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What Dna Scientists Are Hiding...now***

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Posted 21 August 2006 - 12:39 PM


By: ‘Sweeps’ Fox

Attached File  Spiraling_double_helix_animated.gif   27.27KB   1579 downloads *Click on the 'animated gif' [font=Comic Sans Ms]Spiraling double helix
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][size=5]Since we are considered far more evolved than other forms of life, scientists anticipated that humans would have about 100,000-140,000 genes . Apparently we only have about 30,000 genes. Well, there is hardly any uniqueness to our human genes. For example, our genes are the same as 99% of those found in chimpanzees, and common to 70% found in mice. Many human genes have similar or identical functions as genes found in other living organisms, both complex and simple.

All of the information that is available about DNA today leads scientists to the conclusion that there was a common source for the DNA that has found its way into every living thing on this planet. One can say that our DNA is in many ways a general blend of all other DNA that exists, with one big exception.

There are 223 genes in the human DNA code that are not found in any other living organisms.

It is a surety; we did not inherit this package of genes from any other form of life on this planet. This raises the question. Where did those 223 unaccounted genes come from? It is more possible that a race of advanced beings visited this planet thousands of years ago and spliced those 233 genes into our ancestor's DNA? You already know, this is not as far-fetched as it might seem. Today's scientists are already doing similar kinds of genetic manipulation experiments (what the chemtrails are trying to do is based on much the same premise). Part of the explanation can be found on the thousands of clay tablets left behind by the ancient Sumerians who lived almost 6,000 years ago as explained in the works of Zecharia Sitchin; specifically the book entitled "Genesis Revisited." Sitchin estimates, it was approximately 30,000 years ago when the genetic code of our ancestors was "adjusted" by extraterrestrial visitors to this planet.

This discovery raises/begs the very intriguing question How did we end up in physical bodies whose DNA contains these 223 unexplained genes and what are we doing with such a body here on planet Earth?

creation stories of Indian people say 'We come from the stars'. Evidence of Indian contact with ETs has been carved on rocks and hides, choreographed in sacred dances, and beaded on wampum belts over many thousands of years. In Mayan temple rituals, in the tobacco blessing, in crop circle formations and petroglyph inscriptions, the contact continues." It continues also by saying that there is "a unifying 'Sky Elder' theme found in virtually every American Indian culture detailing a Pan-American genesis story of shared communication with ET’s. I’ve been saying this in my book and Newsletters for years./’Sweeps’