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Snowden Re- Set- N W O- Ukraine- Related Events

America supporting Islamists

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Posted 31 December 2013 - 01:38 AM



*’Sweeps’ NOTE:
...Going on RECORD-and long over due attack- with these observations folks. The U.S.A. is behind MOST of the support (along with their great ally and Pimp- Great Britain) for the Rebel radical Islamists in various wars and State locations. The ‘Al Qaida’ type Jihadists have MORE territory, influence, and strength now…under OBAMA’S retreat foreign policy…than ever before. The U.S. is supporting them/fostering their efforts in Syria…Libya…and across Northern Africa. Like it or lump it. Well, let us know/’S’

We HERE…would like to take this opportunity to go on record, and state that any terrorist attack at Sochi (Russia's Olympic Games)…or in Russian Cities during the Winter Olympics…will be the work of the CIA-Saudi alliance, using Chechen ‘rebels’ as their front. Let's hope that doesn't happen, but we ALL should know that America is USING radical Islam for its own nefarious, business, and policy purposes.

Putin needs to take WAR STEPS again to quell/WIPE OUT the Chechen Separatist Movement. ‘They’ have gone back on the ‘treaty conditions’ which prohibited Killing Civilians…women and children included. ‘Their’ suicide bombers in Volgograd…formally Stalingrad…has violated both the treaty and any moral meaning. Such is the Radical Islamist Bull shite rooted in their spurious Religious beliefs.


**It’s now time for Putin to re-assert Russian influence with a total WAR again in Chechnya itself. ‘They’ brought it on themselves…and their civilians/’S’

…AND, from thetomatobubble.com


We knew these murderous bombings were the price Russia would pay for stopping the war against Syria (and Iran) that almost kicked off this past summer. As Hillary Clinton herself once said, "Russia and China will pay a price for supporting Assad."

Again, we hope to be proven wrong, but we know these demonic bastards and their method of operation all too well. We fear that the worst is yet to come for Nationalist Russia. This is a very dangerous game that is being played by the US-Israel-Saudi Axis.

Terror Bombings In Russia Were Predicted with Chilling Accuracy

"Russia will pay a price for supporting Syria."

-Hillary Clinton

Attached File  BAD HILLARY POINTING-PHOTO.jpg   55.96KB   83 downloads

***AND ‘S’ says with intended extreme prejudice and malice….What a terrible shame, that this ‘Hillary’ is the person to be put forward in 2016 probably for the U.S. Presidency.

Certainly Chilling…to contemplate a dried up/old menopausal C..t with a burned out unaccomplished Liberal brain…in the Oval Office…following the disaster of OBAMANATION. Someone MUST say these things...the 'World Media' won't/can't, but WE can. People have to know about this person...and the Danger she has ALWAYS represented. She was a carpet bagger Senator from N.Y. State…never really lived there, travelled a Million miles as Secretary Of State…doing nothing, and has a history of tainted business frauds. She shamelessly represents the 'Cult Of Personality' of an amoral American Bureaucracy...which must be 'done away with'. This whole 'holding on to power' and the electorate...by long serving personalities, is surely SINKING the American Spirit and the Dream of true representative government.

*Time for Constitutional Americans to wake up and gather round their principles and history/’S’

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Posted 31 December 2013 - 01:33 PM


-People are not being told about this-

*Putin-threatening to ‘Annihilate Saudi Arabia’ for the funding and sending of the Russian Suicide Bombers

Attached File  PUTIN AND SAUDI PRINCE BANDAR-.jpg   162.68KB   11 downloads

*’Sweeps’ NOTE:
...Let’s see! The Western Media omits most of the news content not generated by the U.S. Media outlets. SO...people in the ‘States’ are kept in the dark regarding what’s really been happening, and the security concerns which they should have the ‘right’ to know.
Right NOW, both Russia and China have put their Militaries on ‘A War Footing’.
Putin has taken measures which could ‘strike out’ sooner than later across the Middle East. The American Public have been told nothing about this...except in certain ‘internet’ pieces...which they must hunt for if even interested/’S’

A grim memorandum circulating in the Kremlin today written by Federal Security Services (FSB) Director Alexander Bortnikov outlining the new security measures being put into place throughout Russia ordered by President Putin a few hours ago in response to the deadly Volgograd terror attacks further warns that Russia’s leader has, in effect, vowed to “destroy” Saudi Arabia as he personally is blaming them for this horrific crime against humanity.

Of the terror attacks themselves, Russian Deputy Emergency Situations Minister Vladimir Stepanov is reporting to the Kremlin that the two Volgograd explosions have hurt 104 people, of which 32 were killed.

Volgograd (formerly known as Stalingrad) is located 650 kilometers (400 miles) from Sochi which is the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics, and the twin explosions hit a crowed trolleybus and train station.
This FSB memo reports that the trolleybus suicide bomber has been identified as Pavel Pechyonkin who joined resistance forces in 2012.
Of particular concern about Pechyonkin for President Putin, this memo continues, was this suicide bombers location this past year which the FSB confirms was in Islamic rebel held territories of Syria controlled and funded by Saudi Arabia.

Critical to note, and as we had reported on in our 27 August report Putin Orders Massive Strike Against Saudi Arabia If West Attacks Syria, Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan, this past August, secretly offered Russia a sweeping deal to control the global oil market and safeguard Russia’s gas contracts, if the Kremlin backs away from the Assad regime in Syria.

When Putin refused Prince Bander’s “offer,” however, and as reported by London’s Telegraph News Service, this Saudi Prince stated to Putin, “I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics next year. The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games are controlled by us.”

Barely over a fortnight ago, this FSB memo says, Prince Bandar, again, came to the Kremlin and in a secret meeting with Putin reiterated his threat to cause terror in Russia to which Putin suggested to the Saudis that they abandon “sectarian instigations and supporting terrorism, because it is a double edged sword that will rebound inside Saudi Arabia and gather momentum in a manner that you will not be able to control.”

