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New Book-breakthroughs By Dr. Steven Greer

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Posted 16 July 2006 - 06:13 PM

[font=Comic Sans Ms][color=#009900]"HIDDEN TRUTH - FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE"

- By Steven M. Greer, MD

Attached File  Hidden_Truth_Forbidden_Knowledge_Dr_Greer_book2.jpg   226.57KB   677 downloads

In one of the most astounding and moving true stories ever told, Dr.
Greer relates his own personal experiences with Extraterrestrial peoples
and the unfolding of cosmic awareness since his childhood.

From his sighting of a UFO at an early age, to his amazing near-death
experience at age 17, to his unraveling of the secret cabal running the
illegal transnational energy and UFO - related projects, to his
meetings with a CIA Director, U.S. Senators, heads of state and royalty
- you will be moved, shocked and enlightened as you read through this

Journey with Dr. Greer as he takes you into the corridors of secret
power - beyond the government as we know it- to a shadowy cabal of
power-mad controllers. Learn what their agenda is, and how they plan to
achieve their goals- and what we must do NOW to change the course of
human history.

You will learn the secrets of how ET civilizations communicate - and
travel- across the vastness of space, and you will explore the nexus
where Mind, Space, Time and Matter all come together.

Travel with Dr. Greer as he takes you on expeditions around the world
where the famous CSETI Contact events have occurred - with ET craft
and people actually approaching these new ambassadors to the universe.

You will be amazed as you glimpse the coming future of Earth and
humanity - a future of universal peace, travel among the stars and the
establishment of a sustainable civilization on Earth using
long-suppressed and wondrous new energy sources.

And you will see a new world, within yourself, as you experience the
meditations within this book that unfold a new cosmology - integrating
body, mind, spirit and cosmic awareness and traveling beyond the speed
of light - seeing that the Universe is folded perfectly within ...

"Extraterrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications" - by Steven
M. Greer

"Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest
Secrets in Modern History" - by Steven M. Greer

Brian O'Leary, PhD

"This book ....is not only full of transcendent truths, it is a call to
action to shift our current paradigm."


In "Hidden Truth - Forbidden Knowledge," Dr. Greer provides his own
personal disclosure based on years of high-level meetings with over 450
military and government-connected insiders and whistle-blowers and
briefings with senior government officials, such as former CIA Director
R. James Woolsey, members of the U.S. Senate and senior UN officials.

In addition to these disclosures, "Hidden Truth - Forbidden
Knowledge," unveils the actual contact experiences Dr. Greer has had
with UFOs and Extraterrestrial Civilizations, beginning as a young

In one of the most amazing and moving personal stories ever shared, he
explains how after a prolonged near-death experience at age 17, he
experienced cosmic consciousness and found the Rosetta Stone of ET
contact: the power of the unbounded mind within each of us.

Later this led to numerous Close Encounters of the 5th Kind: contact
with ETs initiated by Dr. Greer and later by larger groups of people
through the CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial
Intelligence) project. Go to his Web Site.../'Sweeps' :rolleyes: