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So I Think I Met An Alien Last Night...

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#1 s_mhurie



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Posted 13 January 2012 - 06:59 PM

First of all, hey everyone, I'm new here :)

I don't know a lot about aliens etc, I have a basic knowledge of them, but have never previously had any special interest, but after last night I think I'll start researching a bit more!

I was in my bed, having a normal dream, when something, I'm not sure what, woke me up. I was pretty confused, having just woken up, but I remember seeing a humanoid shape standing over me. It was kind of a translucent off white with huge, really huge, black staring eyes. It also had some kind of mask over its face made of metal.

So it was bending over, leaning down to me, and I felt absolutely terrified. All the stuff I'd read about alien abductions came flying back to me, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't a dream as I was consciously going through it all in my mind.

So I began to reach up to push it away, but before I could, I felt an incredibly powerful force pushing down on my arms and chest, holding me against the bed. It was so strong that I couldn't breath. I then blacked out.

I woke up again, panting like crazy and more scared than I'd ever been. The first thing I did was check the time, it was 03:29am.

When I finally went back to sleep, I had really awful vivid dreams of my pets being mutilated? I've never before dreamt anything like them.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Alien encounter or an extraordinarily vivid dream?

#2 Seth Haniel

Seth Haniel

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Posted 14 January 2012 - 01:12 PM

Sounds familiar !!! :)

though the "experts" would conclude 'Sleep Paralysis' (cover-up)

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#3 skylark


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Posted 14 January 2012 - 02:31 PM

*Beat me to the punch on that one Seth,
...Was about to make that conclusion, among others, but had decided to WAIT....just to see if some of our GREAT Members would repsond to this new kid. Thanks for that.

NOW...'new kid'...you could start by telling us something about yourself, if you've had other extra-normal/paranormal experiences, what your basic age level is, your interests, and what you're 'in to now' type of things?

'That Night'...has elements from Ghosts (translucent), incubus, succubus, and a whole bevy of Nightmare things, as well as psychological input like impotence...inability to do something about being 'pushed down'/etc.

You seem to know 'terms', and asked about 'Vivid Dreaming'. Have you actually ever had 'vivid dreaming'? Probably you know more than you're 'letting on' with your first 'Posting' here...or maybe merely 'pulling our legs'? Carry on. Thanks.

Suggest you look through the SITE, use the search engine available if you will, and see where 'we're' coming from here'....on Iruishufology and Paranormal Studies.

Your initial description of what happened to you 'that night', I'm sure, makes us all here wonder why you thought this experience was related to 'Aliens'? The 'METAL' face mask....soulnded like something from 'Scary Movie', and the rest of your story didn't seem or smell like abduction scenario....at least in any Classic sense.

Well, welcome to the 'FORUM'...and we await hearing from you. Your IP suggests Dublin. Is that where you're from? Best regards/'Sweeps'

#4 skylark


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Posted 16 January 2012 - 10:58 PM

*'Sweeps' NOTE:
...Tried to 'reach' this guy...to no avail. Me Thinks....he may have submitted to many SITES, and/or not too interested in getting back to us experienced guys/gals huh?

Just a note to let him know we'd like to hear more of the 'tale'...Sort of a CHALLENGE by gosh/'S'

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#5 s_mhurie



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Posted 02 November 2012 - 11:48 PM

Hi, sorry for never coming back to this post! After talking to some friends about it, they did manage to convince me it was sleep paralysis, so I thought it was best to just put it out of my mind.

However, in the past three or four weeks, odd things have been happening to me. I keep seeing this kind of haze, like what you see in the air over a candle. I see it walking to school, in my room, pretty much anywhere!

I have just this inescapable fear. I can't be by myself anymore. I can't even sleep unless I know there's other people in my house awake.

Last week, after an unusually peaceful night's sleep, I woke up sitting upright in the chair in my room, with a really sharp pain in the back of my throat.

I constantly wake up with bruises and aches. The fear that I have (of being taken I suppose?) is stopping me sleeping and really impacting on my academic work as well as my general well-being.

Of course, one of the first things I considered was a possible mental health issue. I am going to a psychologist on Wednesday to discuss that and will inform you all of the conclusions.

As for the details which you asked for Skylark;

I am 17. Don't drink often. Don't take drugs. My only real hobby is theatre, although I do go swimming every now and again.

I haven't really had any paranormal experiences before. As a kid, when I was going to sleep I used to hear whispering, but upon mentioning it to my mam recently she reminded me I used to sleep in a room next to theirs so that was probably it! I am generally very intuitive, but I tend to put that down to being able to understand people and hence anticipate their actions!

I have never actually seen Scary Movie. This mask was like a gas mask or something! I just got the sense that the figure was an alien. I can't explain why I thought that, I just did!

Hope I haven't left this too late to get back to. Sorry again!

