready, or as near ready as he could be.

The journey to Sandra's took only fifteen minutes. A shout of "I will be down in a minute", greeted Seth as he entered Sandra's through the ever open door. Seth knew his job, he was to methodically `charge' the Holy water and Crucifix, ready for whatever task lay ahead. Sandra flowed into the room and whisked the items into her carry all, along with her Bible, assorted candles and incense.

Then it was on to the next pick up, Jennifer, living a mere half mile from Sandra. It was Jennifer, who had some background information on the series of events, that had happened so far, needing their attention, this gave Seth and Sandra a bit more to go on.

It was only a five minute drive to Fairlea, and as Seth's car pulled up outside number 12 Meadow Drive, Seth glanced in the mirror to see a car pull in close behind him. "Nice timing", he thought. Jennifer, who had spoken on the 'phone to Joy, now saw, with their silver crucifixes swinging. Joy and Dave, coming towards the now alighted trio.

Introductions were brief, and once over, it was on with the task at hand, and to be shown into the house, by Dave.

Sandra's group had been operating, for over three eventful years, though the group didn't have an official name, it had picked up the Nickname 'R.I.P.'.

The group was now free to roam at will, over the house, to sense for themselves the situation. Their first finding was that the house had retained it's heat, even though it was now unlived in.

Seth felt it had rather a `heavy atmosphere' as he ventured into the front room, but on entering the small front bedroom, found it to be quite cold in comparison to the rest of the house. The air was also 'charged', Seth sensed, by the door.

Once that part was over with, Seth was happy to join the others, who now with Joy and Dave, were given `the guided tour'. Dave showed off the area where some of the alleged happenings had occurred. Joy pointed out the painted over Ankh and eye', still faintly discernible, on the back bedroom ceiling. Seth also noticed the thick pile carpet, that would have prevented any easy movement of the door. Once back downstairs, and talking over a cup of hot tea, Sandra had begun to set up the candles, along with crucifix and Rose Quartz, not forgetting the Bible and incense. Joy stared fascinated by the events unfolding before her.

Dave noticed the presence first, as it arrived Joy shuddered, Seth felt the cold clammy mist envelop his legs, slowly rising. Sandra decided it was now time to start the proceedings, taking a taper, lit both candle and incense, Joy noticed that Dave was now starting to grow tired, also the presence was beginning to take over control of his body.

A barrage of questions, was now aimed at the presence, "what is your name", asked Jennifer. "What do you want", Sandra enquired. Dave, still fighting sleep, answered, "I'm tired, my head hurts, it's hot". Dave's voice changed, a now unfamiliar voice spoke, "I am unloved - I am alone".

The presence had finally gained control, the speech was rough with a frightened quality, also unsure and wary. "Been here a long time", the voice uttered.

Further questioning brought a new response," I watched the big house being built", followed in desperation by "I fell" .

Seth started to attune to the vibrations, that he could feel around him, tugging at his awareness. A name came through from beyond, Seth knew it was relevant, and directed a question to the presence, now in near total control of Dave's body, "Who is Antony".

The response was immediate and unexpected, Dave's head turned slowly to look straight at Seth. The icy stare penetrated deep into Seth. Who could no longer recognise Dave, though less than four feet from him, the presence now took on a domineering pose, in the chair opposite. Suddenly the voice boomed out from Dave's direction, "WHO ARE YOU". Seth was shaken, but calmly answered, "I am a helper". There was a silence, Dave's head now turned away, unanswering.

With the question being reput by Sandra, the response came straight back, Antony is my father". The questioning so far had failed to get a name for the presence, that was now in full control of Dave. Questions were also confusing the presence, and getting the group nowhere, but for the often repeating of "the big house being built", and "I fell".

Seth now entered with "what did your father call you", but the question was again greeted with the slow icy stare, complete with the booming voice "WHO ARE YOU". Seth trembled and as calmly as he could replied, "I am a helper from the Light". Seth sensed Jennifer and Sandra, as they flinched at these retorts. Though undaunted by this, they kept up a barrage of questions. Seth's last question was now reput by Jennifer, she obtained a response and the answer, "Joseph" .

At last they had that vital name. Things could now progress. Seth, feeling that a breakthrough was imminent, again tried to question, this time addressing "Joseph". But even as his words left his mouth, he was cut short in mid sentence, by the now familiar icy stare, Seth slunk back on the couch, resolved not to question any further!.

Sandra, Jennifer and even Joy, continued with the questioning' "Why don't you like men? chastised Jennifer. The name 'Mary' floated through the ether to Seth, but he promptly bit his tongue. Sandra asked if Joseph, "wanted to go up to the Light". But the replies of "I'm unloved -no one loves me", were all that returned.

Sandra now decided to try a different approach, moving into position behind Dave. It was an old but faithful ploy to push power through Dave, and help with the release of Joseph.

Now it was Sandra's turn to receive Joseph's icy stare.

Seth now began to raise his arms, muttering to himself an age old chant, designed `to bring down the Light.

While Joseph now completely at home in Dave's body, was taking in what he was experiencing. He saw and recognised an orange, which was now fulfilling its role as a make shift incense holder, Joseph in his amazement, exclaimed "is that an Orange", and Laughed.

