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A Broader Perspective On 'meta History'

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Posted 10 August 2006 - 02:52 PM


By 'Sweeps' Fox

At a conference in Italy, the Hebrew scholar Zecharia Sitchin presented his research into certain 'Ancient Sumerian texts', which we now know as his 'genetic engineering hypothesis' Sitchin claimed to have worked out many of the details of our Human bio-engineering by an Alien Race. His background allowed him the ability to translate ancient Sumerian documents. According to this Zachariah Sitchin 'study', ancient Earthling note takers/scribes had written on various types of materials. These included; clay, stone, & parchment…and that they could be and were deciphered.

These written 'texts', among other data, centered on two basic understandings. They 'told' us about where 'we' came from as a species, and that Earth had been visited by humanoid extraterrestrials periodically throughout our History. According to Sitchin, the human Earth species and cultures were a direct result of these ET visitations and the use of 'their' advanced Science and their geneticists.
All together there were six books in his (Sitchin's) Earth Chronicles series, describing a pre-history very different from the one taught to us in our anthropology and pre-history courses….never mind our 'grade school' education. Sitchin also told of the ancient Sumerian story of Nibiru, also known to the Babylonians as Marduk. Nibiru is, as fabled, a huge planet which is really a part of our own solar system but with a large/elongated elliptical orbit. This vast elongated orbit, now being speculated on even by our scientists currently, allows that Nibiru or Planet X nears Earth only about every 3,600 years.
Don't dismiss this out of hand yet. Just recently the Hubble telescope has found a fairly numerous amount of planets and moons in other solar systems with highly elliptical orbits…such as the one postulated by Sitchin's studies. Quite possibly in fact; plunging, elliptical, eccentric, and clockwise orbits may be a NORM in many planetary systems.

So, the possibility does actually exist that this could be occurring in our own Solar system. And, according to Sitchin's Sumerian text translations, this 'extra' Planet is home to a Space race of travelers named as the Anunnaki. Sitchin, through his research, suggests that approximately 450,000 years ago these 'travelers' started visiting our Earth…and that about 300,000 years ago 'they' began a genetic engineering experiment on our planet. The result was the 'upgrading' of this Planet's primitive homids to the present Homo Sapiens.
One of the facets of Sitchin's hypothesis which is rarely mentioned if at all, is that in an interview in 1995 at Washington D.C. his position was that the Anunnaki were a product of pure 'Evolution' on their home planet. Five years later Sitchin had 'changed his tune'. He now was considering the Anunnaki ET's to be ACTING as co-creators for the Greater Creator i.e. the BIG GOD. This, of course, brings Sitchin into the 'Theological'-Creation theory versus 'Evolution Theory' arguments. Yep, and for those who have followed this story for years now, it is the reason for Monsignor Balcucci and Sitchin to find some kind of 'common ground'.
To refresh; Monsignor Corrado Balducci is a High Vatican official, a member of the Curia of the Catholic Church, an exorcist for the Archdiocese of Rome, the Prelate of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples for the Propagation of the Faith, a member of the Vatican's Beatification Committee, and a recognized 'expert' on Demonology. Oh yes, he was also appointed by the Vatican to the study of the UFO phenomenon and extraterrestrials.

It turned out, as most who follow this know, that Balducci and Sitchin would meet up with each other in Bellaria, Italy in March of 2000, at a conference called 'The Mystery of Human Existence.'
*See 'attachment'-photo of Sitchin & Balducci
Attached File  Sitchin_and_Balducci_3.jpg   42.12KB   613 downloads

Monsignor Balducci's examination of the world wide ET stories and evidence, had convinced him that 'Aliens' did exist and that witnesses were reporting actual descriptions and contact. He insisted that the ET's…different species…were probably more intelligent and advanced than Humans, but still physical and created by the 'GOD' thing. To Balducci, that meant that 'each' possessed or had been endowed with a soul/spirit. He also made it known that 'Christianity' was coming around to that conclusion. In fact he was on Italian TV shows five or more times expounding this point. Using his credentials as a 'Demonologist', he pointed out most vociferously that the ET's were not demons…but somewhere between Angels and Humankind. Definitely not of 'The Devil' he said.

Of course, his GOD thing was the familiar Father God of the Catholic Church. OK, consider aside for a moment. That would presume that such ET's would then have to submit to Baptism and the sacraments of the Catholic Church. Well, that is the implication. Otherwise, how can anyone allow for 'The One True Church'. Guess he'll have to have all the ET's baptized.
It was Balducci who suggested to Sitchin in their Bellaria meeting, that he and others (Father Marakoff as an example) in 'The Church' now believed Humankind may not have been 'created' out of mud or slime…but had been bio-engineered by ET's who were basically doing God's work. This inferred of course that such a Human experiment also provided for the newly created Human species to also have a soul/spirit. Monsignor Balducci contends that only the 'Big Father God thing' however, can create the Soul and that the ET's were only an instrument of God's work. The fact that the ET's aren't Catholic or even Christian…may have to be somehow explained to 'The Faithful'. Or, in the light of History, maybe not. Again…'No organized/structured Religion serves the spiritual needs of Humankind, they serve themselves.'

