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Ufo’S- Bill And Hillary Clinton

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Posted 05 November 2006 - 12:07 AM

Summarized/synopsis/’Sweeps’ Fox…with great credit to David Ewalt

*What we put in our ‘Newsletter’ about it…way back David/folks:
Well we now know, as suspected during Clinton’s Presidency, that there WAS a lot of talk and fact gathering in the West Wing about UFO’s/Et’s. Now John Podesta, Clinton’s Chief of Staff, cites and documents the attempts to get ‘The X-Files’ out in the open...and the frustration...even for the President and high elected officials of trying to ‘unmask’ those in the black projects...and the 50 + years of ‘cover up’ by military & scientific components of a hidden-secret ‘government within the government’. Laurance Rockefeller briefed Clinton on the UFO subject during his vacation at the Rockefeller ranch in 1995. The National Press Club, a
new ‘Coalition For Freedom of information’, & The SCI-FI Channel are all investigating./’S’

*'Sweeps' NOTE:
In Dec. 1995 when Pres. Clinton was to appear/give a speech in Belfast, Northern Ireland...I was visited by a Chief Officer of The Clinton White House...came escorted in his car by a local Garda/Policeman from our local town. This Chief Officer visited with me in my office. Basically he wanted to determin my intentions about going to Belfast to see the President-on the UFO subject. I declined to say. This is all factual and on the record. President Clinton, of course, did his 'gig' in Belfast...and made a strong statement that he hadn't ANY knowledge of UFO's. Strange that! He further said to the crowd...that he had asked, but didn't get any answers. That's not strange. He wasn't in the loop.

*CLICK on Pres. Clinton's photo...in Belfast/Christmas 1995-talking to the crowd:
Attached File  PRESIDENT_CLINTON_IN_BELFAST_CHRISTMAS_1995.jpg   79.05KB   419 downloads Attached File  CLINTON_BOX_FROM_BELFAST.jpg   86.95KB   374 downloads

Laurance Rockefeller, head of the UFO Disclosure Initiative to Clinton White House walks with rumored UFO Insider Dick Cheney. Cheney was presumed to be IN on the UFO Cover up...'BIG TIME'
*CLICK on photo of the two:
Attached File  Laurance_Rockefeller_with_Dick_Cheney.JPG   165.09KB   414 downloads

*Laurance was one of the Principle RICH men/with many awards/connections/and influence who championed 'Disclosure' of UFO's/ET Presence...NOW. He 'passed on' at the age of 94. Great loss/'S'
*CLICK on a 'younger' Laurance:
Attached File  LauranceRockefeller_PHOTO.jpg   68.29KB   357 downloads

Surprising Info about The Clintons And UFO's
*CLICK on the the Photo of Pres. Clinto and his 'Chief OF Staff John Podesta...who later 'came out of the closet on UFO's...and what 'Clinton'/Hillary' knew:
Attached File  CLINTO_WITH_PRESS_SEC_JOHN_PODESTA_WALKING_TO_OVAL_OFFICE.jpg   40.35KB   395 downloads Attached File  PODESTA_COMING_OUT_OF_THE_CLOSET_BOX.jpg   169.51KB   356 downloads

Although some around President Clinton seemed determined to exclude UFOs from the presidential list of "things to do," Clinton himself had always exhibited a strong interest in the subject of UFOs.

In many of his public speeches he mentioned UFOs or joked about them. One example was when he commented quite positively over the 1996 alien invasion movie ‘Independence Day’. The movie had been screened for Bill and Hillary Clinton in the White House on July 6 by Bill Pullman who played the president in the movie, along with director Roland Emmerich and producer Dean Devlin.

Not only did he talk openly about the movie with reporter Tom Brokaw, he even found a moral in the fictional alien story of aliens attacking the earth. That moral Clinton attached to his comment was exactly the same one former President Reagan had attached to his alien invasion comments made between 1985 and 1987.

‘I loved it. I loved it’ and --Mr. Pullman came and showed it. I thought he made a good president. And we watched the movie together, and I told him after it was over he was a good president, and I was glad we won. And it made me wonder if I should take flying lessons. The good thing about Independence Day is there's an ultimate lesson for that-- for the problems right here on Earth. We whipped that problem by working together with all these countries.

And all of a sudden the differences we had with them seemed so small once we realized there were threats that went beyond our borders. And I wish that we could think about that when we deal with terrorism and when we deal with weapons proliferation -- the difference between all these others problems. That's the lesson I wish people would take away from Independence Day’.

Clinton’s UFO interest would have meant that he fully welcomed Rockefeller’s UFO briefing as part of his vacation. It was a matter of action and policy which Clinton loved, even on holidays. Holidays were things that Clinton hated. Vacation represented inaction and being cut off from the people. He usually didn’t sleep well on holidays, and was usually in a bad mood.

Nothing, however, was put out by the White House Press Office which indicated UFOs were on the vacation agenda. This was undoubtedly because it was not an item high in the polls, and the possible damage that might occur by announcing the meeting could not be justified by the few votes that might be gained.