#6 skylark


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Posted 03 November 2012 - 02:16 AM

*Howdy again then,
...Think you need to put up a photo, of your choice, that you like/relates to you. OK?

NO...it is never too late. You've now given quite a good background and character glimpse of yourself. Thanks for that...because it invites a lot more analysis on our part here, about what's happening to you and how you perceive it all.

Wonder why the BIG Gap between when you first wrote about your experiences and fears, then the lack of things happening, and now starting up again in the last few weeks or so? Any ideas as to why the gap is there? Any major change in your social, job, or life basically which could account for 'things' starting up again? Not saying this is related to anything in particular...that's up to you to look at. But....DO look at any lifestyle changes which might emotionally effect you and bring these 'things' on again. It's just one way of 'ruling out' stuff or not.

Very interesting though...your 'HAZE', as you call it. This kind of 'Seeing' is, if I'm reading you right, is in the realm of 'Parapsychology'....and the '6th sense' areas. It's one of the things folks start seeing when they have advanced to a place where most people have never gone. It's a signal/sign of emerging altered states...positive not negative. Try a test....try to 'work' with your HAZE...make it swirl, twirl, or even expand over a broader field of vision. Some people can actually learn to for shapes and/or spread it over wide areas in their vision fields. I can.

Don't dote....on the Fear. Fear is the mind killer. Bruises and sores/aches and such probably mean that you have 'Dreams'/or OOB experiences/abduction...which you can't remember consciously...and that's disturbing. It's COMMON that people don't remember...expecially at first.

So, does it make any difference to your sleeping experiences...if people are awake and in the house? That's important to know and focus on.

OK...what does it mean, that you woke up last week 'sitting in a chair'? Did you fall asleep in the chair? Just puzzled about that, and want you to come back with that answer if you will.

Think 'we' all would like to follow up on all of these things with you from here. There seems to be a lot more involved...which has come to light from you last posting on this topic.

We will help in any and all ways...through our own experiences, and from those in the 'business' of knowing of these experiences. The basic advice the be given now....is that you NOTE days/times/events/feelings/and anything new in your 'sensing'. Glad you admit to being 'intuitive'. That's good.

Secondly, remember that FEAR can be turned around. Believe in yourself...that you are strong, and can deflect the fear...put it out of reach and out of the negative. Everything has more than one side. Just having new things happen to you can be looked at as if 'living in a world of opposites'. The vengeful and the wrathful exist along with the mirthful and loving.

Get back...and let us all know here how you are getting on...or if 'things' stop or increase happening. You are going through a lot...and maybe some important changes.

Thanks for this submission. Just hope we, at present, have been of some help. We are interested. Meditation...done in the right manner...can dismiss fear, and encourage positive feelings/results/'S'

*BTW...I was a Supervisor psych Nurse for years, and even along with my other duties in 'Military Intelligence'. So it....
Should be interesting what a 'Shrink' goes on about with you on this. Still, that is Client/patient Confidential based material. We don't ask you to report on your 'activities'/sessions with your 'Psych.'...just don't expect one to have any 'immediate' answers. Could take a LONG time...and there are very few/rare 'Shrinks' like the late John E Mack (look him up...use our Forum or another 'search engine') or others who do treat these subjects sincerely and without dismissing them out of hand.

I give you ALL this to dwell on:


1. Unexplained persistent anxiety or restlessness after experiencing an event which has no ordinary explanation.

2. A strong emotional reaction when confronted with objects, pictures, stories, films, etc. which are associated with close Star Visitor (extraterrestrial) encounters.
3. Persistent insomnia after a highly unusual event, and/or dreams or nightmares with themes of UFOs, Star Visitors (ETs), or close encounters.
4. Repeated daytime thinking about, or daydreaming about, or extremely vivid daytime "dreams" about UFOs, Star Visitors (ETs), or close encounters.
5. Compulsive behavior concerning UFOs or Star Visitors (ETs), such as voluminous reading of any and everything available on UFOs.
6. Unexplained moodiness, irritability, or restlessness after an anomalous UFO-related incident.
7. Body symptoms or marks characteristic of a close extraterrestrial encounter, such as unusual bruises or patterned red markings.
8. Experiencing an unexplained substantial period of missing time following an anomalous incident.
9. Having sudden onset of feelings of social unordinariness, (being out of step with society, or society seems strange and "other".)
10. Experiencing a new cosmic awareness and perspective, which frequently breaks into one's daily thinking.
11. Suddenly feeling an affinity for the persons who have had Star Visitor (ET)-encounters that one sees or reads about, or feeling an attraction to Star Visitors (extraterrestrials) as somehow feeling familiar.
12. Having the sense of having received telepathic messages from the Star Visitors (ETs), or repeatedly receiving gifted intuitions.
13. Having a sense of sharing the space in one's mind with a Star Visitor (extraterrestrial).
14. Noticing the beginning of psychic ability, or, if you are already psychic, noticing a marked increase in psychic abilities.
15. Feeling attracted to a natural spirituality or religious practice which is based on the in-dwelling of the Supreme Source in all Nature, and, as a result, the importance of reverencing all life-forms as related to you.
16. Having a longing for that extraterrestrial individual with whom a person has feels s/he has somehow had contact previously.
17. Having an obsessive sense of mission, whether clearly understood, vague, or mostly repressed into unconscious mind, (acquired during a close encounter).
18. Having a strong "pull" to travel to a specific area, either with an intuition that a close encounter is impending, or for an unknown reason, (which turns out later to result in a close encounter.)
19. Having a sense of partial extraterrestrial heritage, either by reason of sharing an extraterrestrial perspective on the earth situation, or having partial shared genetic heritage with certain extraterrestrials, or having somehow had an extraterrestrial as one biological parent, or having a sense of having been born elsewhere.
20. Having a sense that one's destiny is with the Star Visitors (ETs) elsewhere in the galaxy, or feeling a "pull" to go to one's final home, which is an extraterrestrial planet one was shown by the Star Visitors (ETs).