Seth was disturbed by this outbreak, thoughts flashed through his mind, was Joseph getting too deep a hold on Dave, remembering events just last December. The group then had to work through the night, as the mischievous spirit of a five year old child, Paul, who was finding that the body he was now inhabiting, was to his liking, decided on a marathon game of 'eye spy', before, through more luck than skill, Paul had been tricked onto his one way ticket home.

Seth looked at Jennifer, who looked at Sandra. They were all to aware of the experience, it was just one of the pitfalls in their field of work.

After much thought, and frantic glances between the members of the group. Seth volunteered a suggestion that Antony was now here to meet with Joseph, and help him to the Light. Seth's voice broke off as he realised Joseph had him in his icy glare. Though now Seth was confident that things were going right, as he could also feel a strong flow of power, coming through his arms, and into his body. Jennifer put forward Seth's suggestion, along with much coaxing, to the fact that Antony was there, and that Antony still had the love for Joseph.

Without warning, Joseph gave a sudden lunge, that brought Dave to his knee's in the middle of the room. Jennifer's reactions, heightened by the situation, quickly removed the table-cum-Altar, before the imminent collision could take place.

Joseph was now crying hysterically, with the pain and the pleasure, of his long awaited reunion with his father. In that instance they were both gone.

The rescue had been successful the sigh of relief could be felt.

Dave was now back with the living. As he staggered to his feet dazed and confused, and still very tired. Tears still flowed down his cheeks, but Dave knew no reason why. Joy went to her now recognisable husband, to help in his recovery. She asked if the presence had gone. Dave looked around gingerly, saying "its gone but", "but what", Sandra eagerly asked. Dave looked unsure, after a pause he said, "There is something else" This time Dave heard the voices, as they spoke to him. It was Joseph, just come to say thank you for what has been done. Then Antony was there, and came through likewise, with his accented "I thank thee".

There was now a sense of upliftment, which seemed to fill the room, and already it was a lot lighter.

Joy spoke up, she could now feel something strange. Jennifer concentrated her energies, and soon put the wary gathering at ease. "It's only Joy's spirit cat", Jennifer laughed, "just come, curious as ever, to see what all the fuss is about".

It was now after nine-thirty. Dave had been under the control of Joseph for well over an hour. It was the turn of the assembled to enlighten Dave, on the events that had occurred during his absence. Dave was totally unaware of anything that had gone before, and it took some telling to shake his unbelief.

It was time for some much needed refreshments, Joy soon returned from the kitchen, with a tray of coffee, and without a thought, she had been alone in the kitchen, for the first time in a month,

Joy only felt a slight discomfort as she realised, and thought about it. After the most welcome coffee, Dave had regained enough strength for a look around the house. On his return to the sitting room, he slumped into his chair, with a sigh. Joy looked expectantly. "It's all clear" was Dave's comment, "Though that light bulb popping in the front bedroom, made me jump", he added.

To do a job right, it was now Seth's turn, now a lot more sure of himself. Seth set off methodically through the house, liberally sprinkling 'Holy water' as he went. Seth was pleased to find that the small bedroom, was now pleasantly warm, and also clear of the `charge' he had felt earlier. With the rest of the house getting the all clear. Sandra left some contact addresses, though she was confident that they would not be required. Jennifer, as usual quipped "Rest in peace", as the trio, tasks complete, departed from number 12. "That's a job well done", came Sandra's echoed response.

As the car pulled away from the drive, Seth glanced up to the small bedroom window, `was that someone looking out?', Seth said nothing, and dismissed the idea without a second thought.

Sandra's follow up call, the next day, was just a confirmation of the groups conclusions. The Dobson's had spent their first undisturbed night, for a long time. Joy had decided, it was now safe to move back into the house.

Just for the record. Joseph had been the son of Antony, they were just simple country folk, and as nothing much happened in Joseph's life, the building of the big house, was the highlight of his life. But it was also to be his death. Father and son had often stood, watching, as the house rose, from it's foundations, to near completion, with the thoughts going through Joseph's mind. 'Who is going to live there - was there at last going to be someone to play with'.

It was on one such day, while Joseph wandered in his dreams, that he tripped and fell. A fractured skull ended his earthly existence, Joseph often tripped, and always got up, he thought no difference of this time. Not realizing that he was no longer on this plane, Joseph continued to live his life!

Joseph could see Antony, but was unable to get his attention, with no response as he spoke, Joseph also noticed that his father didn't seem as jolly as he remembered, and that the sparkle had gone from his eye's.

Joseph felt rejected, his father had abandoned him, he was now alone, even the new occupants of the big house, which was now complete, went upon their way, with no heed for Joseph.

Joseph's mistrust in Seth stemmed from this `rejection'.

Joseph had remained, alone through time, until the arrival of the Dobson's, and with Sam, there was at last someone who could see him, and join in with his play. With the arrival of Tracy, Joseph lost the undivided attention he had grown use too, and with all the love, now around the house, and none for Joseph, it was far more than he could bear.

So now Joseph became restless, the results causing the Dobson's their anguish. With events out of hand, R.I.P. brought things up to date with Joseph's Emotional Rescue.

Seth, put the top back on his pen, and sighed. `Well that's all the paperwork, I'm doing for now'. He poured a large Brandy, Seth reflected, `This is the only spirit I like!'

Closing the study door behind himself, he wondered what the next day would bring!.

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