The press did not make any mention of the UFO briefing, perhaps because they were sidetracked by another story that had run in the local paper. Rumors circulated among the reporters, the day after Clinton arrived at the Rockefeller Ranch, that Barbra Streisand was in Jackson Hole, and might have had supper with the President.

Such a story was an addictive high for reporters. Streisand had stayed over night at the White House in 1993, at the same time that Hillary at been at her father’s deathbed in Little Rock. When she returned home, Hillary had reportedly banned Streisand from the White House when she was out of town. The possibility that Clinton and Streisand had dined together was the main story at the August 18, 1995 news conference.

What might not be known in the public mind is that even the President’s vacation is part of the constant search for votes. In August 1995 Clinton was behind in the polls to Bob Dole, and every public move on the vacation was carefully orchestrated to attract votes. He was encouraged, for example, not to hunt because Dole already had these voters. The same went for golfing which greatly upset Clinton. Items such as baseball, hiking, and camping were identified as swing voter areas of interest. It then comes as no surprise to see that Bill and Hillary went hiking and camping during the vacation. Clinton, frustrated at the idea golfers would be for Dole, asked if golfing would be OK if he wore a baseball hat.

The President’s statement to the press was that he intended to rest, and play some golf. The assistant Press Secretary stated nothing more than ‘I think you can expect them to go out and have fun. It’s a vacation’.

Behind the scenes, however, the planned UFO briefing had been ready for weeks. Dr. Steven Greer was one of the people who had provided Rockefeller with material that would be used in the briefing. Days before Clinton left for his vacation Greer wrote James Dorskind, Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Presidential Correspondence, informing him that he and his group would be available to help with the Presidential UFO briefing should there be problems.

‘At Mr. Rockefeller’s request, I have conveyed to him a package of evidence, assessments and other documents to share with the President. Please know that I am available to answer any questions regarding this evidence or the subject in general, and I am willing to come to the YK Ranch on very short notice, should this be helpful to the President or his staff. Be assured that our entire network of scientists, astronauts and researchers are at your service’.

Clinton’s Science Advisor, Jack Gibbons, wrote a memorandum to President Clinton attempting to prepare the President for the Rockefeller briefing. He titled it ‘Inquiry from Laurance Rockefeller’.

It was a memo in which Gibbons indirectly tried to tell the President that the briefing would be a waste of time. He wrote that he and his staff had already been down the UFO road with Rockefeller and that there was no evidence to support Rockefeller’s concerns. He wrote,
‘You will probably see Mr. Rockefeller on your vacation in the Tetons. He will want to talk to you about his interests in extrasensory perception, paranormal phenomena, and UFOs. His interests are related to those of Senator Pell’.

‘A second rubric for Rockefeller’s interest is what is called ‘human potential’ research. The extreme examples usually involve precognition, super-human strength, endurance in life saving roles, telepathy, and others. Senator Pell and others have supported the funding of research in social science to focus more on these phenomena."

When the UFO briefing actually took place is not certain, but it occurred before or after the 49th birthday party given for the President at the home of World Bank President James Wolfensohn near the Rockefeller Ranch, on the evening of the August 19.

C. B. Scott Jones, who had been involved with Rockefeller in the first UFO briefing given to a member of the Clinton administration, was not too certain that the White House would ever let the briefing take place. On August 23, 1995, he wrote to Jack Gibbons trying to find out what had happened.

‘Mr. Rockefeller was a guest at the President’s birthday party a few days ago in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I hope he had an opportunity to talk to the President about this subject. It would be comforting to know for sure that the President is not being shielded by the White House staff on this subject.’.

Since Dr. Greer had been providing material for the briefing, and was corresponding with Dorskind at the White House, this author asked Greer at the 2000 Spring Laughlin World UFO Congress what the President’s reaction had been to the Rockefeller presentation.

Greer stated:
‘Bill Clinton’s reaction was that he had asked Webster Hubbell to look into this. Webster Hubbell asked NORAD, and asked if there was anything to it. They said no. . .Clinton was not in put into the loop contrary to what you might have heard on this, and Carter was largely left out. He knew a little, but he was not allowed to really get briefed. Reagan knew more, and Bush knew more’.

In addition to Hillary being included in the Rockefeller briefing given to Bill Clinton during the 1995 vacation, the Clinton OSTP files gave another hint at the key involvement by Hillary in the Rockefeller UFO Initiative.

*CLICK on Hillary's Photos:
Attached File  Hillary_Clinton_PHOTO.3.jpg   115.9KB   359 downloads

Attached File  Hillary_Clinton_PHOTO.2.jpg   70.42KB   358 downloads Attached File  Hillary_Clinton_PHOTO.jpg   52.74KB   362 downloads

*NOTE/'S'...Please continue to read...get's very interesting/informative.

As mentioned before, for a period of three years Rockefeller worked on a letter to be sent to the President on the UFO subject. Although not explicitly stated in the OSTP files, it appeared that Rockefeller had been discouraged from sending the letter to the President it by Jack Gibbons.