Top political scientist Dr. Sergei Markov writing on the pro-Kremlin site Vzglyad.ru stated earlier today too that, “The explosions are preparation for terrorist attacks on the Olympics and an attempt to provoke other countries to refuse to take part of the Sochi Olympic Games” and added about US Senator John McCain…, ‘The Russian terrorists and radical opposition have found themselves in the same camp. That is no accident, they are all united by Russo phobia’. McCain has become an embarrassment to American Military groups which oppose his naïve political interference in Mid-Eastern and other world areas. McCain has inserted himself into ‘things’ which he knows nothing about…for his own aggrandizement.

Equally critical to note, and as we had, likewise, reported on in our 30 August report Saudis Go On Full Alert As Putin War Threat Stuns Muslim World, this FSB memo warns that Putin’s previous orders to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to prepare for a ‘massive military strike’ against Saudi Arabia are still in effect.

This FSB memo further states that both Russia and Iran are outraged over Saudi Arabia’s latest “donation” of $3 billion to the Lebanese army (twice the national military budget of Lebanon) made by Saudi King Abdullah while the Volgograd attacks were occurring.

To the fears of the Saudis themselves, FSB Director Bortnikov notes in his memo, was evidenced this past week by Ahmed al-Ibrahim, an adviser to some of Saudi Arabia's royals and officials, who stated: “The bond of trust between America and Saudi Arabia has been broken in the Obama years, we feel we have been stabbed in the back by Obama.”

And in his grim summation, Bortnikov notes that with Saudi Arabia now a ‘pariah nation’ with both Russia and the US seeking retribution against them, Putin’s angry desire to see the Saudis totally destroyed is a wish that will, indeed, come true much sooner than later.

**A ‘threatening’ SIDE NOTE below…for you to consider/’S’

As we have highlighted, via its media mouthpieces, Beijing has recently engaged in a spate of announcements and commentaries that observers have noted for their aggressively jingoistic tone.
After Chinese state-run media released a map showing the locations of major U.S. cities and how they would be impacted by a nuclear attack launched from the PLA’s strategic submarine force, follow-up reports bragged of how China’s new H-6K strategic bomber can target US military bases in the Western Pacific with nuclear missiles.
Following discussion in state media about plans to to turn the moon into a Star Wars-style “death star” from which the PLA could launch missiles against any target on Earth, a display to promote China’s Jade Rabbit Moon rover also included a background photograph of a mushroom cloud over Europe.
China has becoming increasingly irate over the United States’ growing presence in the East China Sea and recently retaliated by sailing a surveillance ship through Hawaiian waters for the very first time in an unprecedented and provocative move.

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Posted 27 February 2014 - 09:55 PM

My feeling is that the Americans will hold back as long as Putin stays in power. hoping that who ever comes after him will be more open to NWO demands.
Michael Martin

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Posted 28 February 2014 - 05:42 PM

*'Sweeps' NOTE:
...Well Yaeger, good to have you around. Libertarians MUST recognize each other. I repeat my alarm and call...for folks to 'take their monies out of Banks'. TPTB 'WILL' use your savings to finance their debt and more, without your approval.

Putting in a LINK to the KING WORLD NEWS-BLOG. It will inform otherwise ignorant or 'dumbed down' people, what the stakes are right now and indeed...what tactics by the NWO West/ EU/and The U.S.A have been used and the DANGERS which will NOW come back to reek havoc on them/'S'


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Posted 27 March 2014 - 01:45 PM

AND-Steven Seagal:

*’Sweeps’ NOTE:
Our FORUM Pages...'Hacked' again on 26th-27th March....'must be doing something right' gang...AND, We're Being Dragged Into A New Cold War By A Puffed-up Bullfrog (And I Don't Mean President Putin). Best to do a ‘REALITY’/non-EU-U.S.A. Check folks. Below-Edited and Summerized by 'Sweeps'

By Peter Hitchens

"Information Clearing House - "Daily Mail"- Stupidity and ignorance rule the world. The trouble is that the stupid and the ignorant think that they are clever and well-informed.

Take Mrs Hillary Clinton, next President of the United States and former chief of American foreign policy. She has directly compared Russia’s Vladimir Putin to Hitler. And she has compared events in Crimea to the Czech crisis of 1938.

Dozens of other politicians and grandiose journalists are currently doing the same.

It’s the one thing they think they know about history – that Britain’s pathetic Neville Chamberlain didn’t stand up to evil Adolf Hitler in 1938 at Munich over Czechoslovakia, so making Hitler believe that he could take over the world. And that the brave Winston Churchill then saved the world.

Almost no part of this legend is true. Even those bits that are true are misleading, with one exception. Hitler was certainly DIFFERENT...GETTING RID OF ALL THE Rothchild and Controlling Bankers/Banks in Germany...something Europe had never done before. But Stalin, was the communist mass-murderer who ended up as our main ally in the fight against Hitler.

If we had gone to war to save Czechoslovakia in 1938, we would have been beaten. We had no proper army. Nor did the USA, whose army at that time was about the same size as Portugal’s.

When we later went to war to ‘save’ Poland, we didn’t in fact save it at all, leaving it to be bombed, starved and massacred by Hitler, carved up between Germany and the USSR and later swallowed whole by Stalin. And we were beaten – just not actually invaded.

Churchill was indeed a great man, but his achievement was to secure our bare survival, which came at the desperate cost of our national wealth and our empire.
Later in the war, Churchill appeased Stalin by giving him the whole of Poland and Eastern Europe. Just like Chamberlain at Munich seven years before, he had no choice. The Yalta conference, which finalised these arrangements, was as disgracefully self-interested as Munich.

Yet the silly, half-educated politicians of today still like to pose as tough guys with the following formula, addressed to anyone who suggests that Russia might have a case over Ukraine and Crimea.

It goes: ‘Putin is Hitler. You are Neville Chamberlain. I am Winston Churchill – hear me roar.’

Apart from knowing nothing about European history, and apart from their bone-headed inability to distinguish Christian Russia from the communist USSR, these people also don’t understand what is going on in Ukraine.

It never occurs to them that Russia has good historical reasons to fear its neighbours. It never crosses their mind that the borders drawn by the victorious West in 1992, like those drawn at Versailles in 1919, are an unsustainable, unjust mistake.