#7 simple simon

simple simon

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Posted 03 November 2012 - 04:32 PM

Hi there,

Pleased to hear from you again... don't worry about the 'time' issue.

Look forward to hearing anything you are happy to share with us.

Especially when a child I hated being alone in a room... if my parents sent me to the bedroom as a punishment I would hide behind the curtains, because I always felt that there was an invisible someone there. (At night I shared the room with brothers). We lived in an old house which had a coal cellar... oh boy, I found it almost impossible to go down there on my own, which was a issue as we used part of it as the laundry room.



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#8 s_mhurie



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Posted 04 November 2012 - 03:56 AM

Hi everyone, have been trying to upload a pic as Skylark suggested, but I've been using my phone as my laptop is out of action so it's difficult!

In terms of lifestyle changes, not a lot has happened. I am in sixth year now, so obviously I'm under more stress than usual, trying to decide what to do with my life and trying to get enough points so I can do that! But it's not an unbearable amount of stress!

Today, I focused on controlling the fear and it seems to be getting better! I had to walk home in the dark from a friend's house with another friend. A week ago I would have been too afraid and called a taxi, but I reasoned with the more primal part of me that just wanted to run and hide whenever it saw a shadow and it's already getting easier!

As for sleeping, I suppose I find it easier when people are awake in the house because them being there and alert makes me feel protected!
Simon, that is exactly how I always felt when I was younger! One of my sisters is the same too. I forced myself to ignore the feeling in my early teens, but I guess it's just doing its best to make a comeback now!

I woke up in the chair after falling asleep in my bed! Sorry, I should have made that clearer.

Skylark, the questions you posted made me consider something.

When I started secondary school, I was bullied a lot. During this time, there was a voice that talked to me and reassured me etc. His name was Stephen (or so he told me). He told me he was like a guide, but we never discussed what it was he was guiding me for. He was my best friend so we just talked about music etc.

Even after the bullying stopped, Stephen stayed with me. I often felt crazy and tried to block him out, but to no avail. Finally, when I was nearly 16, Stephen told me I didn't need him anymore and I have never been able to talk to him since.

I believed that Stephen was something I had made up, to help me cope with a traumatic experience. But I still miss him. Do you think it's possible that he is related to this somehow?

Thanks for all the help everyone!

#9 skylark


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Posted 04 November 2012 - 05:24 AM

*Right s_mhurie,
...Wonder if we could address you with a more 'less' difficult name? Hmmm.
OK-well, lots of dynamics in what you tell us. Don't know at this point if they are psycho-dynamics, or something 'other'...but you express yourself well, seem to be fairly well in touch with your feelings...as far as knowable, and don't seem to be 'holding back' much.

Asleep in a chair huh? So, what you doing up at nearly 4 AM? For that matter...what am I answering this after 5 AM? Strange hours kept.

You're relating to 'Simon' and myself quite well. As for 'Stephen'...we'll have to put that in category 'Unknown' for now. Has many implications...not all bad either. Lots of people, in childhood have what 'grown ups refer to as 'imaginary friends'...for lack of an 'understood term'. Your experience seems to have been later in life...not childhood, but when you were having 'bullying' in secondary school. That's a 'mile apart' from 'imaginary friend time'.

'Reality' itself meets us on an individual basis, and we can not be assured that it's the same for everyone. You seem pretty resilient about it all, and lately taken to 'confront' ISSUES and conditions.

Keep it up and keep reporting changes and new facets to all this. Damned interesting, and we appreciate you being in touch with us and trying hard (more brave) with yourself.

OK...'Photo' when you're able...could be anything to 'simply represent you'. It can always be changed as well.

Nice one...thanks for the update. Have to hang upside down in the closet and fold my wings now :) -OR is that 'humor'? Stay free- stay safe, and be yourself. Don't think that's so bad, and 'we'll' be here. Best regards/'S'