On November 1, 1995, Rockefeller’s lawyer Henry L. Diamond sent Jack Gibbons the latest version of Rockefeller letter to the President. As had happened before Diamond proposed that it was time the President saw the letter. "Laurance thinks," wrote Diamond, "it is perhaps timely to send a letter to the President."

More important than the fact that Rockefeller was again threatening a direct UFO letter to the President, is the fact that Diamond announced to Gibbons the identity of the person who had helped in the drafting of the Presidential letter.

The people helping Rockefeller with the UFO letter were none other than Hillary Clinton and her staff.

‘Attached are," wrote Diamond, "a draft letter to the President which Laurance has been discussing with Mrs. Clinton and her staff’.
The draft of the Hillary aided November 1995 letter to the President read as follows:
Dear President Clinton,
Re: Lifting Secrecy on Information About
Extraterrestrial Intelligence as Part
of the Current Classification review

For some time in connection with my concern for human values, I have been interested in the enhancement of spirituality and holistic healing as well as the development of a new paradigm of consciousness. This involves an appreciation of the close relationship between science and religion and the wisdom of approaching them together rather than separately.

As result of extensive conversations with researchers in these areas, as well as my own informal study, I have come to believe that the question of life elsewhere in the cosmos is of paramount importance. Your initiative in bringing greater openness to government through the current review of the classification of government documents to eliminate unnecessary secrecy, offers an extraordinary opportunity to advance our knowledge of this question.

This letter is to request, that, as part of this reassessment, you personally and specifically direct a review of current government information policy concerning Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI), including Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). It is widely believed that various information concerning the existence of non - existence of UFOs, and that it has been unnecessarily withheld from the public as classified for reasons of national security. If this information were released, it would be received as evidence of a new spirit of partnership between government and its citizens.

The current classification review is a good step. However, Mr. President, from past experience there is every reason to believe that without your personal initiative available information of ETI and UFOs will not be released in a meaningful way. This is to urge you to expand and accelerate the important movement towards openness you have initiated. We would like to suggest the following steps:

1. Direct that information about ETI and UFOs be given priority in the current classification review.
2. Appoint a coordinator for government information about ETI and UFOs to bring together information from all federal agencies involved, such as the Department of Defense, the Air Force, NASA, the CIA and other parts of the intelligence community. Your Science Advisor, Jack Gibbons, might well be the right person for this role.
3. Make it known through federal agencies, such as those named above, that anyone having information about ETI or UFOs will be granted amnesty from relevant oaths or other government constraints.

These steps, I respectfully suggest, would further not only be the cause of scientific inquiry and knowledge, but also that of public confidence in government and international good will. The timing is particularly propitious because, as our first post-Cold war President, you have an opportunity to take this important step without many of the national security constraints that have limited government candor with the American people in the past.
As an interested and concerned citizen, I stand ready to assist in whatever I can do that you might find useful.
Laurance S. Rockefeller

A February 5, 1996-letter from Rockefeller to Clinton’s Science Advisor gave further indication about just how involved Hillary was in the UFO process. This process involved getting the critical UFO information to the President, so he in turn could initiate UFO disclosure. As a part of this effort to gather information, Science Advisor Gibbons had offered to ‘approach the Air Force, the Central Intelligence Agency and NASA on this project’.

The information gathered would be presented to Rockefeller, and if need be the President. In addition Rockefeller wrote of the effort to gather UFO information from the various agencies, ‘You indicated that you will keep the First Lady’s Office informed, and we shall as well’.

Further details about Hillary Clinton’s connection to the White House UFO Initiative came from Dan Smith. Smith is a researcher and was a regular contact of CIA scientist Dr. Ronald Pandolfi. Pandolfi, as mentioned before, was the CIA agent called in by the Clinton White House to provide information on UFOs when Rockefeller made his first approach to the White House.. Smith spoke of Pandolfi’s UFO role in the White House, and his ties to Hillary.

‘Ron's job relative to the Clintons was to prevent Hillary from trying to find out who Jim Woolsey's (CIA Director) sources were, since they would have had to know the real story in order explain to Jim why George Bush, Sr. should not be given the content of it. Hillary was trying and is still trying to get back to the horse's mouth. Exactly what her motives are, are not clear to me’.

The final connection between Hillary and the Rockefeller UFO Initiative is also the strangest. In 1996 and 1997 Hillary took a lot of negative press about her new age occult leaning. She was tied to new age writer Marianne Williamson, who some described as a "Jewish charismatic spiritualist," and yogi to the stars Ken Scott Nateshvar.

Then a couple months after Hillary helped edit the Rockefeller UFO letter to the President, Hillary’s name became tied to the Director of the Foundation for Mind Research Jean Houston.

Houston was described by some as a "New Age" author who "studied psychic experiences and mystical connections to historical figures and other worlds." When the story of the Houston connection became public Houston became known as Hillary Clinton’s "Eleanor Roosevelt Conduit."

According to a book "The Choice" by Bob Woodward, Hillary met from late 1994 till March 1996 with Houston. In the Woodward account, Houston led the First Lady through "imaginary conversations" with her hero Eleanor Roosevelt and also with Mahatma Ghandi. Hillary turned down Houston’s suggestion she talk with Jesus.