They never ask why Britain (or the USA) should be hostile to Russia, or what the quarrel between us actually is. What is it to us whose flag flies over Sevastopol? Yet it matters greatly to those who live there.

They cast every Russian action as evil, and every Ukrainian action as saintly. The world is not like that.

I hated the old USSR as an evil empire. But, having lived in Moscow, I feel a strong affection for post-communist Russia and count Russians as good friends. That does not make me an apologist for Mr Putin. I can see his faults and do not pretend they do not exist.

But the warmongers are selectively blind. Hardly any British news media have mentioned an event in Kiev last week.
A group of five louts, one of them an MP from the thuggish, racialist ‘Svoboda’ party, forced their way into the office of Oleksandr Panteleymonov, chief of the main Ukrainian TV station. There they physically attacked him and shouted anti-Russian racial abuse at him.

The MP involved is a member of the Ukrainian Parliament’s committee on ‘Freedom of Speech’. And the louts were so proud of what they did that they filmed it and posted it on the internet.

These people are supposed to be our allies and friends.

On their behalf, our Prime Minister is puffing himself up like a bullfrog, and busily creating a new Cold War that will benefit nobody except spies and weapons-makers, for a cause he doesn’t understand and can’t explain.

If this is the kind of statesman it produces, it strikes me that Eton can’t be such a good school after all.

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Posted 16 April 2014 - 12:39 PM

*’Sweeps’ NOTE:
...AGAIN folks, please read this entire TOPIC to prepare you for what is about to happen, due to NATO, the EU, and American INTRUSION and Destabilizing of the UKRAINE with a fascist government...which ‘THEY’ helped install and with the overthrow of an elected government.
Unbelievable that people, world over, are so dumbed down that they are unable to make an informed decision anymore on ANY Western Media or Governmental news/announcement.

Below is an UPDATE...though things will keep changing...with the FACTS about what is now happening, and who is responsible. Thanks/’S’

(Before It's News)
By Susan Duclos

The Sky News video below explains the situation unfolding in Ukraine right now, where Ukrainian troops are massing and Russia says the “worst possible scenario” is now unfolding in a situation that could lead to World War III, as the West fuels the flames of war even more by throwing out more threats about further “tougher” sanctions against Russia and a “freezing” of East-West relations for the next decade.

*CHECK out the VIDEO:


ps-Let me ask you all...'Who determins when territories or people can opt for 'Self Determination'? Do you think American, EU, NATO forces determine it...by open air bombing 'Libya' and 'Serbia'? Do you think Catalonia, the Basque Peoples, Venito, Sardinia/etc. would ever have a referendum on 'self determination' up held? AND, how many countries would like to leave the EU now? But...the whole History is fascist in the EU. How many nations/people in the EU even got a referendum or the RIGHT to vote on whether to 'go into the EU' in the 1st place? Think about it...and then maybe look at ICELAND, the only Country to OVERTHROW the EU, cancel its debts, put BANKERS in jail...and defy 'threats'. Iceland is doing just fine thank you/'S'

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Posted 23 April 2014 - 04:39 PM

BIG SIGNS....THAT...the situation in Ukraine may be unraveling

*’Sweeps’ NOTE:
...PUSHING RUSSIA, is pushing WW3 as inevitable. Putin would be ‘in the right’, and very much justified, to BOMB Kiev...and take the entire Ukraine. Why? To send a needed message and a statement of revenge to NATO and the West for bombing SERBIA & supporting/starting regime change worldwide.
Time for Putin to inflict damage ‘big time’, and let the world know OBAMA is ‘NUTS’...and the entire US/EU/NATO machine is unsupported by most of the world leaders. China, in particular, will not back down to U.S. pressures in any area of the world...and PUTIN could go all the way to the English Channel if he wanted to. The WEST needed a war...to bolster/deflect from its floundering/failing and desperate currencies/economies. I’m SURE Europe is NOT impressed with this ‘hyped up’ U.S. continuing intrusion AGAIN, in European affairs.

NO DOUBT then, ‘we’ are heading to ‘THE END GAME’/’S’

Russia threatens military invasion of Ukraine

Posted Image

In response to the situation in Ukraine, the US has ‘expanded’ their military exercises and sent paratroopers into Poland. The Obama administration is taking us step by step, closer to an all-out war with Russia and China, by escalating threats, military and those of further sanctions against Russia.

Many have said that since Obama failed to start a world war using his al-Qaeda rebels in Syria, the focus now is to create a situation in the Ukraine, that will lead to a world war to cover up an economic collapse in the United states as well as the global economic reset that we have been warned is coming.

It takes an arrogance of unbelievable proportions to even think ‘they’ can order Russian President Vladimir Putin to ‘stop sowing unrest in Ukraine’, when it was the West...especially the US...which supported the overthrow of the Ukrainian elected president, in order to insert a puppet for the west in the form of neo-Nazi’s, which have taken over leadership in Ukraine.

BUT…Putin has allies in European ultranationalists

Posted Image

WASHINGTON – Russia appears to be underwhelmed by the deployment of American troops to Poland…on Ukraine’s border.


The views of the ultranationalists in the EU coincide with those of Putin. They include stricter immigration policies, concern about the threat of Islamist extremism, anti-U.S. influence in European affairs and opposition to a perceived U.S. strategy to encircle Russia by extending NATO to its boundaries.
The views of the European ultranationalists also tend to coincide with Moscow’s strategy toward Europe and the United States.
“Russia would like to destabilize and weaken the European political scene, and these parties are all anti-EU,” according to Peter Krakow, one of the authors of a report titled “The Russian Connection: The Spread of Pro-Russian Policies on the European Far Right” by the Hungarian Political Capital Institute.
‘They…The Russians…want to burn down the house’. I think that’s the obvious goal. That, and weakening the European-American alliance.
With European parliamentary elections in May, sources believe the ultranationalist elements in Europe will increase their numbers and status.
The Stratfor report added that ‘parties in several countries well-positioned to make gains in the coming vote are being increasingly open about their desire to act as an advocate for Moscow in Brussels’.
‘I think we can be a good partner for Russia in the European Parliament’, said EVEN...Filip Dewinter of the Flemish party Vlaams Belang of Belgium. ‘And Russia sees us as a potential partner’.

