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Blue Beings From Inner Earth

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Posted 06 November 2006 - 04:41 PM

*DO you want to hear some stories? Keep in mind...'The Possibility Of All Possibilities'...AWAYS EXISTS.

Blue Beings from Inner Earth
-AND the Documented Green Skinned Children of Woolpit-
*CLICK on the drawing of the 'Green Skinned Kids'...and then get the worth from the stories/'S'
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An encounter with strange creatures from underground cities and other ‘underground’ Alien life:
This planet still holds many mysteries, some that reach back to the dark, distant past and survive in the present as legends and folklore. Cultures around the world tell of beings that live inside the earth. Are they real or myth? Zephanaiah believes he actually encountered these beings on the island of Samoa, where he lives. This is Zephanaiah’s story.

I am a firm believer that the Pacific holds the keys to many of the earth’s still unsolved mysteries, ranging from the spiritual to the scientific. The Pacific should be explored. Many times I have read about beings from the “inner earth” or “hollow earth.” What if I were to tell you that an entrance into the hollow earth can be found right here on the various islands of Samoa?

Growing up here, we are told stories of two different types of beings, aitu and sauai.
The aitu, or spiritual beings, are not typical ghosts. Some have been omens for good or bad. Some are sent to harm people, like a poltergeist would. Some have even been known to kill people who try to tamper with Mother Nature. They range in form from floating beings to tall shadow people.

The sauai, or ghoul/monster, were exactly those -- monsters. These were things that mere words could not explain. They either flew, walked through walls, were a couple of stories tall (giants) or even dwarfs. The sauai had one purpose: to feed and cause havoc.
On Savai'i, the biggest Island of the Samoa Island Chain, our ancestors talked of the very gate or doorway to Hell being located on one of its coasts. The doorway was called Pulotu. These are where the restless souls of our ancestors and all the ancestors of Polynesia seek rest and refuge.

The cave:
I was about 13 or 14 when my cousins and I stumbled into a cave many of us had only heard of off the cliff of a village called Pagai. Our grandparents always warned us about the cave and not to venture in to it. Only those who are from within are allowed to go in. If you are not one of them, you will not live to make it back out, we were told.

My cousins and I were night fishing when we came across this cave. Inside the cave was a strange neon blueish-green glow, like street racing lights. There was also this strange essence and scent, like someone was cooking and was caught by surprise. We were so excited. “Shall we go in?” my cousin asked.
His twin brother said, “No! Are you nuts? We don't know what could be in there.”

I agreed with him. We were all the same age and if someone or something had attacked us, we were too young to fight off our attacker. So we all continued on the path to the reef.

As we got about 30 or 40 feet away, we could see a bluish-green figure leap out of the cave and into the water. This being had fins for feet and webbed hands. Its head was humanoid-like. We couldn't make out a face because of the distance, but its eyes we would never forget. They were glowing bluish-green light. As it entered the water, we could follow how deep, how fast and where it was going. It traveled like a very big fish. It was gone just as soon as it hit the water.

We were all shocked by the speed it had under the water. It went from five or six feet deep water to 50 to 80 feet deep water in seconds. We could no longer see the lights from its eyes, so we headed back home.
That was crazy! What was that? We all talked about what we had seen. We were shocked and excited. Little did we know we were also being followed.

Our gas lantern was beginning to run out of gas and we were 30 yards from home. My cousin said, “Who keeps shining the flash light behind us?”

His twin and I were about to answer him when we noticed about 15 feet away from us in the water, the lights returned and were following us. We all stopped to see what it would do. It stopped. We moved, it moved. We all decided to run on the count of three. 1... 2... 3 -- and we all darted and didn't look back. All we could remember was the sound of something leaping out of the water and into an old foxhole from WWII, and a screech that sounded like a bat, except 100 times louder.

Out of breath, we all ran to our grandparents’ house. We were all gasping for air when our grandmother asked us what had happened.

When we had told her what we had seen and where we had been, she was enraged. Then she calmed down and had a sense of concern as she spoke.
“Sons, that is what we were talking about,” she said. “You see, if you are not one of them, you might not make it alive. They have been underground for so long. They come out at night to hunt for food and return before the day breaks. They live deep in the cave you saw. They have a little city where they dwell. They do not take kindly to humans.

‘When your grandfather and I were young, a group of us followed one of them into the cave. It looked like a shark had taken a bite out of it. Its blood was blue. It spoke a language none of us understood, let alone ever heard before. Its voice sounded like a bat in flight. We followed the blood trail about 200 to 300 yards when we came to a city.