Houston was one of a group of New Age style authors who were invited to Camp David on the last weekend of 1994 to help Bill and Hillary work through "the traumas of their first two years in Washington." As well as spending a weekend at Camp David, Houston spent the night at the White House on a number of occasions.

Hillary found the advice of Jean Houston to be the most meaningful of the group of new Age advisors. Maggie Williams, Hillary’s Chief of Staff during the first term, "came to speak of Hillary’s mood brightening on the days when she got her ‘Jean fix.’"

When the story broke Hillary Clinton’s office put out a statement denying that the First Lady was participating in a seance. Houston herself, put out a statement that she was not a psychic. The sessions with Roosevelt and Ghandi were described as "brainstorming" sessions ‘visualizing’ what Eleanor Roosevelt ‘might have said’. The statement read in part,

‘While I have had a number of conversations with Jean Houston, it is not true that she is my spiritual advisor. . .During the hours of free-wheeling discussion, Jean Houston suggested that I imagine a conversation with Eleanor Roosevelt, who grappled with the difficult social issues of her day. This was an interesting intellectual exercise to help spark my own thoughts; it was a brainstorming session for my book - - not a spiritual event. . . And I do wonder what Eleanor Roosevelt might think of all this’.

Despite the denial, Hillary’s actions kept people wondering just how imaginary Hillary was viewing her Eleanor Roosevelt connection. Twice in the second term of her husband’s administration, Hillary made a pilgrimage to Eleanor’s cottage home that had been restored in Hyde Park, New York. During the second visit, Hillary spoke of the controversial conversations with Eleanor. ‘I meant it as a metaphor, but it became, yet again, one of those things people all talked about, I guess sort of suggesting I really had gone off the deep end’. She ended her speech to the staff at the home with a smile, ‘The next time I talk to her, I will tell her all about what you are doing’.

The second visit to the Roosevelt home came during Hillary’s run for the New York senate seat. Perhaps, not surprisingly, years earlier Eleanor Roosevelt had also been offered a chance to run for the Senate in New York. She turned down the opportunity.

Eleanor’s offer had come from top aide to President Franklin Roosevelt, Harold L. Ickes. When Hillary Clinton decided to run, who did she pick as her top political advisor for the campaign? None other than Harold L. Ickes son, Harold M. Ickes.

Not surprisingly, the press immediately started the make comparisons between Hillary and former First Lady Nancy Reagan who paid $3,000 a month to an astrologer for guiding her husband to run the country. Neil Lattimore, Hillary’s

Chief of staff immediately moved to end that connection,
‘If you want to compare Mrs. Clinton to Nancy Reagan, the only person Mrs. Clinton has been channeling is her TV, and I can assure you she was not tuned into the Psychic Friends. . .this is not a mystic. This is not channeling’.

The importance of Jean Houston’s role in the UFO picture came in a fax sent from Rockefeller’s lawyer, Henry Diamond, to Jack Gibbons dated June 6, 1996. This was the same time frame when Hillary and Jean Houston were meeting to talk to Eleanor Roosevelt, and the same time frame when Rockefeller was meeting with Hillary to discuss his UFO strategy.

The fax sent by Diamond was a confirmation that Diamond, Laurance Rockefeller, and Laurance’s senior person in New York, Wes Frye, would be meeting with Gibbons the next day- June 7. In the fax Diamond thanked Gibbons for the meeting, and told the President’s Science Advisor that the subject Rockefeller wanted to discuss during the meeting was Hillary’s friend Jean Houston. Attached to the fax was an earlier letter from Houston to Rockefeller outlining her views on UFOs and Rockefeller’s effort to effect disclosure UFO disclosure in the White House.

‘Thank you for sending me the documentation concerning Unidentified Flying Objects. It has long been our position that the truth of this matter should be made known. Our feeling is that the likely effects would be more positive than negative. So, Mr. Rockefeller, we congratulate you on your part in making this very formidable and readable presentation of a very important subject.

How does one go about using it to break through decades of stonewalling and denial and get the veil lifted? We would certainly be pleased to play a part in bringing about that end. Let me invite you to come and visit us and we would certainly look forward to discussing the UFO problem as well as other matters of mutual interest.’

The Houston to Rockefeller letter was dated March 18, 1996. Houston invited Rockefeller to meet with her at her home just outside of New York in April. The meeting undoubtedly took place and by June Rockefeller thought Jean Houston important enough to arrange a special meeting in Washington with Gibbons. Hillary’s input and UFO connection to Houston during this critical period have not yet been made public. The two were, according to Hillary, meeting on a number of occasions during this period.

The prominent role of Hillary in the Rockefeller UFO Initiative should not come as any surprise when all her public actions regarding the UFO subject are viewed. Hillary time and again spoke of UFOs, UFO sightings, and the concept of the "alien invasion," in her speeches, and in her statements to the press.