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Posted 26 April 2014 - 03:14 PM

Aggression Against Russian Citizens Will Be Considered Attack Against Russia-Says 'Putin'

*’Sweeps’ NOTE:
...’Duck your heads’/’Hide under your desks’? Well, if you are not permitted into Military/Government deep underground Bunkers...there IS no place to hide. This-BELOW- is NOW...what ‘we’ are facing if the IDIOTS running the NWO Scenario are instigating war with RUSSIA over the Ukraine. ‘They’ DO NOT care about the citizens. Believe it. The Report just below is meant to bring people up to snuff on backgrounds to what may now lead to WW3. Please read this. Comments and opinions welcome of course. Thanks/’S’

By Paul Craig Roberts
April 27, 2014 "ICH" - The Obama regime, wallowing in hubris and arrogance, has recklessly escalated the Ukrainian crisis into a crisis with Russia. Whether intentionally or stupidly, Washington’s propagandistic lies are driving the crisis to war. Unwilling to listen to any more of Washington’s senseless threats, Moscow no longer accepts telephone calls from Obama and US top officials.
The crisis in Ukraine originated with Washington’s overthrow of the elected democratic government and its replacement with Washington’s hand-chosen stooges. The stooges proceeded to act in word and deed against the populations in the former Russian territories that Soviet Communist Party leaders had attached to Ukraine. The consequence of this foolish policy is agitation on the part of the Russian speaking populations to return to Russia. Crimea has already rejoined Russia, and eastern Ukraine and other parts of southern Ukraine are likely to follow.
Instead of realizing its mistake, the Obama regime has encouraged the stooges Washington installed in Kiev to use violence against those in the Russian-speaking areas who are agitating for referendums so that they can vote their return to Russia. The Obama regime has encouraged violence despite President Putin’s clear statement that the Russian military will not occupy Ukraine unless violence is used against the protesters.
We can safely conclude that Washington either does not listen when spoken to or Washington desires violence.
As Washington and NATO are not positioned at this time to move significant military forces into Ukraine with which to confront the Russian military, why is the Obama regime trying to provoke action by the Russian military? A possible answer is that Washington’s plan to evict Russia from its Black Sea naval base having gone awry, Washington’s fallback plan is to sacrifice Ukraine to a Russian invasion so that Washington can demonize Russia and force a large increase in NATO military spending and deployments.
In other words, the fallback prize is a new cold war and trillions of dollars more in profits for Washington’s military/security complex.
The handful of troops and aircraft that Washington has sent to “reassure” the incompetent regimes in those perennial trouble spots for the West–Poland and the Baltics–and the several missile ships sent to the Black Sea amount to nothing but symbolic provocations.
Economic sanctions applied to individual Russian officials signal nothing but Washington’s impotence. Real sanctions would harm Washington’s NATO puppet states far more than the sanctions would hurt Russia.
It is clear that Washington has no intention of working anything out with the Russian government. Washington’s demands make this conclusion unavoidable. Washington is demanding that the Russian government pull the rug out from under the protesting populations in eastern and southern Ukraine and force the Russian populations in Ukraine to submit to Washington’s stooges in Kiev. Washington also demands that Russia renege on the reunification with Crimea and hand Crimea over to Washington so that the original plan of evicting Russia from its Black Sea
naval base can go forward.

In other words, Washington’s demand is that Russia put Humpty Dumpty back together again and hand him over to Washington.
This demand is so unrealistic that it surpasses the meaning of arrogance. The White House Fool is telling Putin: “I screwed up my takeover of your backyard. I want you to fix the situation for me and to ensure the success of the strategic threat I intended to bring to your backyard.”
The presstitute Western media and Washington’s European puppet states are supporting this unrealistic demand. Consequently, Russian leaders have lost all confidence in the word and intentions of the West, and this is how wars start.
European politicians are putting their countries at great peril and for what gain? Are Europe’s politicians blackmailed, threatened, paid off with bags of money, or are they so accustomed to following Washington’s lead that they are unable to do anything else? How do Germany, UK, and France benefit from being forced into a confrontation with Russia by Washington?
Washington’s arrogance is unprecedented and is capable of driving the world to destruction. Where is Europe’s sense of self-preservation? Why hasn’t Europe issued arrest warrants for every member of the Obama regime? Without the cover provided by Europe and the presstitute media, Washington would not be able to drive the world to war.
Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. His latest books are, The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and How America Was Lost. http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/

Firstly...the ‘Truth’ you are not being told by the ‘MEDIA’. Russia has submarines carrying ‘supersonic hydrogen bomb tipped cruise missiles’ popping up off the coasts of the US, and is now openly warning they’re prepared for nuclear war if the NWO forces in the Ukraine launch any more attacks upon Russian citizens OR their interests.

*CHECK out the LINKS and read the TEXT below as well. Then get mad/’S’


Also; Russian fighter jets have entered Ukrainian airspace several times over the last 24 hours according to the newly released video reports below. With a Russian nuclear bomber recently seen in airspace surrounding the UK. About time folks, that the EU tells the U.S.A. to ‘Get the Hell out of Europe’s Affairs’...and VACATE all together/’S’


Rick Wiles of TruNews, tells in his reports of a buildup to WW3...as the Kremlin sends a message to the New World Order with nuclear bombers. With Ukrainian authorities, responding to obvious U.S. orders after Vice President Biden’s ‘whipping up’ visit to KIEV...and threatening to crackdown on Russian protesters in the eastern Ukraine, Russia is prepared to enter the Ukraine if anything happens to Russian citizens. In a show of intent...regarding further escalation in the Ukraine...Russian sent nuclear bombers flying close to Great Britain, as well as a Nuclear armed Destroyer vessel today. Do ‘Subjects’ in the U.K. know about this?

