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The U.s. Government's Contact With Et's In Puerto Rico

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Posted 21 September 2006 - 06:02 PM


Jorge Martin is one of the Premier Journalists in Central & South America...dedicated to a through/in-depth coverage of the UFO scene, and noted for his ‘truthful’ reports.
Attached File  UFO__0JORGE_MARTINjpg.jpg   9.67KB   566 downloads
For years he has been reporting on a submerged UFO Base around the waters of the island of Puerto Rico...U.S. Territory. Notably, the Island of Vieques has been the source of many UFO/anomalous sightings...and consistent with a U.S. Naval base in that area. The populace of this island have also been displaced...to a small area in the center of Vieques Island, & Prohibited from living near the Ocean.
*CLICK ON MAP -Lower East Side of Puerto Rico-see Airplane landing strip
Attached File  MAP_OF_PUERTO_RICO.jpg   46.69KB   626 downloads
Most peculiar. In the past, the U.S. Navy has used the ‘waters’ as testing and ‘bombardment’ areas. AND...the Navy has been indicted by the ‘locals’ for using Biological & Chemical weapons around the Island...as well as live ammo fire exercises with ‘Depleted Uranium’. All this on/near a place thickly inhabited.

But, that’s not the Secrecy news which the Navy has been involved with for years. In ‘controlled’ areas...fishermen, police, journalists, & tourists, have seen and reported UFO incidents too numerous to recount.

Among them are; Saucer shaped ’Ships’ rising out of the Ocean...
*Below is a cover photograph of a UFO coming out of the Golfo San Matias in Dr. Virgilio Sanchea-Ocejo
Attached File  UFO_PHOTO_COING_OUT_OF_OCEAN_PRICO.JPG   248.51KB   648 downloads

Triangular Ships seen hovering over the U.S. Naval Air Strip, different shaped UFO’s-silent-with lights, ’Crafts’ taking water from the Sea up through a tube of light into the craft, Yellow hued UFO’s which hovered over the Naval Base itself, and multiple saucer craft heading out over the mountains of Vieques Island. On the record...identities hidden...even Security personnel have stated that ’craft’ have landed on ’The Base’.
*Triangular UFO Photographed in Puerto Rico-in area talked about
Attached File  TRIANGULAR_UFO_PHOTOED_IN_PUERTO_RICO.jpg   13.49KB   555 downloads
Humanoid ’Beings’ have also been SEEN at the Navy’s Raytheon Headquarters on Base. On the other hand...witnesses have also recorded actual ’clashes’ between some types of UFO’s and U.S. Navy Jet Aircraft from time to time.

The ONLY possible conclusion….from years of reports and eye witness accounts...is that the U.S. Navy-& thus the U.S. Government– has had ongoing contact and certainly covert operations with ’Aliens’...cum ’technology exchanges’.

Why hasn’t all this ’made’ headlines, media investigations, & public outcries then? Interesting huh...how controlled we really are. And, many ’don’t want to know’. Hold on then..here’s an irony not to be escaped. A professor Reinaldo Rios & Marcos Inzarry-the Mayor of Lajas, Puerto Rico have approved a UFO Airport-planning its’ opening for Sept. of 2006. Citizens must feel it’s time to officially welcome Visitors/’S’