As far back as Bill Clinton’s campaign to win the nomination for the Democratic party in 1992, Hillary was already talking publicly about UFOs. In reply to the womanizing accusations being raised in the media associated with Jennifer Flowers, the Washington Post said this of Hillary:
‘Hillary Clinton was key in helping Clinton, then campaigning for the Democratic nomination, fending off Flower’s allegations, calling them as "trash for cash" and likening the rumors about Clinton’s sex life to UFO sightings’.

There were many references to UFOs in Hillary Clinton’s speeches. A prime example was April 1997, during the days when Steven Greer was in Washington doing a special UFO briefing for members of Congress. Hillary appeared on the local Washington Diane Rehm show, where she was asked about the story that she had approved hush money payments to Webster Hubbell, her former partner at the Rose law firm in Little Rock, and later President Clinton’s Attorney General.

The hush money was to stop Hubbell from talking about his and Hillary’s role in Whitewater, according to the rumor circulating in the press.

In her reply Hillary took a direct shot at Congressman Dan Burton who was known as ‘a one-stop shop for Clinton haters,’ and whose committee had just issued 17 subpoenas, directed at the hiring of Webster Hubbell by the White House.

Hillary knew that Dan Burton was very interested in UFOs, and that he had one of his top people at the Greer briefing. Tying together Burton’s strong interest in UFOs and Whitewater, Hillary shot back at Burton, "That’s part of the continuing saga of Whitewater," said Hillary, "the never-ending fictional conspiracy that honest to goodness reminds me of some people’s obsessions with UFOs and the Hale-Bopp comet."

A second example of Hillary’s UFO talk came on October 13, 1998, at Spanish Hall, Prague Castle in The Czech Republic. During this speech Hillary raised the "alien invasion" scenario, a concept first used by President Reagan, and repeated often by her husband Bill. Hillary said:

‘In one of those popular movies I referred to that swept my country and apparently made a lot of money around the world, called Independence Day — these movies always seem to start with an attack on Washington, D.C., which I don’t really know how to take, the blowing up of the White House and Capitol to begin with—the ending of it required all of us to cooperate to fend off an alien attack. And certainly in the theater in which I saw it, there were great cheers as people of all different races and backgrounds and societies around the globe came together as human beings to save ourselves. We certainly don’t expect it to come to that’.

Again on January 25, 1999, speaking at the White House Hillary said this, ‘Most of the movies about the future show aliens descending from outer space determined to blow up the world, and somehow they always begin or end with Washington, D.C. (Laughter.)’

Then on June 17, 1999 speaking in Paris, France, Hillary tied the concept of the ‘alien invasion’ to the making of movies in America.

‘In my own country, many of the movies in recent years express our innate fears about what awaits us. They are apocalyptic visions that leave only a few people on earth—whole cities surviving under domes because we have depleted our natural resources. And often in these movies, for reasons that I question, we have space aliens who are always blowing up Washington, D.C., and the White House’.

Hillary delivered yet another "alien invasion" remark at the Mars Millennium Project kick-off held at the National Air & Space Museum in Washington. She spoke of modern movie themes, alien invasion ideas, and a positive future.

‘It’s not just that people might live under domes on Mars, but they would have to live under domes here on this planet because of what we will have done to our environment. Or whether we will have to join together as human beings to stave off attacks from aliens in outer space, and then we’ll have to put aside our really petty differences—differences in our own country and differences among people around the world—to stand up for our common humanity’.

Even during Hillary’s campaign for Senator in New York, the subject of aliens was not far from the Clinton family mind. In a fund-raising speech for Hillary’s Senate campaign, Clinton President accused New York City Mayor Rudolph Guiliani’s party of trying to convince voters that he and Hillary were space aliens.

‘They believe you have to drive people apart in order to win elections. And since they're wrong on the issues, they're right. In other words, people won't agree with them on the issues, so the only way they could win is to convince them that we're the first cousins of space aliens. (Laughter.) They've got this figured out now; we're right and they're wrong on these big issues. So the only way they can win is to convince people that we're space aliens’.

As we look together towards the 2004 Presidential election, there is a possibility of Hillary Clinton running for President. After all, Hillary has had people asking her to run since she was in high school. One of the her campaign insiders in her 2000 Senatorial race stated, ‘If Gore loses next year, then it’s Hillary in 2004’.

Asked if she would consider running in the future Hillary said, ‘We’ll talk later’. When President Clinton was asked about the possibility he stated, ‘Oh, She’d be great at it, but I don’t think she would ever run - not in a hundred years. She is not interested in being elected to office and she has always said that publicly’.

Considering a Presidential race would not be the first time that Hillary has thought of succeeding her husband. In 1990, according to what Webster Hubbell wrote in his 1997 book, Hillary seriously talked of running to succeed her husband as Arkansas governor when Bill Clinton seemed bored with the job.

Rockefeller worked hard to get the gospel of UFOs to Bill and Hillary Clinton during the two terms of Bill Clinton’s presidency. His efforts had limited success, despite the large amount of effort he put into it.