Posted Image

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Posted 18 May 2014 - 12:59 PM


HOLD THE PRESSES-GMO-related activities to be considered as terrorist acts in Russia

*’Sweeps’ NOTE:
...Why put this in the current TOPIC??? Well, Imagine this…a government which actually puts public health before private commerce. Yep, and I won’t apologize…It is refreshing to find a sovereign government that actually protects the health and welfare of its people. Is it any wonder that mother Russia is in the crosshairs of the New World Order?

..AND from a friend; I would choose Putin a million times over Obama.. Obama could not be worse. I would think with each new election (knowing that the elections are rigged) that we could not have anyone worse than the President before. I have been saying that since Georgie Sr. Guess what? They get worse every time. M

*CLICK below for the LINK:


Russian lawmakers want to equate GMO-related activities that may harm human health or even cause death to terrorist acts and impose criminal liability on producers, sellers and transporters of genetically modified organisms, the newspaper ‘Izvestia’…writes in its Thursday issue.

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Posted 22 May 2014 - 05:21 PM


*’Sweeps’ NOTE:
…Below is the geopolitical agenda of ‘Washington’ folks. Catch on early enough, and you’ll understand the direction and why for’s of the ‘Daily News’ and Headlines. It’s all been in the planning for quite awhile…and definitely the NWO. Reading below will also ‘MAKE IT VERY CLEAR’ ABOUT Hillary Clinton’s ROLE and long time commitment to ‘carrying this out’. It IS THE REASON to make sure SHE never sits in the OVAL OFFICE. If you doubt this…better read up on it. Her words. As I’ve said before, probably with no one giving a dam…’We do not need THE CULT OF PERSONALITY which CLINTON represents…we need people who HONESTLY serve the people and the Constitution. Take heed now while you can. Thanks and be VERY vigilant…least ‘The Republic’ is lost.

It’s quite CLEAR….that THE U.S.A is really fretting/DEEPLY TROUBLED over the new Energy Trade Deal Russia had CONCLUDED with China…just yesterday. It unites them in a 400 BILLION DOLLAR 30 year hook up…with RUSSIA delivering energy to CHINA. WOW, no wonder the ‘WEST’ won’t attend the NEW/Today Financial meetings in St. Petersburg. They have been out flanked…and will have to begin re-thinking ALL of their NWO Plans.

**Good Time To CHECK OUT this VIDEO Folks-short, to the point:


If we could have leaders like Putin or Lavrov or Xi Jiping, NOT KIDDING, we would be making real progress for a better future. Right now we are headed off the cliff and the neo-cons and neo-liberals who are leading the charge can't even see it. They aren’t meant to. It's really time to kick out the bums and demand better leadership and a more equitable system geared to improving lives rather than raping or destroying them. /’S’


Article in ‘Information Clearing House’ Site by Mike Whitney

-Summarized/Edited by ‘Sweeps’ Fox

Russian President Vladimir Putin referring to the United States;

The Ukraine crisis has its roots in a policy that dates back nearly 20 years. The origins of the policy can be traced to a 1997 article in Foreign Policy magazine by Zbigniew Brzezinski, titled ‘A Geostrategy for Eurasia’. The article makes the case that the United States needs to forcefully establish itself in Central Asia in order to maintain its position as the world’s only superpower. While many readers may be familiar with Brzezinski’s thinking on these matters, they might not know what he has to say about Russia, which is particularly illuminating given that the recent uptick in violence has less to do with Ukraine than it does with Washington’s proxy-war on Russia. Here’s what Brzezinski says:

‘Russia’s longer-term role in Eurasia will depend largely on its self-definition…Russia’s first priority should be to modernize itself rather than to engage in a futile effort to regain its status as a global power. Given the country’s size and diversity, a decentralized political system and free-market economics would be most likely to unleash the creative potential of the Russian people and Russia’s vast natural resources. A loosely confederated Russia — composed of a European Russia, a Siberian Republic, and a Far Eastern Republic — would also find it easier to cultivate closer economic relations with its neighbors. Each of the confederated entitles would be able to tap its local creative potential, stifled for centuries by Moscow’s heavy bureaucratic hand. In turn, a decentralized Russia would be less susceptible to imperial mobilization’. Zbigniew Brzezinski,

A Geostrategy for Eurasia, Foreign Affairs, 76:5, September/October 1997.
So is this the goal of US policy, to create “A loosely confederated Russia” whose economy can be subsumed into America’s market-based system?

Notice how easily Brzezinski chops Russia into smaller, bite-size statelets that pose no threat to US imperial expansion. Brzezinski undoubtedly envisions a Russia that will sell its vast resources in petrodollars and recycle them into US Treasuries further enriching the corrupt rent-skimmers in Washington and Wall Street. He foresees a Russia that will abdicate its historic role in the world and have no say-so in shaping global policy. He imagines a compliant Russia that will help facilitate US imperial ambitions in Asia, even to the point where it will pay to police its own people on behalf of US oligarchs, weapons manufacturers, oil magnates, and 1 percenters.


The United States will police the world, dispatch troublemakers, and eliminate potential threats wherever it finds them. It will impose its neoliberal dogma (Austerity, privatization, structural adjustment, anti labor reforms, etc) across-the-board and on all participants. Also, minor partners–‘Europe, China, Japan, a confederated Russia, and India’–will be expected to provide security for their own people at their own expense in order to ‘relieve America of some of its burdens’.

Here’s more from Brzezinski:
Failure to widen NATO…would shatter the concept of an expanding Europe… Worse, it could reignite dormant Russian political aspirations in Central Europe’.
This is an oddly convoluted statement. In the first sentence, Brzezinski supports the idea of an ‘expanding Europe’, and then in the next breath, he worries that Russia might want to do the same thing. It’s another case of the pot calling the kettle black.

What’s clear, is that–in Brzezinski’s mind–EU and NATO expansion will help Washington achieve its hegemonic aspirations. That’s all that matters. Here’s what he says:
‘Europe is America’s essential geopolitical bridgehead in Eurasia…A wider Europe and an enlarged NATO will serve the short-term and longer-term interests of U.S. policy… A politically defined Europe is also essential to Russia’s assimilation into a system of global cooperation’.

‘Bridgehead’? In other words, Europe is just a means to an end. But what would that “end” be? Global domination. Isn’t that what he’s talking about?