It was beautiful. They were everywhere. As soon as they could smell us, they made the cave fill with ocean water. We hurried out of there and none of us have been there since. Sons, do not go there again. Do you understand?’.

‘Yes, grandma’. we agreed.
Whenever we go into the mountains to get bananas or firewood, once in a while we would come across a campsite with seashells and bones. We would look at each other and say, ‘They were here’.

The Legend:
Sometime between the years 1135 A.D. and 1154 A.D., two strange children were found near Woolpit, England.

Workers were harvesting their fields when they heard frightened cries; investigating, they discovered two children, a boy and a girl, terrified and huddled near a pit. They were screaming in a unknown language, and their clothes were made of a strange looking, unknown material... but stranger still, the children's skin was green.

The two were taken to the home of a man named Richard de Calne, where the local populace attempted to take care of them... but the children refused to eat or drink anything that was offered until someone brought in some fresh bean stalks. The children eagerly grabbed these and opened the stalks; and when they saw these empty, they started to cry. When shown that the beans were in the pods instead, the children quickly ate their fill and ate nothing else for some time after.

Soon after they were found, the boy sickened and died; but the girl became healthy and hearty, eventually losing the green hue to her skin. When she learned the local language, what she told of her origins only deepened the mystery. She said that she and her brother had come from a land with no sun; the people there, all green, lived in a perpetual twilight. When she was asked how she had come to be found outside the pit, she could only say that she and her brother had heard bells, become entranced... then the two of them were in the pit and could see the light from the mouth of it.

Though the girl lived long after her discovery, eventually marrying a local man, she was never able to give any further help in solving the mystery of her and her brother's origins and odd arrival in Woolpit.


A common variation on the legend states that from the children's original homeland, a "luminous country" could be seen far away, separated from their homeland by a large body of water. Another common variation is that the children called thier original home "St. Martin's Land" or simply "St. Martin", and that the people in said land were all christians with churches to worship at.

Also, most accounts either mention no date for the story, or place it around A.D. 1200; in 'Unexplained!', Jerome Clark says that the event either happened in the reign of King Stephen or that of his successor, King Henry II; both Rodney Davies (in 'Supernatural Disappearances') and Harold Wilkins (in 'Strange Mysteries of Time and Space') say the same thing. Paul Harris, in an article in Fortean Times #57, places the event in the reign of King Stephen rather than Henry II, and, as you will see, there is good reason for agreeing with this placement. King Stephen's reign was brief, and places the occurrence at sometime between A.D. 1135 and 1154.

Harris states that there are two differing versions of how the children arrived in Woolpit. In his first version, the children followed the sound of bells through an underground passageway to Woolpit; in his second version, he says the children were swept up by a whirlwind and deposited in Woolpit. Harris also asserts that the change in the girl's skin color was caused by a change in her diet.

Rodney Davies also describes the children's clothing as "dress-like", and says Richard de Calne lived in a nearby town called Wikes, which is where the children were taken.

Harold Wilkins in 'Strange Mysteries of Time and Space' implies that the name "Martin's Land" may be a mis-representation of the name "Merlin's Land", but he is the only source for this alternative name.

Katharine Briggs in 'The Fairies' says the Green Girl claimed to have come from an underground country.

Margaret Rowan gives a particularly over-dramatic version of the story in her book 'House of Evil'; detail-wise, though, it's the same story except that she calls the man the green children were taken to Richard de Caine, and describes him as the "richest landowner in the district." Also, she says that the girl claimed her home was ‘Not far from here [Woolpit], but cut off from us by a great river of light’.

In 'Strange Disappearances', Brad Steiger says the children entered a cave following some small animals; the cave just kept going down deeper and deeper until, somehow, the children found themselves in the fields near Woolpit. Brad Steiger, Rodney Davies, and Harold Wilkins all state that the girl worked as a servant for Richard de Calne, while Jerome Clark (in 'Unexplained!') says she worked for a 'knight and his family,' instead of de Calne; he also adds that the girl married and "reportedly lived for years at Lenna in Suffolk." Steiger says that the Green Girl married a man from Norfolk; and both Davies and Wilkins say she married a man of/at King's Lynn in Norfolk, and Davies adds that she lived for years in King's Lynn. In all cases, it's agreed that no one knows whether or not the Green Girl ever had children.

**What about legends/myths...especially when they are documented in earlier times? Well, give us your feedback...and maybe stories/legends/documented/or experienced cases which YOU know of/have/THANKS/'Sweeps'