In light of this apparent failure, it is interesting to note one particular event that occurred while Hillary was campaigning for New York Senator. The event showed that if Hillary became President, perhaps the work done to reveal the truth about UFOs by Rockefeller might yet come to fruition under a second Clinton presidency.

The event occurred following a May 4, 2000 speech that Hillary gave at the Clinton Community College. Among the many people there to hear Hillary speak was Robert Williams, an instructor at the college. Williams interest was the anomalies on the Martian surface which some believe indicate the existence of
extraterrestrial life. He came to the lecture hoping to talk to Hillary about pictures, taken by the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft that went into orbit around Mars in 1997. Williams believed that these photos were being withheld by NASA.

Williams was able to get into the presentation line following the speech. He was wearing a tee-shirt with the famous Mars face on it. Below the face on the tee-shirt it said, ‘Face the Facts’.

As Hillary shook Robert’s hand he said to her, "It is an honorable pleasure to meet and ask you to help in your present capacity to see all the Mars images taken by the Global Surveyor spacecraft be released within the 6 month NASA policy."

Hillary asked, ‘What’s the problem’?
Williams replied, ‘All images are to be released after 6 months and NASA and MSSS are not releasing these images as required by their own rules and contacts. We’ve lost two spacecraft and I believe the public has a right to ask NASA to release all the images from the working spacecraft around Mars in accordance with their own stated policy’.

Hillary stated, ‘No one has ever asked me about Mars before. Give (she named her assistant) your information and we’ll look into it’.
Hillary told the assistant to get Williams’ information and questions. She then moved down the reception line. Williams wrote down his contact information and the message "Release all Mars information now."

The next day while Williams was doing his normal search of the Mars Global Surveyor MOC data site. What he found was the first new CDs of Mars image data in five months.

Less than 36 hours after talking to Hillary Clinton the withheld NASA images had been released. Williams was firmly convinced that it was Hillary who had helped to shake the images loose. Perhaps this is a telling indication that it might be a woman who finally makes the final disclosure about the extraterrestrials to the world? Time will tell.

Extraterrestrial Politics in the Clinton White House

A review of the nearly 1,000 pages of UFO files from OSTP have revealed that yet another powerful member of the Clinton White House was involved in the UFO briefings, and also in the actual attempt to bring the issue to President Clinton. That person, whose name appears more than once in the OSTP documents, was the President’s wife Hillary Clinton.

Hillary’s UFO involvement may have come simply from the fact that she played a strong role in many of the Clinton White House decisions. Hillary, in fact liked to quote people who referred to her and Bill in the White House as getting two for the price of one, a blue-light special. Hillary did not hide the fact that she liked the co-presidency idea.

The President asked Hillary’s opinion on almost every issue. She was so much a part of the President’s decisions that Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward commented, "I’d go as far as to say she’s part of Bill Clinton’s brain." It was reported that Hillary usually had more to say in staff meetings than the President, and she wasn’t afraid to say what she had on her mind.

Chief pollster and strategist Dick Morris, the President’s key pollster and strategist, stated in an interview with Peter Jennings that Hillary "had tremendous power, and was a crucial element in the White House in ‘93 and ‘94." In fact when asked, Morris agreed with the rumor that Hillary "was the power behind the throne."

Morris concluded, in fact, that Hillary was being viewed so strongly in the public, she was making the President look "weak, wishy-washy, and ineffective." When the democrats lost seats in the 1994 mid-term elections, Morris advised the President "that Hillary withdraw from overt participation in White House staff meetings and politics, so that the impression of a secret hidden power not sap her husband’s image and undermine perceptions of his strength."

Hillary was not a typical First Lady. She had, for example, more senior aides on her staff than the Vice-President. She requested the office of the Vice-president, and although she did not get it, she did become the only First Lady in history to have an office in the West Wing.

Not only was she the only First Lady to have an office there, she was the first to have an office there for her chief of staff as well. The two offices were not only in the West Wing, they were office spaces reserved for the senior executives. This created a situation where Dee Dee Myers, the President’s Press Secretary, was relegated to a small corner office.

Hillary was one of the six key people who sat around a table in Little Rock during the transition, and picked the key people for top White House jobs. Those sitting on the transition team stated, "she knows more about this than most of us do." Discussions took place during this time about actually giving Hillary a title in the new Administration. One of the titles considered was the President’s Chief of Staff, a position Hillary had wanted.

For this and her other independent actions, Hillary was often described in unflattering terms. "The American Spectator," for example, described Hillary as "the Lady Macbeth of Little Rock: consuming ambition, inflexibility of purpose, domination of pliable husband, and an unsettling lack of tender human feeling, along with the affluent contempt for traditional female roles

Not only was Hillary’s strong presence inside the white House an asset to being in on UFO discussions, but she held a long time interest in space. She had, after all, decided at fourteen that she might like to be an astronaut. This desire led her to write a letter to NASA to obtain information on what steps she should take to achieve her dream. What she received back "infuriated" her. She was told NASA was not taking any female astronauts.

As well as space, Hillary also exhibited a strong liking for items of the paranormal like UFOs. It was an interest she shared with her husband, as well as many past Presidents and first ladies in history.