What makes the Ukrainian crisis so hard to understand, is that the media conceals the policy behind the impenetrable fog of daily events. Once the fog lifts though, it’s easy to see who’s causing all the trouble. It’s the party that’s calling the shots from abroad, the good old US of A.

Putin doesn’t want this war and neither do most Ukrainians. The whole thing was conjured up by Uncle Sam and his minions to stop the flow of Russian gas to Europe, to push NATO further eastward, and to break the Russian Federation into little pieces. That’s what it’s really all about. And these madmen are willing to raze Ukraine to the ground and kill every living organism within a 3,000 mile radius of Kiev to get their way. After all, isn’t that what they did in Iraq? They sure did. And did I mention that, according to this week’s Wall Street Journal, “Iraq’s Oil Output Surged to Highest Level in Over 30 Years” with all the usual suspects raking in hefty profits.

The point is, if they’d did it in Iraq, they’ll do it in Ukraine too. Because what Washington cares about is constituents not carnage. Carnage they can handle.
Brzezinski is not the only one supporting the current policy either.

There’s also fellow traveler, Hillary Clinton. In fact, it was Secretary of State Clinton who first used the term ‘pivot’ in a 2011 article in Foreign Policy Magazine titled ‘America’s Pacific Century’. Clinton’s op-ed described a ‘rebalancing’ plan that would open up new markets to US corporations and Wall Street, control the flow of vital resources, and ‘forge a broad-based military presence’ across the continent. Here’s an excerpt from the text of Clinton’s seminal speech:

The future of politics will be decided in Asia, not Afghanistan or Iraq, and the United States will be right at the center of the action.

As the war in Iraq winds down and America begins to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan, the United States stands at a pivot point. Over the last 10 years, we have allocated immense resources to those two theaters. In the next 10 years, we need to be smart and systematic about where we invest time and energy, so that we put ourselves in the best position to sustain our leadership, secure our interests, and advance our values. One of the most important tasks of American statecraft over the next decade will therefore be to lock in a substantially increased investment — diplomatic, economic, strategic, and otherwise — in the Asia-Pacific region…

Harnessing Asia’s growth and dynamism is central to American economic and strategic interests and a key priority for President Obama. Open markets in Asia provide the United States with unprecedented opportunities for investment, trade, and access to cutting-edge technology…..American firms (need) to tap into the vast and growing consumer base of Asia…The region already generates more than half of global output and nearly half of global trade. As we strive to meet President Obama’s goal of doubling exports by 2015, we are looking for opportunities to do even more business in Asia…

…as I talk with business leaders across our own nation, I hear how important it is for the United States to expand our exports and our investment opportunities in Asia’s dynamic markets.” America’s Pacific Century, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Foreign Policy Magazine, 2011;

Harnessing Asia’s growth and dynamism is central to American economic and strategic interests and a key priority for President Obama’?
Does that sound like someone who wants to cultivate a mutually-beneficial relationship with their trading partners or someone who wants to move in, take over and run the show?

Washington’s plan to shift its attention from the Middle East to Asia is all about money. Clinton even says so herself. She says, “The region generates more than half of global output and nearly half of global trade…Asia’s markets … provide the United States with unprecedented opportunities for investment, trade, and…a vast and growing consumer base.”

Money, money, money. The upside-profit potential is limitless which is why Madame Clinton wants to plant Old Glory right in ‘the center of the action’, so US corporations can rake in the dough without fear of reprisal.

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Posted 23 May 2014 - 10:26 AM

Maybe not unrelated are the media reports that in a private conversation with a Canadian lady Prince Charles is said to have suggested that Putin's reasons for "taking over" part of the Ukraine (to protect Russians living there) is similar to what Adolf Hitler said when sending in troops "to protect" Germans living in other European states in the 1930's.

My own view is that Prince Charles went too far / was encouraging the massed populations in the western world to believe that a full scale shooting war is justified.

A very concerned Simon
Citizen of Planet Earth, living in the British Isles.

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Posted 23 May 2014 - 11:21 AM

*'Sweeps' NOTE:
...We covered 'any relationship to the Sedotenland and 'CHEK' takeover by Hitler' earlier in this Topic, and found it 'Wanting' as a comparison. The REAL new Fascism however is the U.S.Empire hegemony building along with the EU. Check out how the U.S. gets repaid for 'OVERTHROWING' the Ukraine Government/'S'

U. S. Vice President Joe Biden’s son and a close friend of Secretary of State John Kerry’s stepson have joined the board of a Ukrainian gas producer controlled by a former top security and energy official for deposed President Viktor Yanukovych. The move has attracted attention given Messrs. Biden’s and Kerry’s public roles in diplomacy toward Ukraine, where the U.S. expressed support for pro-Western demonstrators who toppled Mr. Yanukovych’s Kremlin-backed government in February.



Joe Biden's Son Appointed To Board Of Largest Gas Company In Ukraine

Posted Image

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Posted 28 May 2014 - 11:17 PM


*’Sweeps’ NOTE:
...Yes, on ‘Edward Snowden’.
He resurfaced for an NBC News interview, to explain more about his ACTUAL BACKGROUND...which has been now confirmed. He was trained literally as a ‘SPY’, was a Station Chief In Europe, worked for the CIA, the NSA, and my favourite...The DIA. Some BIO folks...to counter U.S. propaganda that he was only a second class ‘Hacker’ or technician type. I mean!! That is what THEY usually do of course, which I am quite Familiar with...they find ways to ridicule, down play your experience/training, and destroy your background, blackmail you, and KILL.

DON’T FORGET...that only for ‘Snowden’...did ANYONE hear of first ‘The Prism Program’ spying on us all, and then revelations about the NSA spying on our MAIL, Phones, Internet use, and getting unlawful information gathering on ALL OF US from all Sources...to compile Profiles on us. SO, where is ‘the RIGHT to Privacy’/constitutional guarantees/etc.? We ALL know...that by them saying they are Protecting us, Keeping us Safe, and Making us Secure...are all CODE words for ‘CONTROL’ of us.