Even though Sitchin's work and theories developed from physical findings and Balducci's examinations naturally included the 'Spiritual aspects, both would submit that their analysis of the origins of Homo Sapiens were convergent. Of course Monsignor Balducci could not consider that 'Spiritual' would have any other meaning except the Catholic/Christian one. This subtle implied understanding did not really point to any kind of full 'convergence of ideas' with Zecharia Sitchin…a Hebrew scholar. As the author of the book 'The Stairway To Heaven', Sitchin could offer in compromise that both he and Balducci were climbing the same stairway…but on different steps. Whatever that means.

I do incline more to the ancient Indian/Vedic texts in considering Spirit or Soul. While Sitchin has interrupted 'Seed' in the Sumerian writings to be consistent with DNA…a purely physical/organic design…the Vedic understandings are much more implicit and harmonizing of spirit with the physical.
'Their' scripts pre-date all the 'Middle Eastern'-Garden of Eden variety-Religions by thousands of years, and speak of the Devas. The Devas emanate from the 'Thatness' or 'Universal Consciousness', and are of an archetypical form of existence. They are MADE of a very subtle energy…a wholly different higher vibratory frequency. As an archetype or Template/mold, the Devas are capable of generating any form of creation…from the ethereal to the grosser forms of existence. Their very subtle 'seed', referred to as Bijas, is not biological in origin and has nothing in common with the grosser DNA. In order for Humankind, or any 'thicker' energy form, to possess Soul quality a cross match has to occur. This essentially means that the Bijas 'seed' of the Devas is transferred or imbued into the 'genetic material' used in the production of 'Formed/physical' beings.

This organic physical type of being (or physical Universe for that matter), being much less durable because of its' tie to TIME and grosser energies have a course of existence which is quite distinct. All things which take FORM must dissolve. However, due to the 'physical' being infused with the subtle energies which gives it Soul/Spirit, the passing/dissolving of the organic/grosser form releases the Soul back to the 'Universal Consciousness'. The Vedic texts are quite clear on this. 'Consciousness pre-exists everything else'. All expressions of life, whether high or low types of vibration/frequencies or energy, is 'Consciousness experiencing itself'. What a grand theater. Yep definitely prefer this. No monopoly on 'The Boundless' in each of us here. Unlike the controlling tool that Religions are…who would keep 'us' in a forced accepting of 'Them' as necessary intermediaries for a Salvation of Spirit. Heavy 'Mind fucking'.
Aside from this 'Era Swing consciousness' movement, away from Religious fiddling of our Histories, we are still faced with the traditional evolutionary 'TIME LINE' being advocated by the 'Sitchin/Balducci conjunction and other established 'authority' academia's.

It's more than just a bit difficult to keep from 'snickering', when confronting the 'Established' evolutionary Time Line. Keep 'the round peg in the square hole' in mind.
Before that, it should also be mentioned, one of Sitchin's Sumerian texts was translated as the Anunnaki 'creating Man in their own image'. This has always been quite hard to reconcile with another 'Text' he translated which described the Anunnaki as a Reptilian Race.
OK. 'They' would have us believe that Homo Sapiens appeared almost out of nowhere about 300,000 to 350,000 years ago…and from Africa. This would seem to fit nicely with Sitchin's Anunnaki bio-engineering of 'The Human Race'. He does mention 'several attempts'. And, by the by, he asserts that primarily Homo Sapiens were 'created' as a worker or as slave labor for the Anunnaki. This Time Line is not just from Sitchin, it is the favored one from all of 'modern' archeology/Paleontology/and anthropology…including Richard Leakey in his work 'The Origin of Humankind'. It also keeps everything nicely ordered for accepting the entire notion of Evolution itself.

The major problems which have arisen in this 'last word' hypothesis have been swept under the academic carpet and dogmatically/doctrinally ignored. Yep…'Science' has become a belief system. It is now 'Scientism'. Yet, the newer discoveries/findings are every bit as scientific. 'Well as I'm wont of saying; 'Everything we've been taught has been a lie', 'Nothing is as it seems', and 'We are just beginning the finding out that we don't know the first thing'.