It now appears that Rockefeller might have been aware of Hillary’s interest in the UFO subject. Rockefeller had after all known the Clintons prior to their election, and had contributed to their campaign. His brother Winthrop had like Bill Clinton been Governor of Arkansas.

William Laparl had stated that it was the scuttlebutt in high levels of government and in the CIA that both the Clintons were somewhat interested in Ufology prior to being elected. "She was particularly interested at one point," said Laparl, ‘and she was asking a lot of questions.’

When I mentioned to Laparl that some researchers did not believe Hillary was in the loop, Laparl went one step further. ‘She was almost an equal mover with him on this.’ Laparl said. ‘I would not give him any more weight at all on this UFO thing. If anything she may have slightly been pushing it more than he was. That’s the way I read the situation’.

Dick Farley, who was part the Rockefeller team that was providing UFO material to Dr. Gibbons and his staff, is one of those that doubts Hillary’s involvement. This belief is based partly on fact that Scott Jones had told Farley that Hillary was not in the loop.

Farley, however, publicly wrote of an incident that seems to contradict the ‘unknowing Hillary’ theory. In an article Farley posted to the Internet he reported that on February 4, 1994, following the second briefing of the President’s Science Advisor, ‘Laurance, Henry (Diamond) and Scott (Jones) visited the First Lady's office and met briefly with her assistant (Chief of Staff Maggie Williams)’. Such a meeting in the West Wing clearly appeared to illustrate that Hillary’s role in the Clinton White House’s handling of the UFO situation, was one that started almost at the beginning of the Clinton administration. It at least indicates that Rockefeller thought it important enough to make his way over to Hillary’s office in the West Wing of the White House to talk UFOs.

Paranormal First Ladies

The idea that a First Lady might have an interest in UFOs goes all the way back to Mrs. Betty Ford. During 1966 Gerald Ford’s made congressional requests for an investigation into UFO sightings that were occurring in his home state of Michigan. It was rumored, however, that it was his wife Betty who had the interest in the UFO subject. Her congressman husband, as the story goes, was only following her direction in asking for an investigation.

Nancy Reagan continued the First Lady trend with her strong interest in UFOs as well as in other areas of the paranormal. Both of her interests were shared by President Reagan. Nancy was present for Ronald Reagan’s first reported UFO sighting prior to attending a dinner party in California. When Reagan had his second sighting, he reported it to Nancy as soon as he arrived home. According to Norman C. Millar, to whom Reagan told the story, Ronald and Nancy Reagan had done personal research on UFOs following the sighting. This research had uncovered many things, including the fact that there were references to UFOs in Egyptian history.

Although Ronald and Nancy Reagan have been written up by many historians as not always in touch with reality, the fact is that many first families who had occupied 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, were also according to available records, quite interested in things of the paranormal.

A quick review shows that it was not unusual at all to find a First Lady or president with an interest in ghost, séances, or UFOs. Consider for example:

The wife of President Abraham Lincoln, Mary Todd Lincoln, hosted as many as eight séances in the White House. President Lincoln, himself, attended at least one of these séances held in the White House on April 23, 1863. Much of Mary Todd’s interest in spiritualism centered around efforts to communicate with her son Willie who in 1862 died in what is now known as the Lincoln bedroom. Mrs. Lincoln claimed success. "Willie lives," said Mrs. Lincoln, "he comes to me every night and stands at the foot of the bed with the same sweet adorable smile he always has had."

President Theodore Roosevelt claimed that he felt the presence of Lincoln in the Lincoln bedroom. He was rumored to have kept his "astrological chart mounted on a chess board, and was said to consult it at crucial moments in his presidency."

Eleanor Roosevelt said of the Lincoln ghost, "Sometimes when I worked at my desk late at night I’d get a feeling that someone was standing behind me. I’d have to turn around and look."

Jimmy Carter and his wife believed that a house he lived in from 1955 to 1961 was haunted. Carter’s daughter held sleeps over in the White House where the young girls waited for Lincoln’s ghost to appear. In addition to ghosts, President Carter believed that on January 6, 1969 he witnessed a UFO for ten minutes while waiting for a meeting to begin in a small Georgia town.

First ladies and Presidents who claimed to have seen or sensed Lincoln’s ghost in the White House include, Grace Coolidge, Theodore Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Ladybird Johnson.

Nancy and Ronald Reagan both claimed to have experienced the Lincoln ghost. Reagan, to the dismay of his staff even referred to Lincoln’s ghost in his speeches.

Both James Garfield and Abraham Lincoln believed they had premonitions that they would be assassinated. Truman believed that he had a premonition in a dream of Roosevelt’s death just before the President died.

Most of the decisions in the Reagan White House (especially after the assassination attempt) took place only after they were approved by Nancy Reagan’s California astrologer.

Mamie and Dwight Eisenhower fought a rumor that they were bringing psychic Jean Dixon into the White House for advice.