Posted Image

But now ‘Snowden’, in this interview JUST BELOW, revives his reason and ‘mission’ to divulge the truth about why he went Rouge. It’s important to watch/listen to folks, because believe it or not in America his ‘Approval Rating is over 66% while Obama’s (thank goodness) is heading South below 40%. Maybe people are just starting to understand who the ‘REAL PATRIOT is? Maybe they are more than a little tired of listening to the pretender in the Oval Office, a pathological Liar, and a Narcissist/’S’

**CLICK below for the BBC Video LINK FOLKS:


**NBC released portions of Edward Snowden’s big interview with Brian Williams, and the focus seems to be on Snowden’s claim that he was actually a trained spy, not a low-level hacker.

“I was trained as a spy in sort of the traditional sense of the word, in that I lived and worked undercover overseas, pretending to work in a job that I’m not, and even being assigned a name that was not mine,” Snowden told Williams in the interview, set to air tomorrow evening.

In the video,
Snowden lists his credentials, that include a stint with the Defense Intelligence Agency and the CIA, to establish that he was more than “a low-level systems administrator.”

Snowden later clarifies, “I am a technical expert. I don’t work with people. I don’t recruit agents. What I do is I put systems to work for the United States.”

“So when they say I’m a low-level systems administrator, that I don’t know what I’m talking about, I’d say it’s somewhat misleading,” he said.

The NBC News
pointed out that once Edward Snowden started to leak sensitive information about the methods and scale of NSA global surveillance, the Obama administration tended to speak about him as small fry, a thievish hacker that happened to be a system administrator at the NSA quite by chance.
Pretender President Barack Obama said, shrugging Snowden off last June...No, I’m not going to be scrambling jets to get a 29-year-old hacker’.

Edward Snowden specifically stressed that he did not “work with people,” being busy securing IT data for the US intelligence.

“I am a technical specialist. I am a technical expert,” Snowden told NBC. “I don’t work with people. I don’t recruit agents. What I do is I put systems to work for the United States. And I’ve done that at all levels, from the bottom on the ground all the way to the top,” he said.

Snowden specified that he was not only involved in undercover work for the CIA and the NSA, but actually taught others the specific skills he knew.

“What they are trying to do is that they are trying to use one position to distract from the totality of my experience, which is: I’ve worked for the Central Intelligence Agency – undercover, overseas, I’ve worked for the National Security Agency – undercover, overseas, and I’ve worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency as a lecturer at the joint counter-intelligence training,” Snowden revealed.

The agency confirmed to NBC that Snowden delivered at least three lectures at DIA conferences. Two unspecified sources also confirmed to NBC that Snowden really used to be a CIA IT and communications specialist working overseas.

“I developed sources and methods for keeping our information and people secure in the most hostile and dangerous environments around the world,” Snowden claimed.

The CIA refused to give an official comment...of course!!

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Posted 05 June 2014 - 12:02 AM

‘Russian troops in Ukraine? Got any proof’? Putin's best quotes from French media talk recently

*’Sweeps’ NOTE:
...Really worth ‘knowing’...to counter the Big Propaganda Machine of America always operating worldwide in its own interests only. This is from RT Television Site, but if you are really looking for balanced opinion on many world issues...it doesn’t make sense to ignore this coverage. Thanks/’S’



Vladimir Putin faced a barrage of tricky questions in France from the media ahead of his meeting with world leaders at the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings. Here are his best replies on key issues: Ukraine, Crimea and relations with the US.

On Ukraine, its sovereignty and Russian troops:

The ongoing crisis in Ukraine has been occupying the center of international attention since the end of last year. While the coup-appointed government in Kiev is carrying out a military crackdown on the southeast of the country, the US said that Russian troops are allegedly involved in the crisis and they have proof of that.

What about proof? Why don’t they show it?” Putin told French media.

“The entire world remembers the US Secretary of State demonstrating the evidence of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, waving around some test tube with washing powder in the UN Security Council. Eventually, the US troops invaded Iraq, Saddam Hussein was hanged and later it turned out there had never been any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. You know – it’s one thing to say things and another to actually have evidence.

Posted Image

“After the anti-constitutional coup in Kiev in February, the first thing the new authorities tried to do was to deprive the ethnic minorities of the right to use their native language. This caused great concern among the people living in eastern Ukraine.”

“I wouldn’t call them either pro-Russian or pro-Ukrainian. They are people who have certain rights, political, humanitarian rights, and they must have a chance to exercise those rights.”

“When [the coup] happened some people accepted this regime and were happy about it while other people, say, in eastern and southern Ukraine just won’t accept it."

Posted Image

On Crimea, its referendum and historical ties to Russia:
After Crimea voted in its March referendum to join Russia, the West voiced concerns that the people in the region voted at gunpoint.

Russian troops were in Crimea under the international treaty on the deployment of the Russian military base. It’s true that Russian troops helped Crimeans hold a referendum 1) on their independence and 2) on their desire to join the Russian Federation. No one can prevent these people from exercising a right that is stipulated in Article 1 of the UN Charter, the right of nations to self-determination.

Posted Image

“We conducted an exclusively diplomatic and peaceful dialogue – I want to stress this – with our partners in Europe and the United States. In response to our attempts to hold such a dialogue and to negotiate an acceptable solution, they supported the anti-constitutional state coup in Ukraine, and following that we could not be sure that Ukraine would not become part of the North Atlantic military bloc. In that situation, we could not allow a historical part of the Russian territory with a predominantly ethnic Russian population to be incorporated into an international military alliance, especially because Crimeans wanted to be part of Russia.”

One journalist asked the president whether he wants to recreate the old borders of the Soviet Union.
We want to use modern policies to improve our competitive advantage, including economic integration. This is what we are doing in the post-Soviet space within the Customs Union and now also within the Eurasian Union.

On US relations and its aggressive foreign policies:

“Speaking of US policy, it’s clear that the United States is pursuing the most aggressive and toughest policy to defend its own interests – at least, this is how the American leaders see it – and they do it persistently."

'There are basically no Russian troops abroad while US troops are everywhere. There are US military bases everywhere around the world and they are always involved in the fates of other countries, even though they are thousands of kilometers away from US borders'.