Let's do a sample worldwide 'roundup' of fairly recent fossil/artifact discoveries. An ancient Paleolithic Era find in Diring Siberia, has produced over 500 stone tools and dated from 2.5 to 3.5 Million years ago. Over 4,000 artifacts have been found at this site in total. In certain and varied South American sites, 3 million year old dated flint tools and fire pits were found. Argentina has given up MANY 3-5 Million year old- late Pliocene Era rounded stone bolas, used for hunting. This also presumes a leather making aptitude, since slings were necessary to hurl the Bolas at game. A 'modern' human jaw bone infiltrated with iron oxide, was found in an English Quarry and dated at 2.5 million years old. Also in England, has been found shark tooth jewelry and bone tools dated at 2.5 million years. In the Sierra Nevada mountains in America, probably some of the 'most damaging' finds of all have been uncovered in very ancient gold bearing gravel pits/mines! Numerous human skeletons and a MODERN human skull have been unearthed in areas dated between 9 to (yes) 55 Million years old. These are only the sample skimmings. Anthropologists have established that the 'Australopithecines' of THOSE ages or before…were not toolmakers
So it turns out; 'fully modern Homo Sapiens', and their tools/artifacts/remains, have been found globally…showing that they/we were there millions of years ago. In fact these records demonstrate that 'modern Humankind' co-existed with other primate type species for tens of millions of years.

Immanuel Velikovsky, the noted 'Catastrophist'/Catastrophe exponent, tells of fossil evidence showing that fully formed creatures have appeared on this planet and then simply vanished all at once. How many past Civilizations of Humankind of risen and fallen? What of the legends of Continents such as Mu and Lemaria?
Sitchin's, and now Balducci's, LINE of Time depends absolutely on the 'Out Of Africa' evolution 'story'. Sticking to the 300,000 to 350,000 years ago Bio-engineering of our race by the Anunnaki space Race from Nibiru, he'd better close the door on the newer discoveries. Maybe many 'Space Races' have been here/are here with genetic experiments, gene splicing and the like. There seems to be enough evidence of many Space Travelers arriving here, establishing bases, and 'fiddling' with genes over countless time periods. Ufologists know they are here now…and perhaps always have been.

What's really going on here? In one word, for my money, 'Acclimation'! Monsignor Balducci, and possibly Sitchin, want to leak out the 'Alien/ET' presence here…and they both know it to be true…BUT keep the Religious Doctrines intact. It's going to 'come out' soon, and both have a stake in keeping the 'Institutions' viable. Naïveté for sure…but will the 'Sheeple' fall for it, when the 'Mainstream' admits to the ET presence here on this planet for thousands of years?

So, who will be devastated by this news and exposure? Well we know the 'faithful' masses will be, which is why the Vatican is allowing Balducci to go forward in advance of this. But, the other most affected group may very well be the authoritarian academians. Yep engineers, the whole Scientific community, and the specialized educators would all be devastated. Why? Everything they were taught and taught others would be invalidated…pure wrong!
And, of course, the whole Darwinian evolution 'Thing' would have to be tossed out. Shame huh? Laugh.
Near final, I would offer advice and thoughtfulness from a very good friend-Malou Zeitlin:
Though I fully support your work against the weaponization of Space and admire your incredible efforts to end the various cover-ups, I'm left with a few questions about those you call "Extraterrestrials". I am not questioning the fact that our planet has, and is being visited by other life-forms for millennia.

Our Friend Charles Hall has described the "Tall Whites" he met decades ago to my satisfaction. Charles relates his experiences only, and he is not known to "confabulate."

And yes, there are other visiting groups of those I call "true" Extraterrestrials and, yes again, our government is not only aware of these groups it cooperates with them.

This out of the way, so to speak, my greater concern is the problem of the "Archons" , the "Greys" or "Grays" as some people prefer to spell their name. These interesting creatures have acquired much publicity in the past decades and most people mistakenly believe that the "Greys" are extraterrestrials.

This belief is expanding, thanks to the various movies, books, UFO Seminars and the stories of "abductees."

Again, I have to trust my own judgment when reading the various abduction stories and I am not doubting their veracity. The original fear of being taken against one's will, terrorized, "examined" or even "implanted" is well described by the many who have undergone these procedures. That original fear, which I consider a healthy and natural reflex from human beings, sometimes transforms itself into a deep affection towards the captors.

What is that 'lie' or web of lies, those who believe themselves 'chosen' keep spreading to others in all innocence?

The 'Greys' are NOT Extraterrestrials per se, not in the sense most people would explain extraterrestrial, or coming from other star systems and stopping on our planet for fun, profit
or R&R. The "Tall Whites" fit the extraterrestrial profile, and to my knowledge, they are not playing mind-tricks...unless absolutely needed for their own safety.

Not so the "Greys" who have been playing their VR spectacles on us, and with us, since time immemorial and continue successfully to hand out carrots and sticks, fan the fires of fanaticism and zealous religious exclusivity. They also tantalize the brighter among us to exchange our basic humanity for "enhancements" of all kinds.

I realize that I can't do much about this situation except to try and direct some key people to the study of the "Archons."

No one has done a better job of studying the ancient Gnostic texts than our friend John Lash of "Metahistory."
Thank you all/'Sweeps' Fox
* I would recommend John Lash- metahistory.org/index.php