Other first ladies who were interested in visionaries, psychics, mediums, astrologers, and human potential advocates included the wives of Ulysses S. Grant, John Tyler, Woodrow Wilson, and Warren G. Harding.

The fact then that OSTP files hint that Hillary Clinton continued the trend of interest in UFOs by first ladies should come as no surprise. These OSTP references, along with other public UFO statements, show that Hillary led all First Ladies in her strong interest in UFOs and other paranormal areas of study.

At times Hillary’s interest in UFOs appeared to be one of quiet support or curiosity. In May 1995 Hillary was asked to present a lecture at a conference, sponsored by Hillary’s friend Laurance Rockefeller, which dealt with the impact of possible future extraterrestrial contact. Patti Solis, Director of Scheduling for the First Lady wrote, "Mrs. Clinton’s official schedule will not permit her to accept the invitation." Hillary may have been interested in UFOs, but a public speech on the topic was a bit too much of an "outing."

The Clintons Get Briefed

The month of August is a hot steamy month in the nations capitol. It is the usual time for the President to escape the heat of the city and the heat of the many congressional skirmishes.

The month of August 1995 would be hotter than most Presidential Augusts in history. As well as ultimately being the month when the first family would get a briefing on UFOs from Laurance Rockefeller, it was the month of Monica Lewinsky. It would be the start of the end of the Clinton presidency.

Monica Lewinsky had worked at the White House, first as an intern, and then as an employee, from July 1995 to April 1996. The month of August 1995, was the month that Monica Lewinsky characterized to investigators as the month when she began "intense flirting" with the President.

On August 10th, Monica appeared in a green dress and flirted with the President at a birthday party that was being held for Bill Clinton by staff in the White House. On August 14, at a departure ceremony for the departing President, Monica was again there to wish the President good-bye. Days later, the President would be at the Rockefeller Ranch in Wyoming listening to a pitch for the reality of visiting extraterrestrials.

The first clear indication that Hillary was to play an active role in the UFO policy inside the Clinton White House came when a story was published by the New York Post that Bill and Hillary Clinton had been briefed on the UFO subject, in August 1995, while the first family was on vacation at the Rockefeller Teton Ranch outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

This briefing was not done by the CIA or any other government agency. It was done by the then 85-year-old billionaire philanthropist and Clinton friend Laurance Rockefeller. With both Clintons in attendance, he presented an oral briefing designed to present the best evidence for UFOs, and his reasoning why all UFO documents should be declassified.

The UFO briefing was done during the Clintons’ scheduled seventeen day holiday. The Clintons were staying at the 8000 sq. ft. Villa (known as the JY ranch) of Laurance’s nephew West Virginia Senator John D. Rockefeller located at the south end of the Teton National Park.

As reported by Dick Farley, the CIA had attempted to "shield" Clinton from the people like Rockefeller and Greer who were trying to enlighten the President about UFOs. For that reason Rockefeller chose to do the briefing away from the White House where the CIA would have less control, and less ability to block his UFO efforts. The Wyoming vacation presented the prime opportunity as few of Clinton’s top people were at the ranch during the vacation period. The only one known to have been there was Erskine Bowles who arrived the morning of the briefing. Even press secretary Mike McCurry was on holidays. The assistant press secretary Ginny Terzano was holding down the fort.

The UFO briefing occurred due to a combination of Rockefeller’s power and determination to bring the problem of UFO secrecy to the President. It was also aided by the President’s interest in UFOs and frustration at not being able to find out what was going on. The President was ready to hear the story and Rockefeller was ready to tell it. It would be the first of what Richard Farley called "several direct contacts" between Rockefeller and Clinton away from the White House.

Moreover, Rockefeller had become tired at what he considered the continued cover-up surrounding UFOs, and the effort by those surrounding Clinton to shield the President from his UFO Initiative. Rockefeller’s was determined to play hardball to get the ear of the President. This was evidenced by a pressure tactic that the White House handlers learned about just prior to the UFO briefing given to Bill and Hillary in Wyoming.

During the first UFO briefing given to Clinton’s Science Advisor in March 1993, Laurance Rockefeller had discussed the possibility of a public campaign in major U.S. newspapers to ‘encourage the President to change the policy of secrecy silence and disinformation he inherited concerning the UFO phenomena’.

As Rockefeller’s campaign for Disclosure proceeded, Rockefeller held back on using the intensive pressure he had warned about in the first briefing with Clinton’s Science Advisor.

At a private meeting in Georgetown in late 1993, Dr. Steven Greer questioned Rockefeller about why he wasn’t "intensifying the pressure." Rockefeller responded that he was limited because the rest of the Rockefeller family was not in favor of what he was doing.

In August 1995, as Rockefeller was preparing his briefing for President Clinton things had changed. The soft sell approach was not working. Rockefeller decided to tighten the screws to let others (those blocking his UFO Initiative in the CIA and White House) know he meant business.

It may have been this pressure that finally led to the White House handlers to allow the Rockefeller UFO show and tell session.

In one of the documents found in Clinton OSTP files there is a letter where C.B. Scott Jones outlined the threat to Clinton’s Science Advisor.