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Posted 05 June 2014 - 03:05 PM

Posted Image

*’Sweeps’ NOTE:
...HELP Re-Set ‘THE NET’. You ALL can...if you know a way how to. It is important. Check on the LINK below and Learn how YOU can help do it.
Today is the day...and it was 1 YEAR AGO exactly when Edward Snowden...let us ALL know about PRISM...and the control of the Internet snooping that the U.S.A. and NSA had over us ALL. It’s the anniversary, so it’s fitting that TODAY...’WE’ re-set the NET. Get control back for FREEDOM. Thanks/’S’




Posted Image

Snowden publically supports Reset the Net campaign


Hundreds of websites and organizations, including Reddit, Imgur, Mozilla, Greenpeace and Amnesty International are promoting the campaign with a splash screen, which everyone can install on their pages by adding a script.

Meanwhile, thousands of social network users are readying to bombard Twitter, Facebook and Tumbrl with a giant ‘Thunderclap.’ More than 9 million of people are within the reach of the action, and it is hoped some will spread the word further.

Alexandra Bruce
June 5, 2014


Don't ask for your privacy, take it back.

This is about freedom. When governments steal our data and invade our private lives, they change how we think, how we express ourselves, and how much power they have over us.

Luckily, we’re stronger than they are. On June 5th, websites, organizations, and thousands of people are closing the door on the mass surveillance by resetting the net.

Together, we'll turn off the parts of the web that governments have infected, and bring them back with new armor that directly confronts the spying. We'll make the Internet ours again, for all of our thoughts and dreams. No one can stop us now.

On June 5th, we will Reset the Net

Governments have abused the Internet and twisted it beyond recognition. Now, we're taking it back. Are you in?

Sign up to help Reset the Net: http://resetthenet.org

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Posted 09 June 2014 - 03:03 PM

Snowden, The NSA and a Crime of High Treason

*'Sweeps' NOTE
...I say 'It is a reasonable statement'/assumption, in today's world, to pretty quickly say...'This generation of Kids/Students are quite willing to GIVE UP THEIR RIGHTS...and Privacy'. It's all there, in the way 'THEY' give up their LIVES and Freedoms to 'FACEBOOK/GOOGLE/APPLE/ETC. The reading of George Orwell's book '1984'/BIG BROTHER should be MANDATORY in Schools. They, this generation, simply don't understand much of anything...since they are also 'Dumbed Down' on their own HISTORIES...which don't seem to be 'Taught' anymore.
I'm not saying this generation is 'not nice'...they are...and VULNERABLE...and don't even know it. I would urge all members/guests to read the entire content of this Topic. Thanks, and need your 'Takes'/'S'

From 'Forbidden Knowledge TV site. Great stuff folks/'S'

Edited/Summerized by 'Sweeps' Fox

This piece by YouTube user StormCloudsGathering discusses how The divide, which separates the ruling class from from the people who actually keep society functioning keeps getting wider and wider - and how nothing illustrates this fact quite like the 'debate' over the NSA's mass surveillance and Edward Snowden's role in exposing it.

He asserts that the dragnet surveillance of the NSA is not a symptom of an agency gone 'rogue'. They are doing what they've been ordered to do by the the Executive and Legislative branches of the US Government, in total breach of the 4th Amendement, domestically and in violation of the UN's Article 12 of the Declaration of Human Rights.

These oligarchs, like John Kerry, Diane Feinstein and John McCain know that the longer they can keep the public arguing over the fate of Ed Snowden, that the REAL criminals will walk free.

*NOW, CLICK below...to watch the VIDEO...which explains why Ed Snowden is NOT understood by the current generation who have already surrendered their Souls to LIBERAL AGENDA authoritarians. There is NO doubt he's a HERO...except for those who want to keep YOU ALL in dependence and slavery to an Agenda destroying ALL basic rights and moral conditions which have perpetuated healthy Societies thru the Ages. THE U.S.A. is AN Empire...and ALL empires ultimately Fall. This one may self destruct on the betrayal of its' people and origins :


Posted Image

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Posted 22 June 2014 - 10:31 AM

*'Sweeps' NOTE:
...The 'HONORS' keep coming for Ed Snowden. His overall approval rating WORLDWIDE, out shines most world dignitaries and 'Heads Of State'. People are NOT fooled by the Propaganda of government machines against him. This, Below, from the RT Site. Thank you/'S'

‘Courage is contagious’: Whistleblowing Fantastic Four talk ‘Snowden effect’ on RT

Posted Image

Edward Snowden has been awarded the Fritz Bauer Prize of the German Humanist Union, a prominent civil rights organization, for exposing the controversial surveillance practices of the NSA and its accomplices.

“Edward Snowden showed exceptional moral courage in exposing illegal surveillance practices,” the national chairman Werner Koep-Kerstin said on Saturday in Rastatt.
With his leaks about NSA activities, Koep-Kerstin claims, Snowden had “initiated a long overdue debate on the limits of the security mania, democratic demands on the control of intelligence as well as international rules of surveillance,” Märkische online Zeitungmeans quotes.

The Fritz Bauer Prize was established in 1968 in memory of its founder, Fritz Bauer, the longtime Attorney General of Hesse, who pioneered a legal fight against Nazi injustice. The Humanist Union presents the award to those who have excelled in contributions to the humanization, liberalization and democratization of the judiciary.

Members of the German legislative committee, appointed to investigate the NSA’s snooping of Chancellor Merkel's phone, were planning to visit Moscow to meet the whistleblower.
Snowden earlier claimed that he is ready to testify about American wrongdoings and has even sent
a letter to the German authorities, requesting a meeting. However, he has reportedly turned down the offer to meet German MPs in Russia. His lawyer Wolfgang Kaleck said Snowden believes at this point there is “no room or need for an oral, 'informal' meeting in Moscow” and that substantial testimony would only be possible in Germany.

Recent reports suggest that Germany has become one of the National Security Agency’s most important centers for data collection and surveillance operations in Europe.

The rejection may come as a temporary relief to the German government, which warned the committee that Snowden’s testimony might cause “negative consequences” on Germany's relations and cooperation with the US.